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Today's Top Stories Archives for 2022-01

Desert Haven Animal Society Seeking Board Of Directors Applicants

If you're an animal lover and you'd like to help guide the future of Desert Haven Animal Society, this may be the perfect opportunity for your. Desert Haven is seeking applicants to serve on the board of directors. There are few requirements. But there is a deadline of February 14 to apply.



Smith's Marketplace Opens New Store In Henderson

A new shopping option is now open in Henderson. Smith's Marketplace held its grand opening this past weekend. As News 25 discovered, the store offers a lot more than just groceries. And community leaders say its a welcome addition to the city.



Outpouring Of Support For Family Of North Las Vegas Crash Victims

A horrific crash Saturday afternoon in North Las Vegas kills nine people, including seven members of one family. Authorities continue their investigation, as relatives of those killed are asking for donations to help pay for the seven funerals. Brad Francis reports.



Health: How To Prevent Lead Poisoning In Your Home

Lead poisoning remains a concern in many communities across the U.S. If you're unfamiliar, it's most commonly seen in children and can be extremely harmful to their health. Doctor Roopa Thakur, a pediatrician for Cleveland Clinic Children's, says lead poisoning can have a lasting impact on kids.



Save A Pet - Bonnie Mae

For today's Save A Pet, we're back inside the cat room at Desert Haven Animal Society. That's where we find Darbie, who introduces us to Bonnie Mae.



Front Sight Founder Rescinds Changes, Members Express Concern Over Situation

An update now to a story we brought you last night. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute announced big changes to its policies, procedures and member benefits earlier this week. And many members weren't happy about it. Now, Front Sight founder Doctor Ignatius Piazza is having a change of mind. Brad Francis has more.



NyECC Ready To Connect Job Seekers, Employers

If you're looking for a new job or to start a new career, NyE Communities Coalition might be able to help. They're pulling together local employers for a job fair next week. NyECC's Ed Kelly says it's a great place to start if you're looking for a change. NyE Communities Coalition is located at 1020 East Wilson Road in Pahrump. Again, the job fair is next Thursday, February 3rd from 4:00-7:00pm and next Friday, February 4th from 9:00am-12:00pm.



Health: Brush Your Teeth For Heart Health, Study Says

A new study shows the importance of brushing your teeth. Research has linked two common heart conditions with poor dental hygiene. Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Luke Laffin says it shows taking care of your teeth pays off.



Save A Pet - Abby

For today's Save A Pet, we introduce you to a lovable cat named Abby. Darbie O'Donnell-Westerman has more.



Illegal Activity May Have Sparked Pahrump Fire That Severely Injured Two People

Two people are fighting for their lives, after being critically burned Wednesday afternoon. An explosion triggered a fireball and fire at a residence on Kellogg Road. Pahrump Valley Fire Chief Scott Lewis says while they're still investigating, authorities suspect illegal activity may be to blame. If you look online at Honey Oil explosions you can find some additional information and previous news stories regarding how dangerous this activity can be. Detective Harry Williams with the Nye County Sheriff’s Department say that he is looking into this matter and has opened a case. He will be collecting information and evidence and submitting it to the Nye County District Attorney for his opinion on if this is a criminal or civil matter. The case number is 22NY-0297 If you would like to contact the detective you can call 775-751-7000 or email him information at



Health: Snacks To Help Relieve Stress

Life can be stressful. And many of us head straight to the kitchen to cope. But not all foods are created equal. Erica Foreman has more on stress-busting snacks. Doctor Albers says adding cinnamon to your food can help regulate blood sugar, and its scent may make you feel less stressed too.



Save A Pet - Rahja

For today's Save A Pet, we join Darbie O'Donnell-Westerman inside the cat room at Desert Haven Animal Society, where she introduces us to Rahja.



Health: Home Remedies Backed By Science

Who doesn't love a good home remedy? But not all home remedies are created equal. Some are supported by scientific research, while others are tall tales. Erica Foreman has more on what works -- according to science. It's best to forgo home remedies if you're in severe pain, having trouble breathing, or if you're not able to eat, drink or keep fluids down. Doctor Kightlinger says you'll also want to contact your doctor if the home remedy you're using isn't working, if it's making your ailment worse or you develop new symptoms.



Ask Angi: Tips For Remodeling Your Garage

Many of us use our garages for parking our cars and storing bikes and tools. But one thing this last year taught us is how to better utilize the space we have. In today's Ask Angi segment, Bailey Carson discusses how to go about renovating your garage to give you more useful space that better fits your lifestyle.



Student News with Louis Sposato

Parent Night at Pahrump Valley High School is just a week away. With more about that event and other happenings in the Nye County School Distirct, here's Louis Sposato with this week's edition of Student News.



Pandemic Brings More Attention to Photomath App

With alarming numbers about math scores falling in the US during COVID, it's not a surprise that parents are looking for resources to help their children. One app that's booming is called Photomath. A quick picture with your cell phone is saving parents across the world the agony of trying to figure out their kid's math assignments. Kim Martinez reports. To find out more about Photomath, you can check it out by going to your app store. There is both a free and a paid version.



Ask Angi: Ideas For Pet-Proofing Your Home

Since the start of the pandemic, lots of people brought home new pets or moved with their pets in tow. And not everyone thought about how to pet-proof their homes. In today's Ask Angi segment, Bailey Carson discusses ways to protect your new pets while also keeping your home looking like new.



Save A Pet - George

For today's Save A Pet, we meet a German Shepherd mix available for adoption from Desert Haven Animal Society. Darbie O'Donnell-Westerman introduces us to George.



Health: Healthy Diet Helps Keep Immune System Strong

We all want a healthy immune system to help fight off infection -- especially during a pandemic. But, did you know your diet plays a role? Cleveland Clinic's Kristin Kirkpatrick says regularly eating a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables is a good place to start.



Private School Giving Students A Very Early Head Start

Developing an interest in anything academic from an early age is good. But how young is it possible to develop those interests? One private school in Florida is finding you're never too young. Kim Martinez reports.



Pahrump's Poof Dirt Farms Hosting Farm To Fork Event Sunday

Our desert climate can make it pretty difficult to grow many fruits and vegetables. But Poof Dirt Farms in Pahrump -- run by the husband and wife team of Mike and Kozue Maye -- has managed to create a thriving backyard garden as they work toward sustainable living. In addition to the farm, Mike and Kozue also run a bakery, called Puff Puff Pastries and Herbs. And together, they participate in the Farm To Fork initiative, with a commitment to building thriving local and regional food systems. And the community is invited to join in this Sunday. The Farm To Fork event is this Sunday, January 23, from 10:00am to 3:00pm at Poof Dirt Farms, located at the corner of Woodchips and Gally Roads. To learn more, reserve a seat or place a bakery or produce order, just head to



Pahrump's 5280 Mexican Grub And Pub Settling Into New Location

If you're in the mood for some authentic Mexican food, you might want to try 5280 Mexican Grub and Pub in Pahrump. The restaurant is now open in its new location, at 2450 West Mesquite Avenue. Owners Sonny and Nicole Chavez say the business has come a long way in just a few years.



Pahrump Valley Chess Club Welcomes Players Of All Ages, Skill Levels

If you enjoy a good game of chess, there's a new option for you in Pahrump. Paola Tovar started the Pahrump Valley Chess Club to give kids something to do. But it's evolved into something more. And now, all ages are welcome. The Pahrump Valley Chess Club meets every Saturday, from 12:00pm to 4:00pm at the Holiday Inn. Players of all ages and skill levels are welcome.



Thriving Warrior Program Helps Train Inmates For Post-Jail Life

For people who are incarcerated, it can be difficult to plan for life on the outside. That's where an organization called Thriving Warrior comes in. Director of Education Doctor Edward Bevilacqua explains how the program's neuroscience approach to learning helps incarcerated and newly-paroled individuals learn the hard and soft skills necessary to transition from being an inmate to successfully becoming a valuable member of society.



Health: Tips For Mindful Snacking While Working From Home

Working from home can definitely have its perks. But it can also create some bad habits -- like snacking throughout the day. In fact, doctors have noticed an increase in the amount of people experiencing weight gain.



Save A Pet - Mia

If you're thinking about adopting a dog or cat, you'll find plenty of loving animals at one of our local shelters. For today's Save A Pet, we find Darbie O'Donnell-Westerman at Desert Haven Animal Society, where she introduces us to Mia.



Local Dog Breeder Shares Knowledge Through Teaching Seminars

A Pahrump dog breeder wants to change the way people think about breeders and the dogs they buy. Jeanette Forrey is the founder of 4E Kennels. She's also an author and has developed a system to help breeders track standards in health, intelligence and temperament. Forrey also holds training seminars, which attract breeders from all over the country. For more information about Jeanette, 4E Kennels and the work they do, you can check out their website, at



Clark County Honors Innovators With Opening Of Legacy Park

City, state and community leaders gather to dedicate a new park in Clark County. The Historic Westside Legacy Park in Las Vegas honors dozens of innovators, icons and pioneers who helped shape the neighborhood. Local leaders say it's no ordinary park. Instead, it's designed to be an experience.



Health: Where To Begin With A New Workout

Starting a new workout can be intimidating -- especially if you haven't been to the gym in a while. But it doesn't have to be. Doctor Marie Schaefer from Cleveland Clinic has some helpful tips on how to ease back into exercise.



Save A Pet - Oreo and Goliath

For today's Save A Pet, we introduce you to a double dose of love. Oreo and Goliath are father and son chihuahuas, available for adoption from Desert Haven Animal Society. Darbie O'Donnell-Westerman tells us more.



Sports with Doug Ferber

For a look at all that's happening in the Southern Nevada sporting world, here's Doug Ferber.



Pahrump Rotarians Raising Money, Collecting Food For Local Food Pantries

Dozens of Rotary Clubs in Nevada and California are raising money and collecting food items to benefit their local food pantries, including the Rotary Club of Pahrump Valley. Local Rotarians Roy Mankins and Eddie Williams say they're asking the community to help them reach their goal.



Health: Flu Season Still A Concern During Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the U.S., physicians are issuing a reminder about flu season. They want to make sure people are taking the right steps to protect themselves.



Ask Angi: Tackling The Challenges Of Relationship Renovations

Home improvement projects can bring couples together – but they can also cause fights. In today’s Ask Angi, Bailey Carson talks through some of the challenges of renovating in a relationship – and some tips on how to manage different opinions.




Remote Learning Contributing To Ongoing Decline In Mental Health Of Kids

School districts across the country are returning to remote learning or considering it due to the recent wave of new COVID cases. As important as it is to make sure students don’t fall behind in their curriculum, making sure their mental health doesn’t suffer is equally as important. Kim Martinez discusses what some states are doing to combat the crisis, as well as what still needs to happen in order for our nation’s young people to rebound mentally from the pandemic. Other states that have implemented mental health days or are trying to pass similar bills include Nevada, Oregon, Virginia, Colorado and Arizona.



Student News with Louis Sposato

It's another busy week at Pahrump Valley High School. Here with this week's installment of Student News is Louis Sposato.



Health: Pandemic Led To Weight Gain For Some Children, Study Says

With many schools teaching remotely during the pandemic, parents may have noticed that their kids have gained weight. In fact, a study from the CDC shows the rate of Body Mass Index nearly doubled for individuals between the ages of 2 and 19 years old. That's compared to pre-pandemic numbers.



Domestic Battery Call Leads To Arrest Of Tonopah Man

Thomas Stone, who the Nye County Sheriff's Office says has a history of domestic violence, is under arrest as the result of an incident in Tonopah. Brad Francis has the details.



Weekend Fire Destroys Miss Kathy's Short Branch Saloon in Crystal

The owner of Miss Kathy's Short Branch Saloon is picking up the pieces and assessing the damage, after a fire Sunday afternoon destroys much of the Crystal business. Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue and Amargosa Fire responded to the scene. Pahrump Valley Fire Chief Scott Lewis says it's still unclear what sparked the blaze. Miss Kathy says she believes the fire may have started near a stove, which was located in the area where the fire was first detected. Chief Lewis says an investigation is underway.



Melinda Hinrichs Pleads Guilty, Agrees To Repay Money She Stole

A woman charged with stealing more than a hundred thousand dollars from the Nye County Juvenile Probation Department is back in court. Melinda Hinrichs made a deal with the state and agreed to plead guilty to embezzlement -- and to pay back most of what she took. Nye County District Attorney Chris Arabia says it's a good deal for both sides. Hinrichs stole the money over a period of five years, from 2014 to 2019. She resigned from her position as an administrative assistant at the Nye County Juvenile Probation Department after a police investigation in late 2019 discovered the missing money.



Ask Angi: Avoiding The Remodeling Mess

Home renovations and remodeling projects are messy, and it can be frustrating to find yourself living in a dirty construction zone. In today's Ask Angi, Bailey Carson discusses ways to keep your home clean and your mind calm while tackling home remodeling projects.



Health: Safety Tips For Warming Your Home

While we're enjoying a mild winter, many people still turn to space heaters to keep warm. And that can be dangerous if they aren't used correctly. In fact, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 25,000 fires are associated with the use of space heaters every year.



Save A Pet - Buck

For this Monday edition of Save A Pet, we're back inside the cat room at Desert Haven Animal Society. That's where we find Darbie O'Donnell-Westerman, who's hanging out with Buck.



Serenity Health Offering No-Cost COVID Tests In Pahrump

Serenity Health continues to play a key role in the COVID pandemic health crisis. The health care organization is seeing a dramatic increase in the number of people seeking COVID tests. Serenity's Brandon Ford says they offer testing four days a week -- and there's no cost to the patient. Your insurance or the government will pay for the test. This is drive-up testing. So you'll stay in your vehicle. Serenity Health is located at 2280 East Calvada Boulevard. Hours are Monday through Thursday, from 7:00am to 2:00pm. No appointment is necessary. COVID-19 vaccinations are offered each Wednesday from 10:00am - 2:00pm. But you'll need to make an appointment for that. To do that, or for more information about the COVID testing, you can contact Serenity Health at 775-751-5211.



Unattended Pan Believed To Be Cause Of Pahrump House Fire

A Pahrump family is picking up the pieces, after a devastating fire destroyed a large portion of their home Wednesday afternoon. Pahrump Valley Fire Chief Scott Lewis says it appears a pan, left unattended on the stove, sparked the blaze.



Pahrump Car Wash Raises Money For PVHS Baseball Team

The Pahrump Valley High School baseball team may soon get some new equipment and be able to make repairs to its practice facilities. Players grabbed power washers, sponges and towels this past weekend, bringing a shine to dozens of vehicles that showed up for a car wash fundraiser at Pahrump Valley Auto Plaza.



Health: Does Elderberry Reduce Severity And Duration Of Flu?

Elderberry is becoming a popular natural remedy during cold and flu season. But does it work? One recent study examines whether elderberry extract decreases severity and duration of the flu. Doctor Michael Macknin, from Cleveland Clinic Children's, led the research.



Save A Pet - Binks

If you're looking to adopt a feline companion, we may be able to help. For today's Save A Pet, we meet a cat named Binks, who's available from Desert Haven Animal Society -- and is waiting to meet you. Here's Darbie O'Donnell-Westerman.



Parents React To Latest Round Of School Closures

As the country grapples with another surge in COVID cases, once again, some of the nation’s students are paying the price. While some districts and schools are meeting the crisis with increased protocols, in some cities, much to the dismay of many, schools are closing. Kim Martinez reports.



Fundraiser Underway To Help Pahrump Woman Fix Her Well, Get Running Water

A Pahrump woman is spearheading a fundraiser to help an elderly woman repair her well. The woman is currently living without running water. And now, Heather Birmingham is stepping up and organizing a raffle drawing to raise money that will help the woman make the necessary repairs.



Health: When To Get Tested For COVID-19 As Omicron Variant Spreads

If you're experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone with the virus, the CDC says you should get tested. But what if you can't get access to a test right away due to the high demand? Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Neha Vyas has some advice.



Sports with Doug Ferber

It's time for your Thursday look at stories making news in the sporting world. Doug Ferber reports.



Matt Sadler Running For Nevada Assembly District 36

Another candidate wants to represent Nevada's 36th district in the state assembly. Matt Sadler is a local business owner who grew up in southern Nevada. And since 2018, he's called Pahrump home. Sadler is kicking off his campaign with a celebration this Saturday at the Bob Ruud Community Center. He tells News 25, he wants to bring change to Carson City.



Sixty Teams Compete in Legacy Racing's 4WP Desert Showdown

Dozens of teams race through the desert, hoping to take first place in this year's 4WP Desert Showdown. The off-road race takes drivers 235 miles through southern Nye County, with drivers crossing the finish line at the Pahrump Nugget. Legacy Racing's Donald Jackson says it's the second year for the event. The overall winner of the 4WP Desert Showdown, competing in Class 6100, was a team from Torrance, California.



Veteran PVFRS Firefighter Hanging Up His Hat, Looking Forward To Retirement

A veteran firefighter and EMT with Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue is hanging up his hat, his boots, and the rest of his fire gear. John Ashcraft served more than 30 years with the department -- long enough to see a lot of change and growth. Now, he looks forward to enjoying his retirement. News 25's Deanna O'Donnell had a chance to speak with John at the end of his final shift.



Student News with Louis Sposato

Students in the Nye County School District are back in class. That means things are happening in the schools. With this week's edition of Student News, here's Louis Sposato.



Memphis Mom Opens Her Own Micro School

It’s not how every parent would handle their search for a great school for their children. However, when a Memphis mom couldn’t find a school she thought was the right fit, she boldly started her own school. Kim Martinez shows us why this new micro school is resonating with other Memphis parents.



Save A Pet - Oreo

For today's Save A Pet, we're back inside the cat room at Desert Haven Animal Society, where Darbie O'Donnell-Westerman introduces us to Oreo.



After Attacks, Pahrump's Heidi Fleiss Plans To Relocate Birds To Missouri

Former 'Hollywood Madam' Heidi Fleiss -- who's called Pahrump home for more than 15 years -- says she's ready to pack up and leave Nevada. Fleiss says she's grieving the recent loss of some of her pet birds, who were killed by a bobcat -- and the shooting of another. Now, she says she wants to give her beloved birds a better life. And she has some ideas for how to punish people who abuse animals. Heidi says she hopes to relocate the birds to Missouri by the end of February. Meantime, she's offering a reward of $25,000 for information leading to the arrest of the person who shot Chuey. If you have a tip, you can reach out to Heidi directly, or contact the Nye County Sheriff's Office. Chuey was treated by a vet in Arizona and is now recovering from her injuries.



Pahrump Fire Destroys Garage, One Vehicle

At the same time as the fire on Wild Horse, Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue firefighters were dispatched to a second fire -- this one on Garden Lane. Fire Chief Scott Lewis gives us the details.



Wood-burning Stove Likely Cause Of Pahrump Fire

Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue was busy Saturday morning, as firefighters responded to two structure fires. As Fire Chief Scott Lewis explains, the first happened just before dawn on Lewis Avenue.



Pahrump: Driver Walks Away From Rollover Crash

A single-vehicle rollover crash in Pahrump leaves an SUV off the roadway and on its top -- but the driver manages to walk away. Pahrump Valley Fire Chief Scott Lewis says that person declined medical treatment.



Health: Treating COVID-19 And The Flu At Home

COVID-19 and flu are circulating simultaneously this season. If you're unlucky enough to get one, or both viruses, Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Susan Rehm says many people can care for themselves at home.



Sports with Doug Ferber

There's a lot to talk about in the world of sports. Here with all you need to know is Doug Ferber.



Pahrump: Jeff Caraballo Receives Ten Years to Life In Prison For Murder

A man who pled guilty to murder last year is back in court Monday to be sentenced for his crime. Jeff Caraballo will serve ten years to life in prison for killing 75-year-old Norman Bradley, and leaving his body inside a closet at a home on Sixshooter Avenue in Pahrump. Caraballo appeared before Fifth District Judicial Court Judge Robert Lane with his attorney, Nathan Gent. Caraballo did receive credit for 179 days served while being held in the Nye County Detention Center.



Ask Angi: Tips For Saving Energy, Reducing Your Electric Bill

Winter comes with colder weather -- and that usually means higher electricity bills. In today's Ask Angi, Bailey Carson discusses energy efficiency in the home and guides us through ways to make each room more energy -- and wallet -- friendly.



Despite Challenges, Schools Making Positive Difference For Students

2021 was another difficult year for educators all across the country, but they’ve been succeeding and proving they care about their students! As we begin 2022, we take a look back at some of the schools that have made a positive difference as students return to the classroom!



Save A Pet - Daisy

It's Monday. Time to meet another pet available for adoption from one of our local shelters. For today's Save A Pet, we head back over to Desert Haven Animal Society, where Darbie O'Donnell introduces us to Daisy.



Pahrump Auto Dealership Hosts Carwash Fundraiser for PVHS Baseball

Pahrump Valley Auto Plaza is hosting a car wash this weekend to benefit the baseball team at Pahrump Valley High School. Money raised will be used to buy new equipment for the team and make repairs to the facility. The car wash to benefit the Pahrump Valley High School baseball team is Saturday, January 8, from 10 to 2, at Pahrump Valley Auto Plaza.



Local Band, Restaurant Team Up For Food, Blanket Drive To Benefit Homeless

A local band is teaming up with a newly-opened Pahrump restaurant to collect food and blankets for people in the community. If you'd like to drop off some non-perishable food items, or maybe a blanket, coat or sleeping bag, just stop by 5280 Mexican Grub and Pub this Sunday, January 9, from 3:00-7:00pm. They're located at 2450 West Mesquite Avenue in Pahrump.



NyE Communities Coalition Receives Grant For Suicide Prevention Outreach

NyE Communities Coalition has received a grant that is helping the organization start a suicide prevention club at Pahrump Valley High School. NyECC's Carla Begin tells us more. For more information about the suicide prevention programs, you can call NyE Communities Coalition at 775-727-9970. And if you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, immediate help is available, by calling the national suicide prevention hotline. That number is 800-273-8255.



Plenty Of Cool Technology On Display At CES 2022

CES 2022 is a wrap. The huge consumer electronics show, taking place this week in Las Vegas, closed today -- one day earlier than originally scheduled. The annual event showcases some of the hottest new technology. Tech expert Marc Saltzman takes a look at some of the highlights.



Health: People Who Eat Chili Peppers May Live Longer, Study Says

If you're looking to heat things up a bit this winter, you'll want to listen to this one. A recent study found people who eat chili peppers may live longer. Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Bo Xu led the study. It looks at diets of more than half a million people around the world.



Save A Pet - Goose

For today's Save A Pet, we're back out in the yard at Desert Haven Animal Society. That's where we find Darbie O'Donnell-Westerman, who introduces us to Goose.



Pahrump: New Thrift Store Preparing For Grand Opening

A new thrift store is preparing to open its doors in Pahrump. Sonoma Thrift Store is on a mission to provide opportunities for people with disabilities. Chuck Lizer runs the operation, and spoke with News 25 about next week's grand opening. If you'd like to donate items to Sonoma Thrift Store, you can drop them off at the store at 2100 East Calvada Boulevard. They're open 9:00 to 3:30 Monday through Friday and 9:00 to 3:00 Saturday. To arrange for a pick-up of larger items, you can call Sonoma Thrift Store at 775-625-7294.



Pandemic Leads To Widespread Innovations In Education

We all can agree that education in the U.S. looks a lot different than it did two years ago, pre-COVID. We've seen sweeping changes and widespread innovation, direct results from the pandemic and school closures. Kim Martinez takes us through a wrap up of education in 2021.



Health: Police Officer Gets Fit With Help Of Functional Medicine

Tired, stressed and out of shape -- that's how one veteran police sergeant used to describe herself. Now, she feels better than ever after a functional medicine program helped get her diet and lifestyle back on track. Melissa was also at risk for diabetes before joining the program, but has since been able to reduce her blood sugar levels.



Ask Angi: Projects For Each Season

If your new year's resolution or goals include any home improvement projects this year, it's time to get started. In today's Ask Angi, Bailey Carson discusses the best projects for each season, so you can tackle each one at the right time.



Sports with Doug Ferber

The Pahrump Valley High School Boys' basketball team gets a win at home, and the new coach of the Las Vegas Aces becomes the highest paid coach in WNBA history. Doug Ferber has the details.



Quick Action Helps Limit Extent Of Fire Damage To Pahrump Home

Fire breaks out Wednesday morning at a Pahrump home. But quick action by Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue helped save the structure. Chief Scott Lewis says the damage was limited to an area near a wood-burning stove.



Pahrump Firefighters Thrilled With Results Of Christmas Toy Drive

Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue firefighters helped make the holidays a little brighter for hundreds of local families. A toy drive held just before Christmas was a huge success. Erick Reveles is the firefighter who organized the toy drive. And he's already making plans for an even bigger event next year.



Health: Alleviate Pain With An Ergonomic Workspace At Home

Working remotely can provide the comforts of home, but can also cause discomfort in your head, neck and wrists. Cleveland Clinic chiropractor Drew Schwartz says consider getting a good chair, a laptop stand and an external keyboard -- but begin by leaning back.



Save A Pet - Lucy

For today's Save A Pet, we head back out to Desert Haven Animal Society. That's where we find Darbie O'Donnell-Westerman, who's hanging out in the yard with one very energetic dog named Lucy.



Shooting Kills Pahrump Child, NCSO Investigating

A shooting at a Pahrump home Monday morning takes the life of an 11-year-old child. Now, the Nye County Sheriff's Office is trying to figure out how it happened.



Two Vehicles Overturn As A Result of Crash in Pahrump

Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue was kept very busy Monday, as firefighters and medics responded to four separate crashes in the valley. Chief Scott Lewis says the first happened just before 8:00 am on Highway 160 near Crazyhorse Street.



Pahrump: Car Hits Utility Pole, Knocks Out Power

Around 11:00am Monday, a car crashes into a utility pole, knocking out power to Valley Electric customers in the area. Pahrump Valley Fire Chief Scott Lewis says Valley Electric crews worked quickly to repair the damage, allowing them to restore power to nearby homes.



Pahrump Valley Fire Acquires New Mobile Command Center

Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue is starting off the new year with a new vehicle. More than a year in the making, the department has taken delivery of a custom-made van that will serve as a mobile command post. Chief Scott Lewis says the climate-controlled communications center will help firefighters better manage major incidents. The mobile command post cost just under $200,000. It was paid for by money generated by a portion of the sales tax designated for public safety.



Pahrump Valley Fire Investigating Homeless Camp Fires

Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue is also investigating the cause of several fires near the Pahrump Nugget and Preferred RV Park -- an area known to be used by our local homeless population.



Health: What Symptoms Should Keep Kids Home From School?

Who would have thought a runny nose could be so disruptive? If you have school-age kids, you know this all too well. It's currently recommended children with COVID-19 symptoms, which can be similar to those of the common cold, stay home from school.



Sports with Doug Ferber

Both the boys' and girls' basketball teams at Pahrump Valley High School continue to enjoy a winning season. Doug Ferber has more on that and other sporting news from our area -- right now.