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Ask Dr. Nandi


Ask Dr. Nandi


Partha Nandi M.D., F.A.C.P is the creator and host of the nationally and internationally syndicated medical lifestyle television show, Ask Dr. Nandi. Ask Dr. Nandi tackles inquiries from all over the world, managing to reach over 95 million homes daily. Dr. Nandi’s appearances include TedX, college commencements, numerous charity functions, and premier medical meetings where Partha delivers passionate and inspiring talks to diverse audiences.

Community Viewpoint

Saturday 4:00PM • Sunday 6:00PM (Rerun)

Community Viewpoint, hosted by John Pawlak and Maria Hurst Guerra, discusses local topics and events that take place in the Pahrump community. This show brings guests into the studio for an up close look of the topics discussed on the show.


One Man's Faith

Sunday 9:00AM

A show that brings the Bible to life. Our purpose is to bring the Bible out of the “dole-drums” and into the “here-and-now”. Does the Bible speak into our lives today? Is it real? Does God really love us? Yes, yes,and YES! Let God’s Word speak life to you!


Nye County

Tuesday 6:00PM

Watch Nye County TV show as Attorney Tom Gibbson and Dr. Tom Waters, bring in heavy subjects of this community and talk about the things that are closest to us, affecting the way we live in Nye County. Show focuses on politics and government as it affects us living in Nye County and abroad. The show also brings in guests for an up close, first-hand discussion of the topic of the day.