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Today's Top Stories Archives for 2022-12

New Year New Laws 2023

With the new year approaching quickly, here are some new laws that may affect you. Jadey Zaragoza explains.



NYE Celebration Air Quality Alert

Mikey Roohan says Clark County has issued an air quality warning for those who may be sensitive to smoke if they are in Las Vegas for their New Years Eve fireworks display.



Reading Program Offers New Incentive for Those Who Love Animals

An innovative program that can be found in cities all over the country is taking off in a very big way these days. It pairs miniature horses and donkeys with children learning to read, get ready for cuteness overload! Kim Martinez reports.



Tool Bag Theft Leads to Two People Behind Bars

No honor among thieves. The Nye County Sheriff’s Office located a stolen tool bag and now they have captured the suspects who point the finger at each other.



The Red Cross Needs Blood Donations

With the recent storms in Nevada, The American Red Cross is asking citizens to donate blood, especially type O.



Health - Tips for Keeping your New Year's Resolution

New Year's Eve is just around the corner, and you know what that means, time to set a New Year's Resolution. But what if you're not the greatest at sticking with it? Psychologist Doctor Susan Albers with Cleveland Clinic has some advice. Doctor Albers says if you don't want to pick one of the classic New Year's Resolutions such as working out more or dieting, you could try to set an intention, like I want to be more positive or more adventurous.



Meet the 8 Year Old Child Who Rescued a Dog

Today we continue the story News 25 broke concerning the live dog that was found at the Pahrump Valley Disposal in the dead animal pit and the subsequent arrest and finding of another dog that also met the same fate. Today we meet the rescuers of the dog, Tommy and Tom Birmingham.



Alleged Animal Abuser Arrested for Sexual Assault

In learning more about animal abuse suspect Apolonio Aniceto, News 25 found that Aniceto has been recently charged by the Nye County District Attorney for another disturbing crime. In October the suspect was charged with sexual assault of a minor.



Affordable Housing Unit Denied at Commissioner Meeting

A proposal of an affordable housing unit caused quite a stir before the crowded audience who attended the meeting of the Board of County Commissioners awaiting the item on the agenda to appoint the justice of the peace.



Veterans Attend Informative Town Hall Meeting

The Veterans Administration is back with town hall meetings. The most recent one held was full of important benefit information for veterans and their families.



Health - Do Video Games Have Cognitive Benefits for Kids?

A recent study found children who play video games for three hours a day or more, seemed to have better impulse control and memory. That was compared to children who did "Not" play video games. So, what does that mean for parents? The researchers of this study did note that more work needs to be done on this topic. They also plan to look further into how video games can impact a child as they mature.



Police Investigate Poisoned Dog Deaths

Apolonio Aniceto has been arrested by the Nye County Sheriff’s Office in relation to two dogs that have died from what police say is apparent animal abuse.



Celebrate by Renewing your Vows Las Vegas Style

An interesting way to celebrate an anniversary with the person you love is to renew your vows and that’s exactly what you can do with forever Las Vegas.



Health - Best Ways to Deal with Pet Allergies

Pets can be a popular gift around the Holiday Season, but is a new cat or dog the culprit behind your sneezing? Allergist Sandra Hong with Cleveland Clinic explains some of the symptoms that could mean you're allergic to your four-legged friend. Although you can't get rid of pet allergies, Doctor Hong says there are different treatment options for symptoms, including medications and allergy shots.



Auto Salesperson Receives Bronze Star

Sheriff Sharon Wehrly presented a bronze star to a civilian that helped capture a fleeing suspect at a local auto dealership.



Toys for Tots are Looking for Volunteers

The Toys for Tots program is going strong. In fact, there is still time to help out and even after Christmas the organization is hoping for volunteers.



Health - Woman has Large Brain Aneurysm Removed While Pregnant

An Ohio mother has a lot to be grateful for this Christmas after having a golf ball-sized aneurysm treated in her brain while she was pregnant! Brittany Harris spoke with her about the surgery and the special precautions doctors had to take to make sure she and her baby were okay. Mallory Continues to go in for routine check-ups. She also encourages other parents out there not to ignore any concerning symptoms. She says looking back she probably should've sought out care sooner.



Commissioners Appoint Fiore as Justice of the Peace

At the final Board of County Commissioners meeting of the year, the board revealed their choice for the appointment of the Pahrump Justice of the Peace to replace the seat vacated by the late Kent Jasperson. The winner is Former Clark County Councilwoman Michelle Fiore who will serve Jasperson’s remaining two year term following his August death from cancer. Fiore says she plans to go to school to get a law degree while she is on the bench in Pahrump, currently no law degree is required to serve as Justice of the Peace.



Personal Belongings Held by FBI for Concert Goers

If you attended to the Route 91 Harvest Festival 2017 in Las Vegas which was the sight of a tragic mass shooting, then the FBI is trying to return belongings left behind.



Health - How Ultra Processed Foods Impact Colorectal Cancer Risk

Processed foods are convenient for a fast meal, but research continues to show how they can negatively impact our health. Recently, a study revealed ultra-processed foods might increase colorectal cancer risk for some people. Doctor Bode suggests trying simple diet changes first, like choosing a baked potato instead of fries and replacing sugary yogurts with Greek yogurt and fruit.



Health - Keeping Your Kids Busy During Winter Break

If your little ones are going to be home for Holiday break, you're sure to hear them say "I'm Bored!". At least a couple of times, if not more. So, what are some healthy ways to help keep them entertained? Doctor Robinson says it's important to make sure your child still has some structure in their day too, like having a regular sleep schedule. That way the transition back to school won't be as hard for them.



Animal Rescue Needs a New Building to Help the Animals

In today’s Save A Pet segment we spoke to Tresa Wosk from Pets are Worth Saving about a plea from the animal rescue to find a building for their thrift Store that funds the animals.



Health - How to Get a Better Night's Sleep

You're not alone if you struggle to get a good night's sleep. Cleveland Clinic Sleep Specialist, Michelle Drerup says about 30 percent of adults have symptoms of insomnia. So, how long should it take the average Person to fall asleep? If someone has a persistent issue with their sleep, Doctor Drerup encourages them to take note of their sleeping patterns and talk to their healthcare provider.



Fake Gold Scam Making Its Way Thru Pahrump

Co-Owner of Marty Greenfield Jewelers Josh Westerman, tells us about a scam that is targeting area consumers and what to look out for.



Affordable Housing Complex Closer to Construction

The start of construction is nearing for an affordable housing unit on the corner of Blagg Road and Basin Avenue, this item was up for a zone change recently in front of the BOCC.



Puppies Available Soon to Cuddle

If you are looking for a puppy to bring home for the holidays, there are several available next week at Never Forgotten Animal Society.



Come See Santa Here in Town

The big elf himself stopped by the KPVM TV studio today to give us an idea of his busy schedule.



Couple Arrested for Mail Theft and More

Mail theft is becoming more prevalent. The Mesquite Police Department says that they arrested to individuals for just that. Police now say, it turns out they may have been involved in a lot more serious crimes.



Health - December is National Safe Toys and Gifts Month

December is National Safe Toys and Gifts month. According to the consumer product safety commission more than 200 thousand toy related injuries were treated in ER's in 2021. Doctor Roopa Thakur with Cleveland Clinic Children's says it's important to think about toy safety when picking out the perfect present. To help determine the right age for a toy, look for the manufacturer's guidelines on the packaging. It's also a good idea to check if the item has been recalled or banned.



Password Help for your Computers

Nearly everything we do online requires a password. But it can be tricky to manage all of those letters and numbers. Today, Josh Osborne, from Great Computer Deals in Pahrump, has some advice on how to best manage our Passwords.



Police Apprehend Pursuit Suspect in a Shed

A police pursuit ends behind Walmart in Pahrump. The suspect was able to escape apprehension for a short time, police caught up with him the next morning at his home.



Health - Baby with RSV Suffers Severe Complications

RSV cases have run rampant this season, causing many children to be hospitalized, including one baby from Ohio who was just five weeks old. Brittany Harris spoke with the mother about the terrifying experience. Families are urged to use caution during the upcoming holidays as well, not only with small children but the elderly. Doctor Carl says it's important to regularly wash your hands and clean surfaces, masks can also help with prevention.



President Biden Signs Equality Act Into Law

President Biden today signed historic legislation to protect marriages for same-sex and interracial couples and reaffirmed this Administration’s commitment to passing the Equality Act.



Health - Coping with Holiday Party Anxiety

Many people look forward to celebrating the holidays with family and friends, but for some, those festivities can make them feel anxious. Cleveland Clinic Psychologist Dawn Potter explains why. Doctor Potter says if you opt not to attend an event, you don't owe anyone a detailed explanation about why you're not going. You can simply offer an apology and say you have to do what's best for you.



A Vacant Structure is Set a Blaze

A home that is vacant and scheduled for demolition was set on fire late last night. The property representative arrived on scene and stated that there has been squatters going in and out of the boarded up home. He says, the previous renter destroyed the home and was evicted from the property.



Electric Costs Increase 17% in 2023

With the Colorado River shrinking and Lake Mead receding at historic rates, the cost of hydro power is increasing. According to CEO of Valley Electric Association this is one reason members will see a 17 percent increase in their power bill come next year. See the full interview with CEO Mark Stallions


Fun Meet Ups, and for a Local LGBTQ Social Group

Craig Bohannon founded a local group for the LGBTQ community and their allies. He tells us how you can get involved in the fun, socializing and even community fundraising events.


Ask Angi - Garage Conversions

If your home is feeling a little cramped, but you don’t want to buy a house in this market, we may have the solution for you. In today’s Ask Angi segment, Rachel Zepernick shows us how to convert a garage into a living space.



Free Christmas Expo at Plaza Hotel

Inmates at the Pahrump Nye County Detention Center were involved in a fight and are charged with allegations of battery by prisoner.



Wanted Fugitive Still on the Run After Pointing a Rifle at a Security Guard

A local woman is arrested and an area man is on the run, after starting an argument at the Pahrump Nugget that ends in with a gun being pointed at a Security Guard during a fight at a bar. Nye County Sheriff's Office seeks help in locating this man and asks to contact the Sheriff's Office.



Nine Arrested in Jail Drug Investigation

he Nye County Sheriff's Office says nine inmates were arrested for allegedly smuggling drugs through the Pahrump Detention Center's laundry area.



Argument Over Food Results in Arrest

On Sunday, Nye County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a domestic violence call and upon arrival officers spoke to the victim who identified Andy Veliz as her alleged abuser. Veliz was arrested and transported to the Nye County detention center for the alleged charge.



Pahrump Arts Council Invites Local Artists to a Gala

The Pahrump Arts Council is holding its 30th year anniversary Gala this year. Oliver Jones invites the community and local artists to join them next Saturday, December 17th, from 5-8 pm at the Pahrump Arts Council Office for a place to network with other artists. This is a free event but donations are appreciated.



Ask Angi - Financing Home Projects

When we think of the rising interest rates, we mostly think about how it affects purchasing new homes, but it affects financing home projects too. In today’s Ask Angi segment, Mischa Fisher shares his top tips for financing home projects with rising interest rates.



Health - Study Finds No Link Between COVID 19 and Diabetes

A recent Cleveland Clinic Study looked at whether those who contract Covid-19 are at a higher risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes. And according to the findings, that does not appear to be the case. The US Preventive Services Task Force recommends screening for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes in adults between the ages of 35 and 70 who are overweight or have obesity.



Kittens Available Now for Adoption

There are lots of kittens available now at Never Forgotten Animal Society, Pat Leming tells us about one of them named Banshee.



Nye County Imposes Diesel Fuel Tax

After months of public scoping meetings and studies, the diesel fuel tax is set to start next year. This tax will help pay for the roadways here in Nye County that are heavily travelled by diesel fueled vehicles.



Charity Bikes Donations are at all Time High

Avery Sampson and her dad are at again. They are collecting bikes for Christmas and have already reached their goal on their 3rd year. Avery collects bikes for the less fortunate in town and donates them.



A Truck Avoiding a Crash Strikes a Power Pole

It appears a pickup truck traveling on the wrong side of the roadway caused two vehicles to go off the road. One of them hit a power pole over the weekend.



Shed Catches Fire on West Side of Town

Fire crews were able to contain a shed fire over the weekend on Leslie Street, how the fire started is under investigation.



Shooting Suspect To Get Competency Evaluation

An attempted murder suspect was in court this morning. One of the victims who he is accused of shooting multiple times is still recovering. The family was driving on Pahrump’s south side when the accused, Benjamin Talbot, opened fire on the vehicle. Talbot appeared today, before Judge Robert Lane.



Health - Why It is Important to Regularly Wash Your Hands

It's officially hand washing awareness week, which is a time set aside each year to remind people about the importance of good hand hygiene. And don't forget to keep some lotion nearby. It's very easy to dry out your hands if you're routinely washing them.



A Fleeing Suspect is Arrested by Police

A local man was arrested for two outstanding warrants and possessing of drugs during a traffic stop after he reportedly ran from officers.



Toy Drive Scheduled for Next Three Sundays

Firefighter Reveles says that the holidays are a season for giving; this is another way for your Pahrump firefighters to give back to the community with an annual toy drive.



Health - Keeping Kids Healthy and Happy While Traveling

'Tis the season for holiday travel. And if you have kids in tow, you know it'll be more of an adventure than a vacation. Doctor Adam Keating with Cleveland Clinic Children's says if your little travelers are grumpy, it's usually because they're tired, hungry, thirsty or over stimulated. Doctor Keating says it's also important for kids to wash their hands before eating and try to avoid touching their faces. Parents can always consider masking kids in crowds to protect them from respiratory viruses too.