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Today's Top Stories Archives for 2022-08

Las Vegas Showgirls Is Welcoming Visitors With A Giant LED Sign

The City of Las Vegas is excited to unveil their new sign tonight at dusk. Two 50-foot-tall showgirls have been installed on Las Vegas Boulevard on the corner of Main Street near the Stratosphere. Here is a little background of how this came about and plans for another sign in the near future.



Health - How the Pandemic Changed Some for the Better

The Covid-19 Pandemic took a big toll on many people's mental health. However, some also became more resilient. Cleveland Clinic Psychologist Doctor Susan Albers says it's one of many positive changes to come out of the last couple of years.



Structure Fire At Bannavitch and Venus Streets In Pahrump

A trailer fire last night could be seen across the dark western sky last night. Emergency crews were able to extinguish the fire quickly, and is asking the public’s help to find the arsonist.



Art Show Fundraiser A Big Success

Carol Wertsbaugh was almost sold out during Saturday’s art show fundraiser for her niece at our local museum.



Health - Importance Of COVID Boosters For Kids

With school back in session and fall right around the corner, parents may be wondering if their child needs a Covid-19 Booster shot. A Cleveland Clinic Children's Pediatrician recommends the extra protection of a booster dose, especially since respiratory viruses typically peak in the fall and winter.



Dozens Of Dead Puppies Found In Est Alfa Kennels Freezers

The court says they have two cases against Vasili Platunov owner of a Russian Shepard puppy mill facility in Pahrump and Amargosa. The civil case that has been going on for several years and the criminal case which appears that there may be additional charges against Platunov and his “caretaker” ex-wife Oksana Higgins. The prosecutor said today in court, they have now found dozens of puppies in freezer’s on the property.



Low Income Housing Options May Expand In Nye County

The Nevada Rural Housing Authority wants to get the word out about low-income housing options in Nye County. A representative spoke at the last Board of County Commissioners meeting, citing the benefits for both tenants and landlords.



Health - COVID-19 May Increase Risk for Diabetes, Study Finds

Multiple studies show people who have contracted Covid-19 may be at greater risk for developing type 2 diabetes. However, Doctor Abhijit Duggal with Cleveland Clinic says more research still needs to be done to understand why that is.



Save A Pet - Cat Named Buffy

Darbie is at Paws, Pets are Worth Saving, to tell us about a beautiful cat named Buffy, now looking for a loving home.



Gruesome Details Are Released Following Puppy Mill Arrests

The reports from the Nye County Sheriff's Office give graphic details of the horrific conditions 300 dogs have been subject to in a puppy mill, hoarding operation. Not only were most dogs starving and dehydrated with no medical attention, but they received minimum human contact wasting away in extreme temperatures in kennels in the desert for years.



Art Sale Benefit Happening This Saturday

Female Veteran with a neurological disease is the beneficiary of an Art Show happening this Saturday, August 27th from 9am to 3pm at the Pahrump Museum.



Health - How Dogs can Help with your Mental Health

Friday is "National Dog Day". And if you've noticed that you seem to feel more calm and happier around your four-legged friend, you're not alone. A recent study found that people who spent time with a therapy dog while in the emergency room reported experiencing less pain after. The results come as no surprise to Psychologist Jane Manno with Cleveland Clinic.



The NDI Claims Conflict in Fatal DUI Crash

Nye County District Attorney Chris Arabia says that the Nevada Department of Investigations declined to take on the triple fatal crash case stating that they have a conflict of interest. Arabia says, he isn’t done trying to have the officers held responsible for who allegedly let Tyler Kennedy drive away prior to the crash.



More Dogs Confiscated at Pahrump Hoarding Facility

Sheriff Sharon Wehrly sent a video update last night about the 300 dogs that are now in the care and custody of the sheriff’s office following the felony arrest of the owner and his ex-wife caretakers of Est Alfa Kennels who bred Caucasian Shepard dogs.



Save A Pet - Cat Named Hillary

The brand new Nye County Animal Shelter just had their ribbon cutting and opening yesterday. Darbie was there to tell us about a beautiful cat named Hillary, now looking for a loving home.



Two Vehicle Crash At Gamebird Rd and Homestead Rd

The extreme winds and brown out conditions cause wide spread visibility issues in town for travelers. Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue responded to a mutual aid assignment at mile marker 34 in Clark County for a vehicle versus wall. During that time they were also called for two local crashes, the first being at Gamebird and Homestead Roads.



Your Student News Report

Here is Rory Rowsell at Pahrump Valley High School with the latest happenings in our Student News.



Huge Animal Rescue Effort Is Underway

The owner of Est Alfa Kennels who has been breeding and selling his large Caucasian Shepard mixed security dogs from his website was arrested by the Nye County Sheriff’s last night and the dogs in Amargosa are being seized. Vasili Platinov and Oskana Higgins have been operating for a number of years here in Pahrump until a court case came forward in which they decided to relocate the animals to a property in Amargosa. A few months ago dozens were seized and some in extremely poor conditions at that time. 60 more puppies have been born recently and the older dogs are not being purchased. They usually sell for about 2500-4000 dollars on his site. Animal rescues have donated food. Platinov himself has stated in court that he cannot afford to feed them.



Child Abuser Sentenced To 2 - 6 Years In Prison

The last of four defendants charged with abusing four children inside a Pahrump home is sentenced for her part in the crimes, and will now spend the next few years in prison.




Free Smartphone Classes By Local Company

AT&T is helping local seniors understand and better use technology. Jackie Berger teaches a class with a focus on helping seniors navigate the use of smartphones and tablets. Monday, she made a stop at Pahrump Senior Center.



Health - Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy on the Rise

A study shows gestational diabetes in pregnant women rose between 2011 and 2019 here in the United States. So what is causing the concerning trend? We asked Doctor Salena Zanotti from Cleveland Clinic.



Local Resident Has Big Plans For Motorcycle Event

A Pahrump resident and business owner hopes to bring the first annual Iron Horse Stampede to town this fall. Louis Baker has big plans for the motorcycle event. But after hearing his presentation last week, Nye County Commissioners decided to hold off on issuing a permit for the event until Baker and the county work out a few more details.



Hope For First-Time Veteran Homebuyers

First-time homebuyers face a daunting market. But veterans, military service-members, or their surviving spouses may have a leg up on the competition, if they take advantage of a VA Home Loan. Executive Director of the VA Loan Guaranty Service John Bell III says the program is one of the best options out there.



Save A Pet - Cat Named Tammy

Here's Darbie to tell us about a beautiful cat named Tammy now available at Never Forgotten Animal Society. The group who took in 60 Chihuahuas desperately needs the space, and this cat needs a loving home.



Court Date Set For Cathedral Canyon Murder

A court date has been set for the murder that occurred in August of last year in Cathedral Canyon near Front Sight firearms training institute.



Nye County Board Of Commissioners Order An Appraisal of The Lake View Golf Course

Nye County Commissioner Leo Blundo would like to see the county sell the Lake View Executive Golf Course. Tuesday, commissioners discussed the idea and heard from the public. While they didn't make a decision, the board has agreed to order an appraisal of the property and take another look at the proposal in November.



Save A Pet - Husky Lab Puppies

Several Puppies are still available at Never Forgotten Animal Society. The group who took in 60 Chihuahuas desperately needs the space and these guys need a loving home.



New Court Date Set For Fentanyl Murder Case

Nye County District Attorney Chris Arabia says he's committed to prosecuting anyone caught furnishing dangerous drugs to the public. And that includes three suspects now charged in the death of a person in Pahrump.



Church Camp Moves Mountains On Their Own

The Nye County Sheriff, a couple Nye County Commissioners, media, and interested parties showed up to the Patch of Heaven Camp in Amargosa to watch Victor and Annette Fuentes move some dirt and watch the water to his river flow once again after 12 years of it being cut off by the federal government.



Great Computer Deals - How Do I Back-Up My Phones Data

Most of us carry around some pretty important data on our phones. So it's important to have a backup plan. Today, our go-to tech guy Josh Osborne at Great Computer Deals in Pahrump has some tips.



Save A Pet - 60 Dogs Need Loving Homes

In 2019 local and national animal rescue groups stepped in to get a Pahrump resident’s animal hoarding situation under control. That person was left with 4 dogs that were spayed and neutered with the understanding that no more dogs were to be adopted. Today, Nye County Animal Control discovered that once again, that same person collected a large amount of dogs on his property. This time 60 dogs have been rescued. Never Forgotten Animal Society has emergency custody of these animals. They need the public’s help in this trying time.



Get Your Trees In Shape For The Season

Monsoon season is tough on trees. That's where Limb Walker Tree Service comes in. The Pahrump business can handle just about anything related to trees. Jonathan Hutchison and Jordan Stapleman say it's important to maintain your trees to ensure their health, and to give them a better chance of surviving Mother Nature. Hutchinson is a Marine Corps Veteran who hopes that the service that he provides to our community and its residents will exceed expectations. We caught up with Jonathon and his apprentice Jordan to talk about his passion.



Your Student News Report

Here is Rory Rowsell with this week’s Student News from Pahrump Valley High School.



Vehicle Crashes Into A School Bus

Traffic was blocked in all directions on Pahrump’s south side this morning while police and medics attended to a high impact crash involving a school bus.



A New Cannabis Dispensary Opens In Town

A ribbon-cutting ceremony marks the opening of a new marijuana dispensary in Pahrump. The Source is a Nevada-based company with five stores, two grow facilities and a production facility in the Silver State. The Source CEO Steve Haffer says he's excited to offer something new to the people in our area. The first customers we spoke with, like what they see.



Health - How to Prevent Further Spread of Monkeypox

The World Health Organization recently declared Monkeypox a global public health emergency, with cases being reported in many different countries, including here in the United States. So, what exactly is the virus and how does it spread?



Judge Kent Jasperson Public Memorial

A public memorial is held over the weekend to say goodbye to a beloved Judge who served Nye County for many years in many capacities.



Health - Keeping Kids Safe from COVID in the Classroom

Summer is coming to a close, and the new school year is almost here. That means kids will be spending less time outside and more time in the classroom, increasing the potential to spread Covid-19.



Health - Keeping Kids Safe from COVID in the Classroom

Summer is coming to a close, and the new school year is almost here. That means kids will be spending less time outside and more time in the classroom, increasing the potential to spread Covid-19.



Death Valley Devastated by Recent Rains

Much of Death Valley National Park remains closed today, after near record rainfall August 5 left many roads under water, damaged or covered with debris. Brad Francis has the latest on the recovery efforts.



Murder Trial Scheduled For End Of Year

A high-profile murder case originally set for trial later this year has been postponed due to a shortage of public defenders. The attorneys for the three defendants accused of the torture and murder of Roy Jaggers say without more time to prepare for trial they won't be ready.



Back To School Safety Tips

Sheriff Sharon Wehrly has some tips for students, parents and drivers for residents of Nye County as our youth go back to school.



Health - Survey Highlights Lack of Awareness with Hearing Loss

A New Cleveland Clinic study is highlighting the lack of awareness about hearing loss among adults between the ages of 50 and 80 here in the U.S., according to the results, only ten-percent are able to properly identify what's considered a "normal" range of hearing.



Great Computer Deals - How do I protect my computer?

We all know how helpful computers can be. That's why it's so important to protect them. Today, our go-to tech guru, Josh Osborne, from Great Computer Deals in Pahrump, is here with some tips for protecting your computer from viruses and malware.



Man In Detention Receives Additional Charge

A man already behind bars at the Nye County Detention Center is now facing an additional charge, after the sheriff's office says he was found in possession of a stolen dirt bike. Brad Francis has more.



Mathew Ursua In District Court

Mathew Ursua was in court again, this time, the man who has caused concern to so many woman in town, was taken into custody.



Keeping Your Pets Safe In The Heat

If the trend continues, 2022 will go down as one of the hottest summers on record. We're getting a break from the 100-plus temperatures this week. But it's still hot. And that can be dangerous not only for people, but pets too. American Veterinary Medical Association President Doctor Jose Arce says it's important to protect our pets from the extreme heat, and to know what to do if they get into trouble.



Inmates Caught Fighting Face Additional Charges

Three inmates at the Nye County Detention Center now face additional charges, after authorities say they were involved in a fight. Brad Francis has the details.



You Too Could Have A Prosperous Career In Welding

When a brother and sister sign up for a welding class, at a local technology school, there’s a bit of sibling rivalry of course, but also an exposure to a career with unlimited possibilities. Kim Martinez reports.



Health - Keeping Kids on Track with Immunizations Before School

The new school year is approaching fast and parents are busy checking off their kids' back-to-school lists. Long with picking up school supplies, doctors are stressing parents make time to check if their kids are up-to-date on vaccines, especially with what could be a more severe flu season.



Police Uncover A Chop Shop In Town

A wanted person and pursuit leads to recovery of several stolen vehicles on a property on Van Lane in Pahrump.



Nye County Students Go Back To School

Nye County School District students headed back to school today after a long hot summer. Rosemary Clarke Middle School now has a new principal, Erin Jerabek. We caught up with Ms. Jerabek today in the garden provided to the school by Home Depot.



Health - The Benefits of Intuitive Eating vs. Dieting

With so many diets out there these days, it's easy to get overwhelmed. But Psychologist Doctor Susan Albers with Cleveland Clinic says it doesn't have to be that way, and suggests switching to intuitive eating instead.



Two People Injured In High Impact Crash

Two People were transported following a significant impact crash on Saturday morning. Deputies with the Nye County Sheriff's Office are investigating the cause.



A Special Letter Is Read Out Loud At Our Annual Purple Heart Ceremony

There was nearly a dry eye in the house during this year's annual Purple Heart ceremony at Veteran's Memorial on East Street. The service to honor and remember military personnel we have lost and or were injured during their service to our country, not only has been becoming more attentive to its members and audience, but this year, a special letter was read aloud that was 50 years in the making, and closed a chapter and healed a wound for a soldier's family. News 25 caught up with Dr. Tom Waters.



Health - Ways to Pack Healthy Lunches this School Year

The new school year has finally arrived and that means it's time for parents to start packing lunches again, which can feel like a chore. So how can you make them something that's quick and easy, but also nutritious?



County Clerk Receives High Honors For Many Years Of Dedication To Nye County

Governor Steve Sisolak has proclaimed Friday, August 5, 2022, "a day in honor of Sandra 'Sam' Merlino" in Nevada in honor of the final day of the retiring County Clerk after 28 years of service. Merlino was recognized and honored at a County Commissioner meeting in Tonopah recently.



Health - Adjusting Sleep Schedule As Kids Head Back To School

It's hard to believe the first day of school is right around the corner, and you can bet a lot of kids are going to have a hard time waking up, especially if they didn't have a regular sleep schedule over the summer. So, what can parents do to help ease that transition?



Save A Pet - Two Heeler Puppies

Two heeler puppies are up for adoption along with a bunch of other breeds at Never forgotten Animal Society. Here is Pat Leming to give you all of the details.



Appointing An Interim County Clerk Has Its Challenges

Mark Kampf who was acting as Nye County Treasurer is now interim Nye County Clerk. The decision was made over a group of applicants at Tuesday’s Board of County Commissioner’s meeting.



Primary Election Winners Celebrate Their Victory

Several candidates got together last night to celebrate their political victory. Some still have the upcoming November election. News 25 peeked in on the event at Artesian Cellars.



Young Teacher Returns To The School To Help Mentor Neighborhood Kids

When it comes to paying it forward, a young teacher in Washington D.C. is at the head of the line. This young classroom hero has returned to the school that gave him a step up to help mentor kids from his neighborhood who are only a few years younger than he is. Kim Martinez reports.



Health - What to Know about New Breastfeeding Guidelines

It's world Breastfeeding week. And the American Academy of Pediatrics recently issued new breastfeeding recommendations, which include continuing to breastfeed a child, if possible until they're at least two years old.



Murder Suspect in Court

Murder suspect Erica Eisenloffel appeared in justice court today.



New High Tech High School Helps Students Find Inspiration

Not all students learn best in the same settings. In California, that belief has led to the development of a different type of school, that’s proving to be just what some students need to find inspiration.



Valley Electric Association Holds Their Annual 'Fill the Bucket School Supply Drive'

Valley Electric says this year was not as impressive as previous years when it comes to donations for school supplies. They are still hoping for some monetary contributions that have promised to come forward so that they can contribute as much as possible to area youth for the upcoming school year. Still they are grateful for all they received which is quite a bit!



New Video Is Released Of An Attempted Murder

A person arrested for attempted murder is facing additional charges for damaging property inside the jail cell after he allegedly attempted to kill a person with his vehicle in Amargosa. The Nye County Sheriff’s Office released a video of the incident narrated by Captain David Boruchowitz.



Health - How The Sun Can Benefit Some Skin Conditions

August is psoriasis awareness month. If you have eczema or psoriasis, you've probably been told that spending time out in the sun can be good for your skin. And while that is true, a Cleveland Clinic Dermatologist says it's also important to make sure you're not overdoing it.



Save A Pet - Two Dogs Named Missy and Boo Boo

Today Darbie has a pair of dogs that have been relinquished to Never Forgotten Animal Society that are looking for a home of their own. Missy and Boo Boo are a sweet duo in an unfortunate situation.



Ask Angi - Pet Proofing Your Home

Are you thinking about bringing a new pet into your home soon? We’ve got your back. In today’s Ask Angi segment, Rachel Zepernick walks us through how to pet-proof our homes.