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Today's Top Stories Archives for 2020-07

VFW Commander Remembers Bill Dailey

One of the area's oldest World War Two veterans is being remebered fondly by family and friends. Army veteran Bill Dailey passed away Thursday. VFW Pahrump Post 10054 Commander Marty Aguiar says Bill always had some great stories to share.



Education News: Online Education Experts Prepping for Increase

With schools across the country trying to figure out what they'll do when clases are slated to resume, one group of educators is bracing for what could be a huge increase in enrollment. Schools that have specialized in virtual learning for years know that online education is the route many parents and students will want to take. Kim Martinez reports.



Save A Pet - Sandy

It's Friday. Time to meet another great pet available for adoption. Today, Darbie O'Donnell joins us from Desert Haven Animal Society, where she introduces us to Sandy.



Buffalo Soliders Day Honors African American Veterans with Calendar

The State of Nevada has designated July 28th as Buffalo Soldiers Day. More than a dozen African American veterans were honored during this year's celebration in Las Vegas. Each will be featured in a new calendar, highlighting their service to our country. And the face of August 20-21 is a familiar face to those of us here in Pahrump. And now, for a bit of a history lesson. On July 28, 1866 -- after the end of the Civil War -- Congress enacted legislation allowing African American men to serve in segregated units in the United States Army. These units consisted of former slaves and African American soldiers who fought in the Civil War. Those soldiers were nicknamed 'Buffalo Soldiers' by the Native Americans against whom they fought, because of their reputation for toughness and bravery in battle and the buffalo fur coats they wore in the winter. In addition to their military contributions, the Buffalo Soldiers also had a significant role in the expansion of the West by escorting settlers, cattle herds and railroad crews, exploring and mapping vast areas, and stringing hundreds of miles of telegraph lines. Buffalo Soldiers were also some of the first park rangers in the national parks of the Sierra Nevada.



Sanders Family Winery Hosts Grape Crushing Demonstration

Last Saturday KPVM was invited to the Sanders Family Winery here in Pahrump to watch a grape crushing. News 25's Missey Kohler was there. The crushing was done in conjunction with the University of Nevada Extension office.



Save A Pet - Cora

Each week we introduce you to three pets available for adoption from local shelters. Today, we meet Cora. Darbie O'Donnell joins us from Desert Haven Animal Society with her story.




Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial with Josh Osborne

We're seeing more solid state hard drives in today's computers. Today, in our Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial, Josh Osborne begins a three-part series explaining the benefits of these super-fast drives.



Health: Kicking the Vaping Habit - Where to Begin

Electronic cigarette use may increase the risk of coronavirus infection, according to the World Health Organization. So now is as good a time as any to kick your vaping habit. Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Humberto Choi says many people start vaping because they think it's safer than smoking traditional cigarettes.



Fire Chief Says Cause of Pahrump Fire 'Suspect in Nature'

A fire early Wednesday morning destroys a former business near the intersection of Linda Street and Highway 372. Pahrump Valley Fire Chief Scott Lewis says the cause is unknown -- but it is suspect in nature.



Crash Leads to Arrest of Pahrump Man

A man who crashed his pickup truck in Pahrump -- then walked away -- is now facing several charges, including DUI. A records check revealed Sharp's drivers license was revoked for a DUI in 2018. And the sheriff's office says Sharp had a DUI conviction just last year.



Nevada Seeking Foster Caregivers in Nye County

The Nevada Division of Child and Family Services is seeking foster caregivers for children in rural communities. That includes Nye County. Lori Nichols is a foster care recruiter. She says children can end up in foster care for a number of reasons. But her goal is to make their transition to foster care as stress-free as possible. It takes four to six months to complete the training and licensing requirements to become a foster caregiver. For more information, contact the Nevada Division of Child and Family Services. You can visit them online at



Health: Tips for Safely Visiting Grandparents

There's nothing better than visiting grandma and grandpa. But for months, COVID-19 has forced many of us to keep our distance -- as older people are at higher risk and have higher mortality rates. Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Ardeshir Hashmi says, with careful planning and precautions, it's possible to visit older relatives safely. Before heading out the door though, he recommends we assess our own health first.



Save A Pet - Blue

In today's Save A Pet, we meet Blue -- a playful dog available for adoption from Desert Haven Animal Society. Darbie O'Donnell has more.



Governor Announces New Recovery Plan for Nevada

Governor Steve Sisolak has announced the end of the phased approach to reopening Nevada. Instead, the state will focus on individual companies, businesses and organizations who are failing to uphold COVID-19 health and safety guidelines. The governor explained the changes during a news conference Monday.



BOCC Approves Revised Plan for North Canyon Homes Subdivision

At the July 21 Board of County Commissioners meeting, developer Ken Murphy, owner of Shadow Mountain Construction presented a modified version of a development agreement for the North Canyon Homes subdivision, planned for 16 acres off Simkins Road. Commissioners approved the revised plan, which calls for fewer homes to be built.



Pahrump Valley Winery Liquor License Remains Suspended

Pahrump Valley Winery will continue to operate without a valid liquor license until at least August 18th. The Nye County Licensing and Liquor Board met in special session today for a show cause hearing regarding the future of the winery's liquor license. But attorneys for the winery made a last-minute request to have that hearing continued until the August 18th regular meeting. No one from Pahrump Valley Winery showed up for today's scheduled hearing. The county suspended the winery's conditional liquor license earlier this month after the owners failed to meet all application requirements.



Health: Nurse Saves Man Having Heart Attack on Front Lawn

Imagine one second you're outside in your front yard and the next, you're on the ground -- fighting for life. Hear how an off-duty nurse ended up in the right place, at the right time, to save a man from a sudden heart attack. Erica Foreman has more.



Man Arrested for Trespassing Outside Area 51

A man who insisted he get a tour of Area 51 -- and wouldn't leave until he got it -- is now facing a trespassing charge. He didn't get his tour. Instead, he got himself arrested.



Health: Plan Ahead for Summer Heat

If you're spending a lot of time outdoors on a hot day, it's important to plan ahead. Soaring temperatures and high humidity increase risk for heat illness. Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Tom Waters recommends hydrating at home.



NHP Releases More Details of Fatal Crash in Pahrump

Nevada Highway Patrol continues its investigation into a fatal rollover crash on Gamebird Road last Thursday. Two Pahrump residents died after being thrown from the vehicle.



BOCC Addresses Disbursement of CARES Act Funds

At the July 21st Board of County Commissioners meeting, Nye County Grants Administrator Samantha Kramer presented a Funding Allocation Plan to the commissioners for the disbursement of funds from CARES Act funding received by Nye County.



8-Year-Old's Disabled Brother Inspires Her to Write Book

Extraordinary students come in all shapes, sizes and ages -- as does what inspires their dreams. For one young author, it's her little brother who has severe disabilities who inspired her to write a must-read book! Kim Martinez reports.



Pahrump: Two People Killed in Gamebird Road Rollover Crash

Nevada Highway Patrol is investigating a deadly rollover crash that happened Thursday evening in Pahrump. Two people, whose identities have not been released, were thrown from the vehicle and died at the scene. Pahrump Valley Fire Chief Scott Lewis describes his department's response and reminds everyone that seatbelts do save lives.



BOCC Approves Rezoning to Accommodate New Gun Range

The Nye County Board of Commissioners has approved a zone change request to allow for the construction of an indoor gun range at the site of the former Department of Motor Vehicles office in Pahrump.



NCSO Helping Incarcerated Veterans Upon Release From Jail

The Nye County Sheriff's Office is helping veterans, who've been incarcerated, get back on their feet after their release from jail. Sheriff Sharon Wehrly explains how the new program works, and what it means for the people they're helping.



Save A Pet - Lionblaze

It's Friday. Time to meet another pet available for adoption. Today, we're at Never Forgotten Animal Society in Pahrump, where Crystal Mollison introduces us to Lionblaze.



One Person Under Arrest in Connection with Suspicious Fire

A suspicious fire at a home on Amarillo Avenue in Pahrump leads to the arrest of one person. Pahrump Valley Fire Chief Scott Lewis says one person was also transported to the hospital for evaluation.



How the CARES Act is Helping People, Local Governments

Most of us are familiar with the CARES Act. The economic relief package is best known for providing cash payments to most Americans. But that's not all it does. As Missey Kohler explains, it also means millions of dollars for Nye County.



Purple Heart Day Ceremony Set for August 7th in Pahrump

The Purple Heart is a medal given to any service member injured, wounded or killed in combat. And each year, those recipients are honored on August 7th -- Purple Heart Day. Doctor Tom Waters, a local veteran and Purple Heart recipient himself, is helping to organize the annual Pahrump event that marks the day. And with social distancing in mind, he says, right now, everything is a go. The Purple Heart Day ceremony in Pahrump is Friday, August 7th, from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. It will be held at the Veterans Memorial at Chief Tecopa Cemetery, located on East Street.



Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial with Josh Osborne

If your computer isn't running like it used to, there's a good chance it can be fixed. In today's Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial, Josh Osborne says if you've done something that's caused the problem, it's important to learn from your mistake.



Health: Easing Work From Home Aches and Pains

Thanks to COVID-19, many of us have been working from home. Whether your new 'office' is the kitchen table or a folding table -- a workspace setup without proper ergonomics can take its toll. Erica Foreman has more on how to ease some common aches and pains. If your pain is lingering despite changing your work setup, Doctor Bang suggests stretching or contracting the muscle that's bothering you. If that doesn't do the trick, he recommends connecting with your medical provider.



Save A Pet - Abel

In today's Save A Pet, we meet Abel -- a stray cat who's now available for adoption from Never Forgotten Animal Society. Sheryl Hunter tells us more.



Pahrump Valley Winery Liquor License Suspended

Pahrump Valley Winery has been operating on a conditional liquor license for more than a year. And after failed attempts to secure a permanent, valid license, the county has suspended the establishment's liquor license. A hearing on the matter is scheduled for next week.



Nye County Continues to See Increase in COVID-19 Cases

Nye County continues to see an increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases. Director of Emergency Management Scott Lewis provided commissioners with an update at Tuesday's meeting.



Health: Debunking Coronavirus Mask Myths

The CDC recommends wearing a cloth face covering in public to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. A cloth mask is a physical barrier between you and other people. It's meant to trap large respiratory droplets from getting into the air and infecting those around you. It's a simple concept, but some people aren't convinced. Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Raed Dweik says emerging science shows virus spread goes down when people wear masks.



NyE Communities Coalition to Hold Back To School Fair

The start of the new school year is just around the corner. And NyE Communities Coalition wants to make sure students are ready. The organization is gearing up to hand out backpacks, supplies and health checkups at the annual Back to School Fair, set for August 1st, from 8am-10am at the Pathways and Pahrump Valley High School parking lot. Sofia Allison gives us all the details, and explains how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting what they're doing this year.



Nye County Treasurer Eager to Get Out of Fiscal Watch

Nye County remains in fiscal watch -- with its finances being scrutinized by the state's Committee on Local Government Finance. But Treasurer John Prudhont is working to change that. County commissioners appointed Prudhont to the position in January 2019. And he's confident he and his staff can correct mistakes from the past.



Thrift Shop Helps Support Never Forgotten Animal Society

Most animal welfare organizations rely on donations to keep the lights on and the animals fed. And for Never Forgotten Animal Society, a large portion of those donations come through the sale of items at their thrift store --Make An Offer Shoppe -- located next door to the rescue group. Sheryl Hunter is Vice President of Never Forgotten Animal Society. She says while the shop is small, it has a big impact on their ability to help the animals.



VA Employment Program Changes Name, Offers New Services

An education and employment service for veterans has gotten a new name. Vocational rehabilitation and employment has changed its name to Veteran Readiness and Employment. During 2019 there were 539,584 veterans participating in VR&E programs. In addition to the new name the program has been completely modernized as the VA meets the challenges of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.



Health: Whittle Your Middle for a Healthy Heart

Did you know having an 'apple' shape -- where fat sits around your middle -- is risky for your heart? In fact, recent research shows too much belly fat could increase your risk of suffering more than one major cardiovascular problem. Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Dennis Bruemmer says excercise is the best way to whittle your middle.



NCSO Academy Class to Graduate in September

The Nye County Sheriff's Office is training the next batch of future law enforcement officers. This year's academy class is on target to graduate in September. And Sheriff Sharon Wehrly says all recruits are being cross-trained so they can be placed where they're most needed.



Health: New Mom Welcomes Baby Boy After Uterus Transplant

The road to motherhood isn't always an easy path -- especially for one Pennsylvania mom. 31-year-old Michelle was born without a uterus. But after undergoing a uterus transplant, her lifelong dream of becoming a mom finally came true. Kyle Michael Miller tells her incredible story.



Save A Pet - Scarlett

It's Monday. And you know what that means. Time to meet another great pet available for adoption from Desert Haven Animal Society. Today, Darbie O'Donnell introduces us to Scarlett.



Save A Pet - Addie

In today's Save A Pet, we meet Addie -- a stray who was found after the Fourth of July. Darbie O'Donnell joins us from Desert Haven Animal Society with more.



State Fire Marshal Investigating Deadly Pahrump House Fire

The State Fire Marshal is joining local authorities to investigate a deadly house fire Friday morning in Pahrump. Firefighters were able to save one person from the home. But the intense flames kept them from reaching the other person inside.



Nye County Property Auction Brings in $1.8 Million

Every year, Nye County conducts an auction to sell properties whose owners have failed to pay taxes for at least three years. This year, due to COVID-19, that auction was held online. And it was a big success. Treasurer John Prudhont says the sale of delinquent properties is a win-win for Nye County.


To find out more about the next scheduled Treasurer's Trust Property Auction, just go to Nye County's website -- -- and navigate to the Treasurer Department.



NCSO: Narcotics Investigation Leads to Five Arrests

The Nye County Sheriff's Office says a narcotics investigation that began last week has resulted in five arrests. And detectives say more charges -- and arrests -- could be coming.



NCSO: Man Arrested After Hit-and-Run Crash

The Nye County Sheriff's Office has arrested Jonathan Walker, who faces two charges after a hit-and-run crash. And the more serious charge has nothing to do with the accident.



Donations Benefit Southern Nye County Search and Rescue

Two weeks ago, David and Stacie Hiebert hosted an appreciation luncheon for first responders in southern Nye County. The event also raised money for local law enforcement. And today, the Hieberts made a special presentation to Southern Nye County Search and Rescue. The Hieberts say they're planning a similar fundraising event for Tonopah, with the money raised there benefiting agencies in the northern portion of the county. Southern Nye County Search and Rescue is always seeking new members. And, of course, they're open to donations too. For more information, contact them directly.



Brandon Schneider Accused of Passing Bogus $100 Bill

A familiar face to the Nye County Sheriff's Office is under arrest and facing more than a half-dozen charges stemming from his alleged use of a counterfeit 100-dollar bill.



County Accepts CDB Grants for Fairground Improvements

A big step was taken at the July 7th Board of County Commissioners meeting for the Pahrump Valley Fairgrounds. The Board voted to accept two Community Development Block Grants that would move forward on providing a well and water system for the fairgrounds.



Health: Coronavirus Vaccine Phase One Trial Results Released

The world is waiting for an effective vaccine for COVID-19. A number of vaccines are in development. But testing takes time. One manufacturer just released early study results for a novel RNA-based vaccine. Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Daniel Culver was not involved in the research, but says data shows the vaccine seems safe and appears to activate the immune system.



Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial with Josh Osborne

We all want to protect our computers -- and the data on them. And that requires a bit of due diligence. In this week's Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial, Josh Osborne reveals the top three enemies of your computer.



Nye County School Board Approves Back To School Plan

How do you hit a moving target? That is basically what the Nye County School Board is trying to do in determining the safest way to send students back to school. Information and recommendations change by the minute when it comes to the best way to protect everyone from COVID 19. As Missey Kohler reports, flexibility and preparedness were key considerations when determining how school will begin in Nye County.



Court Report with Missey Kohler

Missey Kohler takes a look at some cases of interest moving through the courts in Nye County.



Never Forgotten Animal Society Finding Pets New Homes

Pahrump has several organizations that focus on animal welfare. One of those is Never Forgotten Animal Society. The organization helps rescue and adopt out all types of animals -- including dogs and cats. Sheryl Hunter, vice president of Never Forgotten Animal Society, spoke with News 25 about the group and its mission. You can call Never Forgotten Animal Society at 775-537-8674. Their office, at 520 East Street, is open 10 to 2 Monday through Saturday. And they're available other times by appointment.



Health: Does More Screen Time Mean More Cyberbullying?

For many kids, staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic has meant more time on devices. But can more time online put kids at higher risk for cyberbullying? Erica Foreman has more on what every parent needs to know.



Save A Pet - Veda

It's Wednesday. Time to meet another great pet available for adoption from Desert Haven Animal Society. Today, Darbie O'Donnell introduces us to Veda.



Local Bar Owners React to Latest COVID-19 Closure

Due to a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases in Nye County, Governor Sisolak has ordered bars to close -- again. And that, once again, will have a significant impact on some Pahrump establishments. We caught up with three bar owners Friday night, just before they were set to close their doors for at least the next two weeks. The state will re-evaluate the COVID-19 situation in two weeks. The governor says if the numbers improve, bars will be allowed to reopen.



Scott Lewis Explains Delay in COVID-19 Status Reporting

We're seeing a growing number of COVID-19 patients being diagnosed here in Nye County. But we're not seeing the same number of patients being reported as 'recovered.' Director of Emergency Management Scott Lewis says that's because the state is overwhelmed with new cases -- and is trying to play catch-up.



Angie's List: Tips for Planning Your Next Project

Whether it's a total remodel or a simple task, we all want to feel good about our home improvement projects. In this week's Angie's List Report, Angie Hicks gives advice on successfully planning your next update.



Health: Staying Safe in Hot Weather

Many parts of the country are experiencing sweltering heat. That's a way of life for us here in southern Nevada. And when the mercury soars, heat illness becomes a danger. Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Tom Waters says a heat emergency is most common when temperatures rise and humidity is high.



Save A Pet - Shadow, Little Old Man and Big Tex

In today's Save A Pet, Darbie O'Donnell introduces us to three cats who are long-time residents of Desert Haven Animal Society. And we're hopeful someone out there can give them their forever homes.



Health: Stress Leads to Rise in Broken Heart Syndrome, Study Says

It's no secret. We're living in stressful times. And that stress could be leading to more broken hearts. A new study finds cases of 'broken heart syndrome' increased during the coronavirus pandemic. Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Ankur Kalra explains we all react to stress differently.



VEA Offering New Options for Staying Connected

Valley Electric Association closed its lobby March 16th in response to the coronavirus pandemic. And while plans were made to reopen the doors June 29th, that never happened. Valley CEO Mark Stallons spoke with News 25 to explain why... and talk about what else the co-op is doing to keep everyone safe from COVID-19.



Commissioners, Public Voice Concerns Over Crosswalk Visibility

Some local residents are concerned about what they call a lack of visibility of the crosswalk on Highway 160 at Calvada Boulevard. And they voiced those concerns at Tuesday's Board of County Commissioners meeting.



Save A Pet - Ebony

It's Friday. Time to meet a great dog available for adoption from Desert Haven Animal Society. Darbie O'Donnell introduces us to Ebony.



KPVM TV Modifies Channel Programming

Fun Roads Network now on KPVM TV Channel 25.4

KPVM is known for its excellence in TV programming. We're making it even better by bringing Fun Roads TV Network to KPVM TV Channel 25.4. Fun Roads is that intrepid road trip that feeds curiosity & stimulates discovery. Welcome to KPVM TV, Fun Roads!


Nuestra Vision Moves To Channel 25.9

Regular viewers of Channel 25.4 -- you will not lose your favorite channel. We know you love what Nuestra Vision has to offer. We do too! We will continue to broadcast Nuestra Vision on KPVM TV Channel 25.9.



article translation follows:



KPVM es conocido por su excelencia en la programación de televisión. ¡Ahora lo haremos aún mejor! Estamos llevando la red de televisión Fun Roads al canal de televisión KPVM 25.4.


Visores habituales del canal 25.4: ¡no perderá su canal favorito! Sabemos que te encanta lo que Nuestra Visión tiene para ofrecer. ¡Nosotros también! Continuaremos transmitiendo Nuestra Visión en KPVM TV Channel 25.9.

Man Takes His Support of Black Lives Matter to the Streets of Pahrump

One man takes his support of the Black Lives Matter movement to the streets of Pahrump -- standing along Highway 160 with a sign that said it all. He tells News 25 why he's taking the very public stance. If you noticed, Rob was wearing a body camera. He says it was for his own protection. Rob tells News 25 he was threatened by several people as he stood on the sidewalk with his Black Lives Matter sign.



News Across Nevada with Laura Daun

Laura Daun takes a look at stories making news across the Silver State, including a study that ranks Nevada drivers as among the worst in the nation.



Health: What We Know About Delirium and COVID-19

We're starting to learn more about how COVID-19 affects the brain. And reports of neurologic complications are surfacing worldwide. Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Pravin George says he's noticed an uptick in the number of COVID-19 patients experiencing delirium.



Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial with Josh Osborne

If you're using an old computer, chances are it's not as fast as it used to be. But why is that? In today's Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial, Josh Osborne offers some insight.



Behind the Scenes of Pahrump Freedom Festival Fireworks

The 48th annual Freedom Festival fireworks show in Pahrump was a big hit. Zambelli Fireworks produced the magic. And News 25 got a look at what goes on behind the scenes to make it all possible. If you missed the fireworks show, it's now available to watch online. Just head to KPVM's YouTube channel. We've also posted a link to the video on our Facebook page -- Local Pahrump.



Growing Number of COVID-19 Cases Reported in Nye County

Nye County Director of Emergency Management Scott Lewis appeared before county commissioners Tuesday. He says we're seeing a growing number of positive cases of COVID-19. And while we haven't seen any recent deaths, we are seeing a shift in who's getting infected.



Clark County Man Accused of Threat to Blow Up Pahrump DMV

Anthony Kitchingham, a Clark County resident, is under arrest, accused of threatening to blow up the Pahrump DMV office. He reportedly was upset after being denied service at the Nye County DMV office. The DMV requires residents to conduct business at their local office.



Health: Is Acupuncture Helpful for Easing Cancer Pain?

Treating cancer is a team effort. Now, recent research suggest recruiting an acupuncturist may be beneficial. Cleveland Clinic's Jamie Starkey did not take part in the study, but says results show acupuncture may be useful for easing cancer pain.



Save A Pet - Rusty

It's Wednesday. Time to meet another great pet available for adoption from Desert Haven Animal Society. Today, Darbie O'Donnell introduces us to Rusty.



PAWS Offering Free Pet Vaccinations

Pets Are Worth Saving -- or PAWS -- offers free vaccinations for your pets. Donations cover the cost of those vaccines. But as Tresa Wosk explains, there's a growing need for both vaccinations -- and donations to pay for them. Pets Are Worth Saving and the Thrifty Paws store is located at 2031 East Gamebird Road in Pahrump. You can call them at 775-253-5051.



Megz Formalz Now Open in Pahrump

A local businesswoman is bringing a bit of style to Pahrump. Megan Morales is the owner of Megz Formalz, now open at 1500 Highway 372 next to Subway. The formal wear shop is open Monday through Friday from 12:30 to 5:30 and other times by appointment.


You can reach Megan at 775-209-3853.



Health: Does Low-Carb, Low-Fat Equal Healthy?

People watching their weight might look for foods labeled low-fat or low-carb. But according to a recent study, the amount of fat and carbs in a meal doesn't matter much if the food quality is poor. Cleveland Clinic's Camille Skoda did not take part in the study, but says when it comes to our health, we're better off choosing healthy, whole foods.



Drive Up COVID-19 Testing

Chemisys Laboratory through Serenity Health has partnered with Nye County Sheriff’s Office and Nye County to provide a drive up COVID-19 testing for Nye County and surrounding communities. In addition, Nye County has now partnered with Central Nevada Regional Care, and Tonopah Primary Care to provide regular drive up COVID-19 testing in Northern Nye County.



Testing will be at the following locations:
Pahrump – Nye County Administrative Offices, 2100 E. Walt Williams Drive, #100.

Monday 7pm-9pm
Wednesday 7am - 9 am
Friday 7 am-9am




Tonopah, By appointment only, anticipated 7 days a week

Central Nevada Regional Care By appointment only Call 775-302-5800 and they will set up your appointment.


Tonopah Primary Care By appointment only Call 775-482-6659 Monday through Thursday 8 am to 5 pm and they will set up your appointment.

With new CDC guidelines you may test even if you do not exhibit symptoms. These are drive through events – YOU MUST stay in your car!


Test is a nasal swab in your nasal cavity. Test takes about 5-7 minutes.


You must bring a copy of your identification, and insurance card if you have insurance. If you do not have insurance, you MAY still test! 

Pahrump: Dozens of Brush Fires Blamed on Fireworks

Pahrump Valley Fire Chief Scott Lewis says fireworks caused dozens of brush fires over the holiday weekend. But the rash of brush fires actually started late last week.



Bicyclist Killed in Weekend Crash on Basin Avenue

Nevada Highway Patrol is investigating a deadly crash involving a bicyclist Friday night in Pahrump. The cyclist was killed as they rode along Basin Avenue near Petrack Park. Fire Chief Scott Lewis says the driver of the vehicle involved left the scene immediately after the crash, but did return a short time later. NHP has not released any additional details about the crash or names of those involved.



Nevada Highway Patrol Details Fourth Officer-Involved Shooting

A Nevada Highway Patrol trooper is on paid administrative leave while authorities investigate the fatal shooting of a man after a traffic stop in Elko. The shooting is NHP's fourth officer-involved shooting this year.



Court Report with Eunette Gentry

Eunette Gentry takes a closer look at the case of Jason Gal, who will get a new trial after a court reverses his conviction.



Health: Kids Worldwide Need to be More Active

Childhood obesity is a problem worldwide. And it's no secret that kids need to move more. In fact, a recent global study shows the majority of teens, and tweens, aren't meeting physical activity guidelines. Doctor Amy Sniderman of Cleveland Clinic Children's says the numbers are eye-opening.



Save A Pet - Princess

In today's Save A Pet, we meet Princess -- a 5-week-old kitten available for adoption from Desert Haven Animal Society. Deanna O'Donnell has more.



State Seeking Comment on Future Transportation Projects

State seeking comment by Aug. 1st on future transportation projects


The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is the state’s transportation capital improvement program. Federally funded and regionally significant projects across the state are included in the STIP. The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) STIP is a four-year plan and includes funding levels by year for project obligation and is fiscally constrained. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) approves the STIP. The STIP is prepared in cooperation with the state’s four Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) and includes the projects identified in their respective Transportation Improvement Programs (TIP). Though the STIP is required to be updated a minimum of every four years, NDOT produces a STIP annually.

Pahrump Fire Responds To 67 Fire-related Incidents

Pahrump Fire responded to 67 fire related responses during the Fourth of July weekend. On Saturday, PVFR responded to 37 fires with most related to use of fireworks. At one point Saturday evening, crews were assigned to brush or reported structure fires every one to two minutes. All incidents were managed timely and without injury. Fires included numerous brush fires, rubbish fires, a vehicle fire, unauthorized burns, and an occupied travel trailer fire. One brush fire consumed a passenger vehicle, a utility trailer and damaged a second vehicle. Crews further responded to a fatal pedestrian motor vehicle accident that occurred on Basin Road near Boothill.


There were no fires related to the Town’s professional show held at Petrack Park on Saturday evening.

Pahrump Fireworks Launch Site Now Open

If you buy fireworks in Pahrump, you're automatically paying $5 for a permit to legally launch those fireworks at the Pahrump Fireworks Launch Site. The site, located just off Gamebird Road, is now open from 7:00pm to midnight through Sunday night, July 5th. Pahrump Building and Grounds Manager Jimmy Martinez explains the process for using the facility.



Community Thanks First Responders at Friday Luncheon

The community came out today to thank our local first responders for what they do. David and Stacie Hiebert organized an appreciation luncheon held from 11 to 2 at Petrack Park. And they told News 25 they're happy with the turnout.



NCSO Seeking Information in String of Brush Fires

The Nye County Sheriff's Office is investigating a string of brush fires that broke out Thursday afternoon in an area along and near Betty Avenue west of Blagg Road. Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's office at 775-751-7000.



VFW Preparing to Host Pancake Breakfast

Pahrump Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10054 is preparing to feed the masses tomorrow morning. As Post Commander Marty Aguiar tells us, it's time for their annual pancake breakfast. And everyone is invited. Breakfast is being served from 8:00am to 11:00am at 4651 Homestead Road. The cost is $5 per person.



Save A Pet - Olivia

It's Friday. Time to meet another pet available for adoption from Desert Haven Animal Society. Deanna O'Donnell introduces us to Olivia.



Mahogany Fire Update


Containment on the Mahogany Fire increased to 64% on Thursday as firefighters and aviation resources took advantage of weather conditions to conduct aerial water drops to suppress hotspots and continued construction of containment lines. There are 396 personnel assigned to the fire.


Crews continue to construct handline around the fire while six helicopters perform bucket drops to help cool hot spots. Crews working on the southeast side of the fire spend the nights near the fireline. This reduces the need for them to hike long distances and provides more time for them to construct fireline. Helicopters provide support by flying in food and water. Firefighters encounter steep and rocky terrain as they construct line along the flanks of the fire increasing safety concerns for stable footing and exposure.


Firefighters will be on the lookout for increased afternoon winds and dropping relative humidity that could increase fire behavior. Unburned areas combined with upslope winds and steep terrain could produce short uphill runs of fire, however, sparse fuels will help to limit fire spread.


As traffic increases over the holiday weekend, fire officials ask the public to be aware of crews working in the area and watch for fire vehicles on the road. As of 6:00 a.m. today, closures include SR-158/Deer Creek Rd and SR-156/Lee Canyon Rd in both directions west of SR-158/Deer Creek on Mount Charleston, Clark County Nevada. Closures are likely to remain through the weekend for public and firefighter safety. The public is asked to avoid the area around the fire if possible.


Public Invited to First Responders Appreciation Luncheon

A Pahrump couple wants to thank first responders for what they do. So they've organized an appreciation luncheon to recognize their efforts. And the public is invited. David and Stacie Hiebert say they know first-hand what first responders go through, having spent most of their lives in law enforcement. The first responders appreciation luncheon is tomorrow, from 11 to 2 at Petrack Park in Pahrump. The Hieberts encourage anyone who is able to stop by and thank our local first responders. And enjoy a free lunch too.



Pedestrian Struck in Pahrump Nugget Parking Lot

A pedestrian was reportedly struck by a vehicle Wednesday evening in the Pahrump Nugget parking lot. It's unclear to what extent the man was injured, but he declined medical transport.



Health: Dangers of Backyard Fireworks

The Fourth of July may lose some of its sparkle this year due to COVID-19. Some large fireworks displays have been canceled in an effort to reduce the risk of coronavirus spread. But that doesn't mean you should take matters into your own hands. Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Baruch Fertel reminds us that backyard fireworks can be dangerous.



Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial with Josh Osborne

If you're in the market for a new computer, you may be considering a tablet. In today's Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial, Josh Osborne runs through the pros and cons of buying a tablet.



Save A Pet - Zoro

In today's Save A Pet we meet Zoro -- a black and white kitten ready for adoption from Desert Haven Animal Society. Deanna O'Donnell has more.



2020 Community Pool Season Canceled

The Town of Pahrump is sad to announce the cancellation of the 2020 season at the Pahrump Community Pool.

The Town received approximately 45 applications for lifeguards by June 12th, but the candidates were down to 23 after the initial swim test the following week.


Nine potential lifeguards remain after two weeks of Red Cross-certified lifeguard training and a final swim test, and before results of a final written test, and further human resources screening. This number is well below the 17 needed to operate the pool safely.


Hopefully 2021 will be better.

4th of July Fireworks Show


Unfortunately a decision was made without me being notified or our input. This years 4th of July will be a little different. It will still be in the same location and time however the park will be closed and you will have to watch from your vehicles which I have no idea how, tune into to k ace radio station and you will be able to hear the music. As angered as I am about this decision. I had a feeling something like this was going to happen and I’m guessing the state had something to do with it. It was the last part of freedom I thought we had to be able to sit back and relax and enjoy what the day truly was about. The show will still be happening 9pm.



Health: Eating Out May Mean Poor Nutrition Quality, Study Says

According to a recent study, the average American consumes as much as twenty percent of their calories while eating out. Cleveland Clinic's Camille Skoda says the research also tells us about the quality of restaurant foods.



Angie's List: Finding Extra Space in Your Home

Whether it's your starter home or your dream home, many of us feel like we need just a little more room. This week's Angie's List Report explores ways to find extra space in your current home.