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Today's Top Stories Archives for 2023-02

02/28/2023 Health - Tips for Dealing with Dry Skin in Cold Weather

If you are experiencing dry skin this winter, you're not alone. It happens to many of us. Dermatologist Amy Kassouf from Cleveland Clinic explains why. Doctor Kassouf says as far as cleansers go, make sure it's a foaming one, it will do a better job of removing impurities. And then follow it up with some moisturizer. Don't forget to wear SPF too! People are at risk for skin cancer any time of the year.



02/27/2023 Vehicle Crashes into Tree on Manse Road


A driver says she may have suffered a seizure this morning right before she crashed her car into a tree on Manse Road. News 25 has learned the female driver and her child are doing ok. She was taken by personal vehicle to the hospital after declining medical transport from the scene.



02/27/2023 Highway 95 Weekend Weather Crashes


Fire Chief Scott Lewis talks about vehicle crashes on U.S. Highway 95 during the weekend weather which closed down the Highway 160 pass to Las Vegas for a couple of hours. Many drivers choose to utilize Highway 95 which had a lot of snow on the highway. Two crashes during a short period of time brought traffic to a standstill.



02/27/2023 Health - Why Self Care is Important for your Health

Doctor Matthew Sacco, a Psychologist of Cleveland Clinic says, if you've never had a self-care routine, now may be the time to start one. It can be beneficial for both your physical and mental health. Doctor Sacco says developing a self-care routine can take time in some cases. Especially if you're trying to get use to new habits. So don't feel pressured to meet a certain expectation or deadline.



02/24/2023 A Local Man is Facing Fraud Charges


A subject has been charged with allegedly selling a shed and household goods belonging to someone else, according to the District Attorney’s Office report.



02/24/2023 Health - Shopping for Heart Healthy Foods on a Budget

A recent Cleveland Clinic Survey found that almost half of Americans believe the biggest barrier to a healthy diet is the cost of food, but it doesn't have to be. Registered Dietitian Julia Zumpano has some helpful tips. Zumpano says you can also buy meats on sale and store them in your freezer. Finally, try to avoid using delivery services if you can. That's another way to help save on groceries.



02/23/2023 Heath - Ways to Prevent Injury while Shoveling Snow

A winter storm is sweeping across the United States with heavy snow expected. And as it comes pouring down, it's important to be safe when shoveling outside. Doctor Waters says if you feel sore after shoveling snow, be sure to rest and if needed, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever. It can also be helpful to use ice or heat. If the pain persists, you should consult with a physician.



02/22/2023 Health - Is it Exercise Induced Asthma or COVID 19?

Coughing and shortness of breath are enough to put anyone on high alert for Covid-19 these days. However, these symptoms are common in people with exercise induced Asthma, which can make breathing uncomfortable and difficult. But Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Sandra Hong says there's typically a pattern with this type of asthma. Doctor Hong says Asthma related symptoms are usually treated with medications that can get people back to peak performance.



02/21/2023 Man Catches Face on Fire Smoking While on Oxygen


Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue responded with Nye County Sheriff’s Office Deputies to a report of a burn victim. The patient was transported to a trauma center in Las Vegas via Mercy Air. Fire Chief Scott Lewis explains.Show less



02/21/2023 Man Catches Face on Fire Smoking While on Oxygen


Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue responded with Nye County Sheriff’s Office Deputies to a report of a burn victim. The patient was transported to a trauma center in Las Vegas via Mercy Air. Fire Chief Scott Lewis explains.



02/21/2023 The Creativity Behind the Las Vegas Courthouse Glass Art Sculpture


It is going to weigh about 4000 pounds and it is has been a long time in the making. A beautiful glass art sculpture being created for the Las Vegas Municipal Court by artists Barbara and Larry Domsky. Reporter Nancy Burn from Las Vegas TV Channel 2 produced this segment and got a sneak peak in the creative vision.Show less



02/21/2023 Health - Importance of Knowing How to Do CPR

With February being American Heart Month, it's a good time to remind the public about the importance of knowing how to do CPR. According to the American Heart Association, immediate CPR can double or triple a person's chances of survival after cardiac arrest. Doctor Singh says both adults and children should know how to perform CPR. There are many classes available both in person and online.



02/20/2023 Student Made Patriotic Public Service Announcements


Today News 25 celebrates Presidents' Day by bringing you some patriotic PSA’s created by students. These come from the organization Constituting America. Each year they look for ways to support America’s youth with a contest among high school students, looking for creative and powerful messaging which showcases the U.S. Constitution and “civil civic conversation”.



02/20/2023 Youth From all Around Compete at Weekend Rodeo


Buddy Krebs who is the Director of the Pahrump Jr. High and High School Rodeo was excited to once again have a successful event at the McCullough Arena for the annual youth rodeo. Krebs caught up with News 25’s Eddie O’Brien at the event over the weekend.



02/20/2023 CASA Crab Fest Was Held To Support Kids in Foster Care


Crab was on the menu at Nye Communities Coalition Saturday night for the CASA Crab Fest. The event has not been held in recent years. The room was packed to support (CASA) Pioneer Territory Court Appointed Special Advocate’s important fundraiser. This crucial program helps children in the foster care system. Everyone seems to enjoy the amazing food and had lots of fun!



02/20/2023 Health - New Guidance Offered for Menopausal Hormone Therapy

The U.S. Census Bureau shows more than 64 million women in America are going through menopause or are post-menopause. Previously, treatment often included hormone therapy, but that changed after cardiovascular risks were reported. However, the American College of Cardiology's Cardiovascular Disease in Women Committee, led by Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Leslie Cho, found that hormone therapy can still be used, but with specific guidance. Doctor Cho's research was recently published in the American Heart Association's 'Circulation' Journal.



Custom Made Shed Company Opens in Pahrump


Affordable Sheds just celebrated their grand opening. News 25 caught up with the Dixons who are a father and son team, who tell us why their custom made sheds are so unique.



02/16/2023 2023 PVHS Wrestling Champ and Coach Rieger says goodbye


Congratulations to Pahrump Valley High School State Wrestling Champ Brennen Benedict. A tearful and fond farewell to long time coach and Pahrump Valley High School favorite, Craig Rieger. The two pair up in our interview in the gym where legends are made, at Pahrump Valley High School.



02/16/2023 Roy Jaggers murder case in court


The case involving the killing of Las Vegas man Roy Jaggers, was in court again today. Judge Kim Wanker heard one attorney’s motion to withdraw from the case. The judge said putting a new attorney in place at this time would set that trial date back months.



02/16/2023 Health - Importance of Supporting Family Caregivers


Tomorrow is National Caregivers Day. The Day recognizes not just caregivers in the health field but also family caregivers who look after loved ones. And as you can imagine, that role is very important. But, it can also be challenging. Doctor Carriere says if you notice a caregiver in your life is having a hard time, you may want to talk to them about how they're feeling and offer help, if possible.



District 36 Assemblyman Greg Hafen

District 36 Assemblyman Greg Hafen is hoping to have a more direct connection with his constituents during this legislative session. He also has some assembly bills he is introducing in Carson City. We caught up with the lawmaker at the Lincoln Day Dinner Saturday Night. Assemblyman Hafen and News 25 are making arraignments to have regular interviews to bring you the latest of what is happening this legislative session in Carson City.



Health - Why Cancer Cases are Increasing in Adults Under 50

February is National Cancer Prevention Month. According to a study released last year, more individuals under the age of 50 are being diagnosed with cancer, both here in the U.S. and worldwide. Some of the cancers include Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Endometrial Cancer and Prostate Cancer. As far as prevention is concerned, Doctor Kamath recommends keeping a healthy weight, regularly exercising and eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. Also be sure to go to your annual screenings. Guidelines have changed in recent years, so make sure you're up-to-date.



Sheriff McGill Talks About the Animal Shelter AOC Changeover

Sheriff Joe McGill revealed to the public on Saturday night that the Nye County Animal Shelter and Animal Control Officers will now be under control of the county come March 6th McGill says that he believes the officers should remain under the sheriff’s office’s control. We also spoke to a former Animal Control Officer and shelter manager Beth Kakavulias who has a unique perspective.



Suspect Sought in Dairy Queen Robbery

Sheriff Joe McGill spoke to our camera today about a robbery that took place at the Pahrump DAIRY Queen Sunday morning. The suspect walked into the business and reportedly threatened the employees with a crowbar.



Nye County Sheriff Joe McGill Presents Award to Local Tipster

Sheriff Joe McGill presented a cash award that was collected from members of the public and given to a tipster this morning at the Nye County Sheriff’s Office. The information this individual provided led to the capture of a suspect that has been charged with two felony counts of animal abuse and neglect. The tipster asked that we not give her name.



Kids visit Drainger Danger at Discovery Children's Museum and Learn Flood Safety Tips

Las Vegas TV Channel 2 Sue Leavitt stopped by the Discovery Children's Museum as part of their report last November regarding heavy rainfalls in the Las Vegas Valley. The Clark County Regional Flood Control District has partnered with the Discovery Children's Museum to deliver an important message to children. Kids can visit Drainger Danger at the museum to receive flood safety tips along with the chance to win a prize! Drainger Danger will only live at the museum until this November, so you'll want to go check it out soon!



Health - Healthy Choices to Consider if Ordering Fast Food

A recent Cleveland Clinic survey found almost half of Americans admitted they buy fast food at least once a week with younger generations doing it the most. And while fast food may be convenient, it's not exactly healthy. Zumpano says if you keep a busier schedule and aren't sure what to cook at home, consider buying frozen vegetables, salad kits or mixed greens. Those won't take long to make. Same with precooked meats and other side dishes, like beans, whole grain rice or noodles.



Brent Kaucky VEA Candidate, District 6


Voting opens up Monday for VEA members to vote in District 6 to retain or replace the board member in their area. We spoke to Brent Kaucky about his run for the seat.


Valentine's Day Events to Enjoy this Year


Rory Rowsell is with us to talk about some the events happening around us in Pahrump and Las Vegas for Valentine’s Day.Show less



Ask Angi - Pro Red Flags


If you’re hiring a pro to do work in your home, you may be wondering how to tell the good pros apart from the bad pros. Angie Hicks, Chief Customer Officer and Home Expert at Angi, is here to walk us through some pro red flags.Show less



Silverado Ranch to get Community Center and Park

The fast-growing and underserved Silverado Ranch community in the southern Las Vegas Valley is finally getting a community center, the first to be built in nearly a decade. A groundbreaking ceremony will be kicking off construction of the two story, 37,000 square foot Silverado Ranch community Center on Monday, February 13 at 10 AM.



Health - Preventive Breast Cancer Vaccine Trial Moves into Next Phase

A vaccine designed to prevent breast cancer is moving into the next phase of study. Cleveland Clinic researchers will soon begin enrolling for phase 1-B. Researchers expect to have results from this early phase of research by the end of 2023.



UNCE to get a Boys and Girls Club in Tonopah

The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension office is looking forward to new adventures in the future. UNCE’s Misha Allen, gave the County Commissioner’s an update about the new programs this week which includes a new Boys and Girls Club in Tonopah.



Student News with Rory Rowsell

Pahrump Valley High School students get ready for Valentine’s Day and Election Day. Here is Rory Rowsell with your Student News.



Health - How Stress Can Impact the Body

Stress is something we can all relate to. And it can impact us in different ways, not just mentally, but physically too. Psychologist Doctor Susan Albers with Cleveland Clinic explains. Doctor Albers notes some stress can be positive. For example, it can provide a boost of motivation to meet a deadline at work.



Police Arrest Arson Suspect

Police report that an intoxicated man started a fire and then urinated on it as they arrived on scene.



City Beat Bus Station Turns Art Gallery

Las Vegas Tv Channel 2 produced a segment about a recent pop up art gallery where you will find the work of three world renowned artists. This exhibit is in the former Greyhound bus station next to the Plaza Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas and will be on display through February 26.



Health - Ways to Stay Active this Winter

As the snow continues to fall this winter, it can be hard to find the motivation to go to the gym. But Doctor Marie Schaefer with Cleveland Clinic says there are still plenty of other ways to stay active. Doctor Schaefer says if exercising outdoors doesn't sound very appealing, you could also work out at home instead. There are all kinds of programs online, many times for free.



Modern Tech Makes Home Life Easier

We let modern technology help us out in our work lives and social lives, so why not let it help us out in our homes? Angie Hicks, Chief Customer Officer and Home Expert at Angi, is here to teach us how to use smart home technology to make our lives easier.



Tonopah Woman Arrested for Embezzlement

In an unrelated story, a Tonopah woman is arrested for embezzlement allegedly spending funds to be used for the Tonopah High School Rodeo Club.



Gun Raffle Tickets Being Sold at VFW Post

Auctioneer Ski Censke and Buddy Krebs from the Pahrump Jr. High and High School Rodeo, will be at the VFW Post on Homestead Road from 8 am until noon Saturday to sell raffle tickets to support the local team.



Health - Survey Finds Cost of Heathy Food Biggest Barrier to Heart Healthy Diet

A new Cleveland Clinic survey is shedding light on what Americans think about heart health and what is considered healthy versus what is not. For those looking for a certain type of diet to follow for heart health, Cleveland Clinic recommends the Mediterranean diet, which research has shown can help lower your risk for heart attack and stroke. The Mediterranean diet consists of mainly fruits, vegetables, grains, olive oil, nuts and some fish and poultry.



OVC Celebrates a Milestone 20 Year Anniversary

The Office for Victims of Crime is celebrating 20 years of anti-trafficking work! They have selected collaboration, transformation, and Impact as the theme for this milestone, which underscores the importance of helping human trafficking survivors find their justice.



Punxsutawney Phil Says 6 More Weeks of Winter

It’s Groundhog Day. A crowd of people joined together in Pennsylvania this morning for the weather predicting groundhog. Punxsutawney Phil has forecast six more weeks of winter.



Get Tickets Now for a Unique Cirque Paranormal Show

Are you ready Las Vegas? Do you love thrilling, wicked, sexy, or even dangerous things? Paranormal Cirque will expose you to a unique creation of combined theatre, circus, and cabaret with a new European style flare. Cirque Italia is now presenting a brand-new show for a MATURE audience!



Senior Dog Looking for a Loving Home

Ellie May is a beautiful senior dog available now for adoption. This border collie mix is red and white, loyal and loving.



Health - How Gut Health can Lead to Risk for Heart Failure

New Research from Cleveland Clinic shows a link between gut health and our risk for developing different diseases, in this case the risk for heart failure. For those unfamiliar, heart failure is when the heart can't pump enough blood. Data shows roughly 6.2 million American adults have heart failure. It also continues to be one of the leading causes of death and hospital admissions in the United States and worldwide.



JAMA Clinical Trial Results on Hearing Loss

The Journal of American Medical Association Editor Dr. Thomas B. Cole, gives insight into a randomized clinical trial investigating whether a hearing care intervention consisting of a community health worker–delivered personal sound amplification device improves communication function among older adults with hearing loss. This study was published in the December 20, 2022, issue of JAMA.



Red Flag Exercises Happening Now at Nellis Air Force Base

You may notice some increased air traffic lately. The first Red Flag-Nellis exercise of 2023 is underway at Nellis Air Force Base and Nevada Test Site and Training Range. Close to 100 aircraft and 3,000 coalition service members are expected to participate in this exercise.



Basin Avenue Gets a Makeover

Basin Avenue east of Blagg Road to Highway 160 and Blagg Road intersection is getting an upgrade. Director of Public Works Thomas Bolling, spoke to News 25 today about the project that is scheduled to be completed by May.



Weirdest Wonders of the Desert

Nevada definitely has some interesting attractions. “Travel Nevada” has put together a list of what they call the “weirdest wonders” for tourists and locals to explore.



Health - Why You May Experience Foot Pain While Working from Home

Foot pain is on the rise with more people working from home. One of the main reasons behind this trend is that a lot of people don't think to wear shoes inside the house. So, what should you be wearing on your feet at home to prevent foot pain? Doctor Roland says it's just as important to let your feet breathe to prevent foot infections because of too much moisture. She recommends taking off your shoes and socks when seated if you find that your feet are too hot or are sweating, and putting them back on when you get up. If your foot pain persists, be sure to see a Podiatrist.