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Today's Top Stories Archives for 2021-01

Nye DA: No Evidence to Support Kidnapping Allegations

In early January, Nye County Sheriff's office was looking for two persons wanted in connection with a possible kidnapping. Since the pair has been arrested there have been more developments in the case.



Nye County Released From Fiscal Watch

The State of Nevada placed Nye County under fiscal watch in 2019, after finding accounting practices that weren't meeting the letter of the law. Nye County Treasurer John Prudhont has spent his two years in office addressing those issues. And the work by he and his staff has paid off.



Save A Pet - Duke

For today's Save A Pet, we're back in the cat room at Desert Haven Animal Society. That's where we find Darbie O'Donnell, who introduces us to Duke.



Education News: Millions of 'Missing' Children Since COVID-19

As the number of COVID cases across the US continues to rise, so too does the fall-out from the pandemic to our schools and children. A shocking estimate puts the number of students who have not been in school since March in the millions. As Kim Martinez reports, a vast majority of those students are thought to be homeless.



White House Announces Plan to Speed COVID Vaccinations

President Joe Biden is announcing some new steps to speed the vaccination of Americans against COVID-19. And the president says the plan's success relies on an increased supply of the COVID vaccines.



NyE Communities Coalition Ready to Assist People With a New Career

If you've lost your job, or just want to switch careers, NyE Communities Coalition may be able to help. Adult Workforce Programs Manager Ed Kelly says some new grant money is available to assist both employees and employers. To learn more, you can call NyE Communities Coalition, at 775-727-9970, or go to their website --



Health: Is it Safe For Pregnant Women to Get The COVID-19 Vaccine?

Studies show pregnant women with severe COVID-19 are at higher risk for hospitalization, ICU admission and ventilation. So, moms-to-be may wonder if they should get the coronavirus vaccine, when it's available to them. Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Tosin Goje says although there haven't been vaccine trials done during pregnancy, existing safety data is reassuring.



Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial with Josh Osborne

If your computer isn't running like it used to, there's a good chance it can be fixed. In today's Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial, Josh Osborne says if you've done something that's caused the problem, it's important to learn from your mistake.



Nye Commissioners Reverse Decision on Trash Rate Increase

In December News 25 reported that the Board of County Commissioners had voted to approve a rate increase for Pahrump Valley Disposal. That agenda item reappeared at their most recent meeting.



Nye Commissioners Reverse Decision on Trash Rate Increase

In December News 25 reported that the Board of County Commissioners had voted to approve a rate increase for Pahrump Valley Disposal. That agenda item reappeared at their most recent meeting.



Reward Offered in Arson Fire That Destroyed Apartment Complex

A multi-alarm fire that destroyed a Las Vegas apartment complex that was under construction has been determined to be the work of an arsonist. And a reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest.



Health: New Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Are you wondering what to eat and how much? New dietary guidelines recently released by the US government may help. Cleveland Clinic registered dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick says the guidelines provide a framework for healthy eating.



Save A Pet - Chubbers

It's Wednesday. Time to meet another pet at a local shelter just awaiting their forever home. For today's Save A Pet, Darbie O'Donnell introduces us to Chubbers.



Pahrump Road-Commuters Report's Cheryl Andersen Thanks Residents, Businesses for Support

Last week, we introduced you to Cheryl Andersen, who runs the Pahrump Road-Commuters Report on Facebook. She received the Andre 'Butch' Harper Act of Kindness Award, which is presented to local residents who go above and beyond to serve the community. Now, she's giving back by recognizing others who've helped her.



Nye County Students Enjoy 'Snow Day'

The Pahrump Valley got about 2 inches of snow overnight. And both children, who got the day off from school, and adults enjoyed the winter wonderland -- while it lasted.



Nye Zoning Change Allows for Planned Public Shooting Range

At the Board of County Commissioners meeting on Wednesday, Brett Waggoner, Director of Planning for Nye County brought forth an application for a zone change for a parcel of land located at 2871 E. Mesquite Avenue in Pahrump. The request was to change the zone from Community Facilities to Open Space to allow for a public shooting range. Commissioners had no questions for Waggoner regarding the zone change. They were immediately ready to entertain a motion. Once moved and seconded, the Board approved the zone change with an approval vote of 5-0.



Education News: City-Run Micro School

As school districts across the country struggle to educate kids amid COVID-19, the city of North Las Vegas decided it was up to them to meet the needs of their students. As a result, a unique micro-school was created giving children in jeopardy of slipping through the cracks due to distance learning, a physical place to go to school. Kim Martinez reports. If you'd like to know more about the City of North Las Vegas micro-school program, you can log onto



Save A Pet - Layla

For today's Save A Pet, we're back at Desert Haven Animal Society, where Darbie O'Donnell introduces us to a shy but sweet cat named Layla.



Health: When Will We Achieve Herd Immunity for COVID-19

As COVID-19 vaccines are made available to more people across the country, we're beginning to work toward herd immunity. Doctor Frank Esper is an infectious disease specialist with Cleveland Clinic Children's. He says herd immunity happens when there's enough protection in the community to prevent continued spread of the virus.



Save A Pet - Apod

Desert Haven Animal Society has lots of cats in need of loving homes. For today's Save A Pet, Darbie O'Donnell introduces us to Apod.



Health: Mindful Snacking While Working From Home

Working from home can definitely have its perks. But it can also create some bad habits -- like snacking throughout the day. In fact, doctors have noticed an increase in the amount of people experiencing weight gain.



Balloons Over Pahrump Provides Birds-Eye View of Town

News 25 went balloon chasing last week! KPVM weatherman John Kohler got his first hot air balloon ride and we spoke with him about the adventure and Balloons Over Pahrump owner Doug Campbell told us just how you can get a different view of Pahrump.




Fire Damages Home in North Pahrump

A fire Friday afternoon causes moderate damage to a home in north Pahrump. And while one person was treated for smoke inhalation, no one was seriously hurt.



Pahrump Valley Days Canceled, Rodeo Will Go On

COVID restrictions continue to force the cancelation of large events. The latest casualty is Pahrump Valley Days. The festival portion of the event has been canceled. But representatives with Vinojazz Foundation -- the non-profit organization producing the festival -- say while admission may be limited, the rodeo will go on as planned. Pahrump Valley Days is February 18-21. As plans continue to change, you can stay up-to-date by visiting the festival website --



New Festivals Planned for Pahrump

While this year's Pahrump Valley Days festival has been canceled, some other big events are still on the calendar. Vinojazz Foundation continues to work on other events, including a music festival and food truck fiesta.



Vaccines Will Help Stop Spread of New COVID-19 Strains

Authorities are carefully watching as new strains of COVID-19 spread throughout the U-S. Those mutations have been discovered in at least 20 states. And there's growing concern about how effective the current vaccines will be in combatting those new strains. Doctor Anthony Fauci, chief medical advisor to the president, says the key is getting people vaccinated.



Medical Minute from Spring Mountain Medical

This week, Dr. David Lewis talks about ultrasound, and how a new diagnostics center at Spring Mountain Medical can help identify a number of conditions to better enable doctors to treat patients.



Health: How Weight Loss Surgery May Affect COVID-19

There's good news when it comes to bariatric surgery and COVID-19. A recent Cleveland Clinic study shows those who've had weight loss surgery are less likely to be hospitalized for the virus.



Xpress Detail & Auto Spa Preparing for Grand Opening

There's a new option for washing your car in Pahrump. Xpress Detail and Auto Spa is celebrating its grand opening this weekend. They offer a wide variety of services to keep your vehicle looking shiny and like-new -- and some grand opening specials too. Xpress Detail and Auto Spa is located at 980 Pahrump Valley Boulevard, which is just south of Highway 372. You can learn more about their services on Facebook, at Xpress Detail and Auto Spa.



Nye Commissioners Briefed on COVID Immunization Status

Scott Lewis, Director of Emergency Management updated the Board of County Commissioners yesterday on where the county stands with COVID immunizations. The state has changed the playbook to include those that are 70 and older to begin receiving the vaccine. Lewis detailed the challenges of receiving and dispersing the vaccine among the groups approved to receive them at this time and the need for more doses. If you are interested in receiving the vaccine, go to and fill out the survey. This is the best way to let providers know how many vaccines are needed and to notify you when your group is approved to be vaccinated.



Trio Receives Producers Choice Awards for Community Service

When the Pandemic forced the production of the Producers Choice Awards in Hollywood, Pahrump stepped up to the plate. The awards show filled hotel rooms in the community and brought many talented people from the Film, Art, Music and Entertainment industries here as well. Rodika Isabella Shaldan and Ron Whitaker are known for there community service as well as their work behind the camera. They won awards for both at the show. News 25 spoke with Shaldan and Whitaker on the red carpet as well as JJ Stomp whose movie "In 3 Dragons" was produced by the pair.



Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial with Josh Osborne

We all want to protect our computers -- and the data on them. And that requires a bit of due diligence. In this week's Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial, Josh Osborne reveals the top three enemies of your computer.



Health: Handling Kids' Concerns About Heading Back to Class

It's been a rollercoaster of a year for students. Many kids have spent months learning from home due to COVID-19. And some of them may be returning back to class in the weeks ahead -- which is sure to cause some anxiety.



Rocker William Stokes Honored with Producers Choice Award

He's a veteran and a rocker and a veteran rocker. He's William "Billy" Stokes and he was in Pahrump for the Producers Choice awards in December. After picking up his award Billy stopped on the red carpet to talk with News 25 about his album.



Trump Says Farewell in Advance of Joe Biden's Inauguration

As President Donald Trump prepares to leave the White House, he took a moment to address the American people. The president says while we may have our differences, we're all Americans. And he says it's been an honor to serve as the 45th President of the United States.



Report Outlines Best States for Spotting a UFO

If you're hoping to one day see a UFO, you might need to go elsewhere. According to new data, 17 states offer a better chance than Nevada of spotting something other-worldly.



Pahrump's Nature Health Farms to Hold Special Preview Event

A Pahrump venue is bringing a taste of the former Bonnie Springs Ranch to Nye County. Nature Health Farms offers guests a place to hang out, feed some farm animals, and learn a bit of history. Alex De Jong says the public is invited to a sneak peek celebration.



Health: Dealing with Parenting Challenges During the Pandemic

Parenting during the pandemic can be stressful. Many kids are now learning from home and you may be working from home too. So, how do you cope with all these new changes while trying to keep the same rules you had before?



Health: How COVID-19 Has Impacted Drinking in the US

Data shows alcohol sales have increased during the pandemic. Stress, boredom and loneliness may be driving some people to drink. But excessive alcohol use has health risks -- including liver disease, heart problems and accidents. So, how do you know if you're drinking too much?



Save A Pet - Bella

For today's Save A Pet, we meet Bella. This very energetic and loveable dog is available for adoption at Desert Haven Animal Society. And that's where we find Darbie O'Donnell, who tells us more about Bella.



Pahrump Resident Cheryl Andersen Receives Act of Kindness Award

The Andre 'Butch' Harper Act of Kindness Award is presented to local residents who go above and beyond to serve our community. The latest recipient is well known to many motorists who travel back and forth to Las Vegas. Cheryl Andersen stopped by the KPVM studios Thursday to receive her award.



Plane Lands on Pahrump Road, FAA Investigating

It's not every day you see a plane making an emergency landing on a roadway. But that's exactly what played out early Saturday afternoon in Pahrump.



NCSO's Captain David Boruchowitz Honored at FAME Awards

Part of the December Producers Choice Awards show held in Pahrump honored public service. Sheriff Sharon Wehrly surprised Captain David Boruchowitz with the command excellence award that night. She spoke of his contributions to Nye County and all that he has done for the community. While keeping busy with the activities of the Sheriff's department, Boruchowitz also completed his law degree. News 25 spoke with Boruchowitz on the red carpet.



Mitch Perry Band Honored at Producers Choice Award Show

The Mitch Perry Band was in Pahrump for the Producers Choice awards last month. They accepted an award, showed their award winning video and also performed at the event. Mitch Perry stopped to talk to News 25 on the red carpet.



Artesian Cellars Thriving, Despite COVID-19

Pahrump's newest winery is thriving -- despite COVID-19. Artesian Cellars is still a young venture. But winemaker Tim Burke says they've been able to weather the pandemic through forward thinking and careful planning. Burke says Artesian Cellars is a great option for a Valentine's Day celebration. For more information, call the winery, or visit them online at Artesian Cellars is locate on Highway 160, just north of Calvada Boulevard.



Save A Pet - Rusty

Each week, we feature some great dogs and cats available for adoption in our area. For today's Save A Pet, Darbie O'Donnell visits Desert Haven Animal Society, where she introduces us to Rusty.



Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial with Josh Osborne

If you're using an old computer, chances are it's not as fast as it used to be. But why is that? In today's Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial, Josh Osborne offers some insight.




CES Highlights Growing Trends in Consumer Electronics

CES is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association and is known for being the most influential tech event in the world. Normally held at the Las Vegs Convention Center, this year's event has gone digital, thanks to the pandemic. The virtual convention is not the only thing the pandemic has contributed to CES. Many of the new innovations introduced this year have been influenced by the changes we have had to make in our daily lives due to the COVID-19 virus.



Brandon Hall Under Arrest, Facing Several Charges

Nye County Sheriff's office arrested Brandon Hall at an address in Pahrump on November 28th after a report of a domestic. Hall was arrested that day for disobeying a peace officer, failure to yield at a stop sign, 21 miles per hour over the speed limit and operating an unregistered vehicle. Hall was back in trouble again on January 1st after a call to NCSO for a report of a domestic.



Publisher Sally Steele Honored at 2020 FAME Awards Ceremony

Magazine Publisher Sally Steele was an award recipient at the Producers Choice Awards that were held in Pahrump in December. Steele is a lady of many talents and News 25 had the pleasure of speaking with her on the awards show red carpet.



Health: Understanding COVID-19 Mutations

New strains of COVID-19 are making headlines and impacting countries around the world. The virus has mutated -- or changed. But what exactly does that mean, and should we be concerned?



Pedaling Helps Woman Keep Parkinson's at Bay

Many of us have resolutions to exercise more in the new year. But one Ohio woman is motivated beyond burning calories. Every time she hops on her bike, she pedals to keep Parkinson's Disease at bay. Erica Foreman has more. The study is the first long-term research trial looking into the potential for aerobic exercise to slow progression of Parkinson's Disease. The study is currently in its second, of five years.



Nye Commissioners Briefed on County's Financial Situation

At the January 4th Board of County Commissioners meeting, Nye County Comptroller Savannah Rucker gave a presentation regarding the current and future financial condition of Nye County as related to the Covid-19 outbreak. And for Nye County, things are positive.



Organization Helping Veterans Cope Through Off-Road Racing

Some military veterans are finding a new way to bond -- through off-road racing. And several drivers from the group -- called Desert Vets Racing -- took part in the 4WP Desert Showdown this past weekend in Pahrump. Desert Vets Racing is a registered non-profit. If you'd like to donate or learn more about the organization, just go online to, or check them out on Facebook.



Save A Pet - Black Diamond

It's time once again to meet a great pet awaiting their forever home. For today's Save A Pet, Darbie O'Donnell joins us from Desert Haven Animal Society, where she introduces us to a very energetic terrier mix named Black Diamond.



Pahrump Couple Arrested for Child Endangerment

Nye County deputies were called to a Pahrump home for a domestic disturbance. Now, Terry and Angela Svejda are facing charges, after deputies discover what they describe as deplorable living conditions inside the couple's home.



Governor Sisolak Outlines Revised COVID Vaccination Plans

Governor Steve Sisolak briefed the state yesterday on Covid-19 mitigation and vaccine efforts. The statewide 'pause' that was put into place prior to the Thanksgiving holiday has been extended another 30 days. Sisolak also announced changes to the State's playbook and vaccination tiers. To date, Nevada has received 170,400 doses of vaccine and 61,644 have been dispersed, this number includes 8,700 second doses that have been given. The vaccine is ordered one week in advance which makes it difficult to determine exactly when certain populations would receive it. The state is moving away from the tiered approach to a lane approach. One lane for first responders, one for frontline workers and another that will target vulnerable populations. If you would like to receive a Covid-19 vaccination there is an interest for you can fill out. You'll find a link to that on our Local Pahrump Facebook page.



Court Report with Missey Kohler

Missey Kohler has the latest on some notable cases moving through the courts in Nye County.



Education News: 2021 Wishes From Students

It's been a long and tough year for students. From their schools opening and closing to having to cope with distance learning and the difficulties they may find at home, COVID-19 has left it's mark. One young group of scholarship students wanted to share their thoughts and wishes as they look forward to a return to normalcy. Here's what they say they're hoping for most in the new year.



CES Show Highlights Latest, Greatest in Consumer Electronics

CES 2021 is underway. And while this year's show is virtual, the focus is still the same -- to highlight the latest technology and innovation. We spoke with digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong, who shows us three of the hottest new products. For a look at other exciting products coming out of this year's CES, check out You can also follow Mario on Instagram @Mario Armstrong.



4WP Desert Showdown: The Winners

Organizers say the 4WP Desert Showdown -- run Saturday in Pahrump -- was a big success. Dozens of teams participated in the off-road racing event. And those we spoke with say it was a lot of fun.



Jurors Fail to Show for Cole Engelson Trial, DA Reacts

Cole Engelson was back in court today...but only on the television screen. Engelson was recently convicted of 1st degree murder for the 2017 killing of his then girlfriends daughter, Yessenia Camp. Engelson is due to be sentenced on February 1st. Some of those who were seated on the jury failed to show up for the trial. We spoke with District Attorney Chris Arabia about this failure to show. Three of the no-show jurors appeared in Judge Lane's courtroom today to provide an answer as to why they failed to follow the jury summons. Two of the missing jurors said they they had not received their summons and the third simply forgot. The court imposed a $50.00 fine for the "absent without an excuse" juror.



Save A Pet - Precious

Desert Haven Animal Society has a number of great cats available for adoption. For today's Save A Pet, Darbie O'Donnell introduces us to a sweet little kitten named Precious.



Nye Commissioners Discuss Distribution of CARES Act Funding

The deadline for applying for CARES Act funding has come and gone, leaving a large amount of money unspent. At the January 4th BOCC Meeting the remaining funds were discussed and a new plan is being developed.



Nye Commissioners Discuss Ways to Clean Up Road Trash

Director of Public Works Tim Dahl reported to the Board of County Commissioners at the January 4th meeting. In addition to reporting on General Road Maintenance, Director Dahl had a little "trash talk". Things you should know about transporting your garbage to the landfill.



Stoney Curtis Honored at FAME Awards Ceremony

There were a lot of musicians in town for the Producers Choice Awards show in December. Stoney Curtis was recognized for his contributions. News 25 spoke with him on the red carpet. You can see the Stoney Curtis Band performing in Pahrump on January 16th at the Bearded Lady Saloon.



Off-Road Racing Event in Nye County This Weekend

Dozens of off-road racers are in Pahrump this weekend for the 4WP Desert Showdown. The event is being organized by Legacy Racing Association. Liz Marshall, a spokesperson for Legacy, says the race will take drivers on a 220-mile journey through Nye County. The race starts Saturday morning at 8:00. The first participants are expected to finish around noon. For more information about the race, or other Legacy Racing events, you can visit their website --



Nevada: New Year, New Laws

2021 brings a handful of new laws to the Silver State. And one of those will save some residents money on their electric bills.



Danny Koker Honored at Producers Choice Awards

You've seen him on the History Channel and most recently in Pahrump for the Producers Choice Awards. Danny Koker picked up an award for Outstanding Mass Media Achievement at the awards show. He stopped on the red carpet to talk to News 25 about all the mass media he is involved with.



Medical Minute from Spring Mountain Medical

This week, Dr. Jacob Steckel, a chiropractor at Spring Mountain Medical, talks about the importance of strength and resistance training.



Health: Safe Ways to Watch the Big Game

The NFL playoffs begin this weekend. And the excitement is contagious. But so is coronavirus. Medical experts say where, and how, you cheer for your favorite team should look different this year.



Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial with Josh Osborne

If you're in the market for a new computer, you may be considering a tablet. In today's Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial, Josh Osborne runs through the pros and cons of buying a tablet.



Health: Treating COVID-19 and Flu at Home

COVID-19 and flu are circulating simultaneously this season. If you're unlucky enough to get one, or both viruses, Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Susan Rehm says many people can care for themselves at home.



Save A Pet - Sylvia

For today's Save A Pet, we meet Sylvia. Darbie O'Donnell joins us from Desert Haven Animal Society with more on this lovable feline.



'Be Kind People Project' Seeing Increased Interest Amid Pandemic

As COVID takes its toll on many schools, those children's resources that have gone virtual are seeing a boom in their popularity. The 'Be Kind People Project Crew' says the pandemic is actually helping them spread their important message online. Their creative videos use song and dance to show students how to be kind -- a movement that's more important now than ever. Kim Martinez reports.



Health: People Who Eat Chili Peppers May Live Longer, Study Says

If you're looking to heat things up a bit this winter, you'll want to listen to this one. A recent study found people who eat chili peppers may live longer. Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Bo Xu led the study. It looks at diets of more than half a million people around the world.



Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial with Josh Osborne

If you're in the market for a new computer, you have choices. And the first step to making the right choice is to assess your needs. In today's Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial, Josh Osborne has the top reasons for and against buying a laptop.



Health: Top Ten Medical Innovations for 2021

We all have hope for better health in the new year. As we look forward, Erica Foreman has more on up-and-coming medical innovations with the promise of brighter days for those suffering from illness and disease, beyond COVID-19. Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Will Morris says medical innovations making the 2021 top ten list are anticipated to help deliver better care, at a lower cost and make healthcare more accessible.



Drones May One Day Be Used To Transport Human Organs

The FAA has announced a new set of rules governing the use and drones. And companies like Amazon and UPS are getting closer to making drone deliveries a reality. Meantime, MissionGo and the Nevada Donor Network have completed their own test flights carrying human organs and tissue via an unmanned aircraft system.



Save A Pet - Rex

It's Monday. Time to meet another great pet available for adoption. For today's Save A Pet, Darbie O'Donnell joins us from Desert Haven Animal Society, where she introduces us to Rex.