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Today's Top Stories Archives for 2022-11

Sanders Is Still On The Run In Pahrump

Police say that Ryan Sanders attacked his victim to get revenge on his employer who terminated him from his job. The victim was his bosses’ elderly mother.



Police Converge on a Suspect's Pahrump Home

This afternoon for three hours law enforcement and medics were held at a residence on Pahrump south side for what was reported to be a person in the attic space of sanders home. We spoke to the Captain on scene after the incident.



Police Arrest a Man for Spiking a Drink

Captain David Boruchowitz posted a release last night concerning wanted fugitive Ryan Sanders who is still believed to be in the Pahrump Valley.



Free Yoga for Humana Patients

If you have Humana insurance there are some classes that may help you move more freely and have a healthy happier life.


Health - The Do's and Don'ts of Treating Colds at Home

If you're suffering from a cold, you may be desperate to try different remedies with hopes of feeling better. So we asked Doctor Neha Vyas with Cleveland Clinic which ones are best to follow when recovering from home. Doctor Vyas says it may be tempting to try some experimental remedies or supplements suggested online, but be careful. They could wind up making you feel even worse.



Police Asking for Tips Regarding Holiday Hit and Run

We have an update regarding a tragic crash that occurred last Thursday night on the highway. Police are requesting the public’s help in finding the suspect vehicle involved in a hit and run crash that has left a pedestrian fighting for their life.



Health - Why Volunteering can Benefit your Mental Health

Today is giving Tuesday, which is held every year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. If you've never participated, you may want to reconsider. Not only will you be helping others in need, but it's good for your mental health too! Doctor Albers reminds people to consider the time commitment required before signing up for volunteering. She also suggests picking something that is meaningful to you.



Reward Offered for Wanted Fugitive

A suspect is wanted and a family is worried because a 13 year old boy is unaccounted for. Police say that Ryan Sanders Jr. has been spotted with his dad, Ryan Sanders Sr., who is wanted by police since the crime occurred on November 22. Sanders Sr. is a suspect in a heinous crime involving an attempted murder, rape, and kidnapping and an elderly female. Witnesses tell detectives that the boy is unharmed. Deputies are hot on the trail of Sanders and hope to put him behind bars and Ryan Jr. in safe hands. His mother and grandmother in North Carolina are worried about the teen’s safety. The Nye County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help is finding the person who they say terrorized a Pahrump woman.



Special Pet Looking for his Special Home

Never Forgotten Animal Society has a cute dog for adoption named Simba who wants to cuddle up for the holidays in a forever home.



Hundreds are Served a Free Meal for Thanksgiving

Nye Communities Coalition was filled with smiles, music, dance and tasty food Thanksgiving Day. Linda Wright updates us on this year’s Community Dinner by the Holiday Task force.



State Police Investigate Officer Involved Crash

An officer involved collision is being investigated by Nevada Highway Patrol. The Nye County Sheriff’s Office cruiser was one of three vehicles involved in Saturday morning’s crash.



Highway Shut Down While Crews Clean Up Crashed Boat

A pontoon boat is destroyed on the highway. Thankfully, there were no major injuries to the occupants of the vehicles. A canine however, did sustain some injuries as a result of a broken windshield.



Health - Staying Safe While Decorating this Holiday Season

Now that Thanksgiving is over, many people are starting to pull out their Holiday Decorations. But, before you climb on the roof to hang those lights or set up your Christmas Tree, there are some safety tips to keep in mind. Doctor Waters adds, if you do get hurt while decorating, it's best to use your own judgment on whether it's an emergency. However, he says don't hesitate to go to the hospital for any major lacerations or broken bones.



Fire Crews Quickly Respond to a Trailer on Fire

A home is saved, a family is uninjured, though it was a close call today when the trailer that was in the driveway of their home exploded in flames. The homeowner says they did all the right things when they had recent work done on the unit by licensed contractor. The recent work on the trailer my not be the reason for the fire, according to the fire chief. Calling 911 quickly, parking the trailer and vehicles away from the home is always is a great plan. The home owner was able to move the cars quickly for easy access for fire crews. They also did not have debris, vegetation, or an overabundance of personal property stored around the trailer or her home.



Free Bikes for Perfect School Attendance

A local auto dealership is giving away another form of transportation this holiday season. Stephani Elliott made the announcement during the recent Board of County Commissioner meeting.



Everyone is Invited to Thanksgiving Dinner!

Linda Wright and the Holiday Task Force are still looking for volunteers for this Thursday’s Community Thanksgiving feast at Nye Communities Coalition at 1020 East Wilson Road. Everyone is invited to attend the festive event.



A Highway Crash Injures Three

Three people were severely injured this morning as a result of a two vehicle crash on south Highway 160 in Clark County.



Health - How to Avoid Overeating this Thanksgiving

The countdown to Thanksgiving is on, and with so many great food options, it may seem impossible to keep up with healthy eating habits. But there are some tips to avoid overeating on the big day, including not skipping meals. If eating healthier is your New Year's resolution, Kirkpatrick says you can start moving toward that goal the day after Thanksgiving rather than waiting until January 1st.



Health - Keeping Your Thanksgiving Gathering Germ Free

With so many viruses going around these days, you may be wondering how to keep your thanksgiving gathering safe. Doctor Neha Vyas with Cleveland Clinic has some advice. Food poisoning can also be a risk at thanksgiving. Doctor Vyas encourages anyone cooking to make sure they're thoroughly washing all produce and heating food to the right temperature. And don't forget to properly store leftovers.



Health - Use Caution When Shoveling Snow

What's the safest way to remove the white stuff from your driveway? Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Donald Ford says it's important to remember shoveling snow is a strenuous workout. Doctor Ford says an ergonomic shovel, one with a large bent handle, may help prevent back pain because it allows you to stand straighter and you won't have to bend over as far to reach the snow.



Dance Lessons Happening Again This Year for J.G. Johnson Students

$260,000 dollars was spent on a program this past year that teaches kids manners and dance skills in our school district. Most parents and students haven’t heard about it, or been exposed to it. News 25 wanted to find out more. It took months of digging but we finally got some answers into what the Cotillion of Success is about.



Healthy Lifestyles After Quitting Smoking Offers Many Benefits

Today is the "Great American Smokeout" A day held every year to help encourage people to quit smoking. According to a recent study, those who quit and go on to adopt a healthy lifestyle can reduce their risk of death. The CDC reports that tobacco is the leading cause of preventable disease, disability, and death in the U.S. Nearly 40 million adults here still smoke cigarettes.



If You Love Chows, Red Is the Dog for You

Never Forgotten still has a beautiful chow available, named Red. He may be weary of strangers at first, but this dog will make a cuddly addition to your family that turns heads and fills your heart and home with love.



Paper Ballot Count Won't Be Complete in Time

Nye County Clerk Elect Mark Kampf says they will not have enough time to complete the paper ballot count but is continuing none the less. Kampf says they have learned a lot during this election season. If it wasn’t for the ACLU delaying the process, the hand count would be done.



Two Arrested For Vape Caper At Two Stores

Two suspects have been taken into custody for burglarizing two separate convenience stores. We have the first suspect on tonight’s broadcast.



Health - What to do if your Child Gets Lice at School

If you have children, you know there's always a risk for the spread of lice at school, which is never fun to deal with. So, what can parents do to help prevent their child from getting it? Doctor Robinson says it's also a good idea to let your child's school know if they have lice so they can plan accordingly and notify other parents.



Catholic School Prayers Answered for New Playground

When people see the new playground at a small community Catholic school, they're looking at a real-life modern-day miracle! At least that's the story told from those at Saints Peter and Paul grade school in Denver who say they experienced divine intervention during the height of the pandemic, which resulted in a flood of donations to build something very special for the children. Kim Martinez reports.



Two Well Deserved Awards Nominees are Presented 'Act of Kindness' Awards

Two local men who are active members of our community, and well known for all they do, were the latest recipients to the Andre Butch Harper Act of Kindness Award. Dr. Tom Waters and Deanna O’Donnell presented the awards to a packed audience during the Living Free Health Art Show.



Thousands of Dollars Raised at Inaugural Art Show for Living Free Health

Shelley Poerio founded Living Free Health and Living Free Café to help those in addiction get the help they need. Last month, they hosted a fundraising art show to raise money to provide treatment, transitional housing, and discounted recovery programs.



Health - Tips to Help Keep Kids Healthy During the Holidays

The holidays are almost here and many of us will be spending time with family, which could mean exposure to germs and viruses. To help keep kids from getting sick, Doctor Adam Keating with Cleveland Clinic Children's says now is a good time to make sure children are up to date on routine vaccines. If your child gets sick during the holidays, Doctor Keating suggests additional medical care if they develop a fever or have difficulty breathing, and if kids or family members are at an elevated risk of illness, consider masking to avoid transmission.



Special Honors are Given at the DAV Veteran's Day Service

The Disabled American Veterans Held their Veterans Day Service at Veteran’s Memorial inside the Chief Tecopa Cemetery. We caught up with Dr. Tom Waters to talk about the service and a special honor he bestowed on B.J. Hetrick Irwin the Director of the Ms. Senior Golden Years Pageant and The Nevada Silver Tappers.



Second Suspect Arrested for Tonopah Station Theft

A second employee has been arrested for embezzlement at the Tonopah Station. Last month, News 25 reported on the first suspect taken into custody for the alleged crime.



Health - Why it is Better to get your Vitamins from Food

With so many vitamins and supplements available these days, you may be wondering which ones you actually need. But according to Registered Dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick with Cleveland Clinic, sometimes it may be better to get those nutrients from food. Kirkpatrick says if you are unsure whether you are deficient in certain vitamins, it's best to consult with your healthcare provider first. Then they can recommend which ones you actually need.



Over 50,000 Ballots Remain in Clark County

It is down to the wire in state races. Clark County is still receiving ballots in the mail and has thousands that need to be verified. The registrar of voters spoke again during a news conference to give an update on the process.



Health - Dangers of Using Tanning Beds in the Winter

Now that we have shorter days and less sunshine, some people may be turning to indoor tanning beds to keep their color, which can be dangerous. Dermatologist Doctor Melissa Piliang with Cleveland Clinic explains why.


And if you're thinking about getting a 'Base Tan' by going tanning before a vacation or cruise, Doctor Piliang discourages that too. She says you're better off using self-tanner and applying lots of sunscreen.



Veteran's Day and Flag Retirement at The VFW Post

Today several events were held in honor of those who have served our country on Veterans Day. The VFW Post on Homestead Road held their service at their post. They also held a flag retirement ceremony with the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.


The Disabled American Veterans had a ceremony at The Veterans Memorial inside the Chief Tecopa Cemetery on East Street. That event will be shown here in News 25 on Monday night’s newscast.



Volunteers Begin Counting Paper Ballots for the General Election

Nye County Clerk Elect Mark Kampf has been busying training and now counting the paper ballots that were the main part of his campaign platform during his successful election. After running the paper ballots thru the machine now volunteers are hand counting them at the Valley Electric conference center to confirm the machine is correct. As in every election cycle mail in ballots are still coming in the mail. The vote cannot be certified until the 18th of November. The hand count must be completed by the 17th to send it up to the state.



A Rear End Collision Closes Down Highway 372

The driver of a silver sedan said he did not see it coming last night as he was rear ended by a car traveling at a high rate of speed on Highway 372.



Health - Where Treatment Stands with Alzheimer's Disease

November is Alzheimer's Awareness Month. According to the Alzheimer's Association, an estimated 6.5 million Americans age 65 and older are currently living with Alzheimer's.


When it comes to prevention, Doctor Leverenz says there is only so much a person can control. With that being said, he does suggest living a healthier lifestyle with a nutritious diet, regular exercise and also staying social.



Vote Tally too Close to Call for Governor's Race

The election is extremely close when it comes to key state races. In fact some results will have to wait until the finally tallies are counted until the race can be called at all. There are almost 40,000 votes of separation today in the Governor’s race between Joe Lombardo and Governor Steve Sisolak. Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria gave an update today and promises to update the public daily about the vote count.



Man on Fire off US 95 is Transported to Burn Center

A witness said that you could smell fuel on a man who was on fire in the desert of US Highway 95. Now the Nevada State Fire Marshall is investigating the cause of this suspicious fire that sent him to a trauma center in critical condition.



A Part of the Tonopah Airport to be Used to Test Rockets

A company based in Southern California has its sights set on Mars and beyond. And they plan to use a portion of a Nye County airport to test the technology to get them there. Nye County Commissioners have approved a property access agreement with Pythom Inc. that allows them to test their rocket engines on a one-acre parcel of land at the Tonopah Airport. Pythom engineer Jamie Hadden appeared before commissioners to better explain what his company will be doing there.


The agreement provides Pythom access to one acre at a price of 250 dollars per month. As Commissioner Frank Carbone mentioned, either the county or Pythom may terminate the agreement at any time and for any reason.



Health - Supplements Ineffective in Reducing Cholesterol, Study Finds

A new Cleveland Clinic study shows over-the-counter dietary supplements claiming to help lower cholesterol aren't very effective. Doctor Luke Laffin, who is a Cardiologist, explains more about the research. Doctor Laffin says it's probably best for people who are taking these kinds of supplements to treat high cholesterol to stop and switch to a proven medication.



Meet a Sweet Cuddly Pup Named Dahlia

Dahlia and her sister are available for adoption at Never Forgotten Animal Society. Pat Leming introduces us to this sweet girl who is just as beautiful as her name.



Local Show Dogs Taking Home Some Big Titles

A couple who takes pride in their show dogs stopped by KPVM recently to introduce us to them. The reigning “Hunk from Pahrump” and his wife brought their pups, let’s meet the Fluker family.



Chief Lewis Talks About Crash on Charleston Park Involving a Sedan and a Motorcycle

Fire Chief Scott Lewis gives an update regarding a crash that occurred last week first reported as a single vehicle. The Nye County Sheriff’s Office says Nevada Highway Patrol is investigating the incident in which several people reputedly fled in another vehicle shortly after the crash involving a motorcycle. The rider who suffered head trauma was taken to via Mercy Air.



Big improvements May Be Coming Soon for Death Valley

A number of improvements are planned for Stovepipe Wells and the surrounding area, located inside Death Valley National Park. The first step is an environmental assessment, which is now complete. Brad Francis explains what comes next.



100 of the 300 Dogs got to a Special Care Facility in Ohio

100 dogs from the Est Alfa Kennels have taken flight to the Columbus Ohio Cruelty Recovery Center so that they can be rehabilitated and cleared for adoption through the ASPCA after the organization received custody of over 300 that were abused and neglected by Vasili Platunov and Oksana Higgins for years in Pahrump and Amargosa as deemed by Judge Robert Lane in District Court. The rest will go up for adoption in various other locations.



Health - Check Vaccines Before Traveling Abroad

Renewing your passport, booking a flight and finding the best deal on a hotel. Those are just some items to check off your list before traveling abroad. One task that my be overlooked though is checking vaccine recommendations.


Travelers should consider that it takes about two weeks after getting a vaccine to build immunity. On the CDC's website CDC.Gov, there is a traveler's health section where people can find which vaccines are recommended depending on the destination.



Health - Survey Shows Importance of Supporting Family Caregivers

November is National Family Caregivers Month which recognizes all of the selfless individuals who help care for their loved ones. It also offers a chance to raise awareness about the support they may need. Research shows caregiving can take a significant emotional, physical and financial toll on a person. Doctor Carriere says if you notice a caregiver in your life is having a hard time, you may want to talk to them about how they're feeling and offer help, if possible.



Three Injured in Two Vehicle Crash

A Pahrump Valley Public Transportation vehicle and an SUV were involved in a major crash on the highway this afternoon.



Felony Stop Results in One Arrest

A man allegedly driving at a high rate of speed was ordered out of the vehicle by Sheriff Deputies at gun point, David Preston has more.



Great Computer Deals - Forgotten Passwords

Nearly everything we do online requires a password. But it can be tricky to manage all of those letters and numbers. Today, Josh Osborne, from Great Computer Deals in Pahrump, has some advice on how to best manage our Passwords.



A Flame Broiled Sign is Getting Repaired Years After a Lightning Bolt Damages it

Nye County Commissioners have approved some zoning changes and waivers that will allow Burger King to continue advertising on two off-premises signs in Pahrump. The Regional Planning Commission approved the franchisee’s request last month. And after a short discussion about sign spacing requirements, commissioners ultimately agreed with the RPC’s recommendations. Nye County Director of Planning Brett Waggoner helped explain the need for the changes.