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Today's Top Stories Archives for 2023-01

NCSO Recognizes Retired Deputies for their Service

A retired deputy and military veteran was honored today for his lifesaving effort and his 14 years of service at the Nye County Sheriff’s Office. He and another deputy, Giovanni Ruiz saved an inmate who was attempting suicide inside the Nye County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center. Jadey Zaragoza currently works at KPVM TV as an editor. Sheriff Joe McGill has been ensuring the deputies who have retired have been receiving their recognition plaques that he inherited from the previous administration. He says it is difficult at times to locate them but, they are doing their best. Deputy Ruiz was also recognized for his heroic efforts. The inmate who intervened in the suicide attempt was given a certificate of recognition.



Officer Involved Shooting Suspect Appears in Court

Judge Kimberly “The Hammer” Wanker sets trial dates for the officer involved shooting case that took place back on April 10, 2022 on the California Nevada border.



Health - Study Finds More Young Adults Vaping Soon After Waking Up

Vaping continues to pose a risk to teens, with a recent study finding more young e-cigarette users vape within five minutes of waking up. Kids are vulnerable to nicotine addiction and may not even realize how much of the addictive chemical is in certain vaping products. Doctor CHOI says statistics show teens are heavily exposed to vaping, especially in school. He recommends parents openly discuss the potential consequences of vaping with their children.



Red Apple Breaks Ground for Expansion

A Fireworks store that has facilities on both sides of the U.S. is expanding here in Pahrump. A groundbreaking was held last week for Red Apple Fireworks.



Health - New Guidelines Issued to Treat Obesity in Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently issued updated guidelines for treating children and teens with obesity. Currently, more than 14.4 million children and teens in the United States live with the chronic disease. The Academy says the updated guidelines do not discuss obesity prevention, which will be addressed in another forthcoming policy statement.



Sister Dogs Need a New Loving Home Together

Tasha Crabtree from Nye County Animal Shelter tells us about two sister German Shepard Mixes, now available for adoption. Tasha says, they both must be adopted together.



Nye County Hires Two More Public Defenders

Two attorneys have been appointed to the position of public defender here in Nye County. Long time attorney Thomas Gibson did not make the cut. The board however did bring back Alexis Duecker who held the position in recent years.



Police Arrest a Driver Following Rollover Crash

A driver was arrested after he told police he thought Mountain Falls Parkway was a roadway that he could try out his driving skills on over the weekend. It turned out he wasn’t able to control the vehicle very well around the bend in the neighborhood that has a speed limit of 35 miles per hour.



Driver Facing Major Charges for Suspected DUI Crash with Injuries

A Go Fund Me Page has been started and several people have been severely injured as a result of a tragic rollover crash that occurred on Gamebird Road last Thursday afternoon. One person is facing charges in connection with that crash.



Nevada State of the State

Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo issued his State of the State Address Monday night. The republican Governor once again drove home the need for everyone to work together. Lombardo wants to cut business taxes, suspend the state gasoline tax for a year, make the single biggest investment in education in Nevada history and raise state employee pay 12% over the next two years.



Health - Recognizing and Treating Frostbite

When temperatures tumble, it only takes a matter of minutes before you're at risk for frostbite. According to Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Andrew Yocum, frostbite can become serious and irreversible if not caught early. Doctor Yocum says if you notice your skin becoming discolored, white-hard or leathery get out of the cold quickly and begin passive rewarming. Be careful if you are using water when numb. It may be too difficult to tell the actual temperature and you don't want to burn your skin any further. When in doubt, don't hesitate to go to the hospital to be checked out.



NCSO Rebuttal to Social Media Video

A recent social media video has been making the rounds. The individual involved Michael Garcia, has made statements at several public forums stating that the sheriff's office and schools are allegedly violating parent's and student's rights. Garcia has been trespassed for disrupting such meetings. Sheriff Joe McGill talks about Michael Garcia and the video he released on social media.



Health - Advanced Stage Cervical Cancer Cases on the Rise

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness month and according to a study released last year, late stage cervical cancer appears to be on the rise. Doctor Robert DeBernardo with Cleveland Clinic says that could be due in part to the pandemic and the change in guidelines for PAP Smears. Before women were told to get them done annually, now it's every three years and in some cases every five years. According to the CDC, roughly 13 thousand new cases of Cervical Cancer are diagnosed every year in the US, in addition to four thousand deaths.



NDOT Lays Out Highway Safety Plans for the BOCC

The Nevada Department of Transportation has big plans for highway upgrades here in Nye County. A presentation was made last week before the Board of County Commissioners by Jeff Lerud, NDOT Deputy Director for Operations and Maintenance.



Help Save a Life and Enter to Win!

January is National Blood Donor Month and the Red Cross of Southern Nevada is urging blood donations as winter weather impacts the local and national supply.



Just Say No to Abuse

Men, women and children can be victims of abuse. Nevada Outreach and Training, along with the No To Abuse Program, and their 24 hour hotline and services, offer so much to assist those in need in a moments notice. CEO of Nevada Outreach Kathie McKenna tells us more about the program and how you can get help and services.



A Pitt Bull is Looking for a New Home

Meet Blue, he is a 9 year old Pit Bull who is ready for his forever home. You can see him at the Nye County Animal Shelter located at 1580 East Siri Lane in Pahrump.



How to Avoid Fire Deaths

Improper heating sources too often lead to home fire deaths. Las Vegas TV Channel 2 has produced a segment offering tips with a Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Fire Inspector. In this segment, they talk about everything from preventing chimney fires to preventing kitchen fires to how to choose a safe space heater. They also talk about pet injuries that can be caused by careless heating mistakes. With home heating being one of the leading causes of home fires and home fire deaths, this is a story you'll want to Watch.



2022 General Election Review

Nye County Clerk Mark Kampf, gives a review of the 2022 General Election and presents future considerations for the 3 Elections next year, including a new Presidential Preference Primary in 2024.



Las Vegas Artist Murals Project

If you want to find new outdoor murals in Las Vegas that send messages of hope, inspiration, and history, check out the Historic Westside Mural Project. See the work of local artists D'Andre, X. Darvi and Michelle Graves. Las Vegas TV channel 2 produced this segment about these amazing outdoor murals and where to find them.



Nevada Outreach gets Ready for the Annual Homeless Count

McKenna from Nevada Outreach and Training in Pahrump who says the 1 million dollar grant they received from the government really helped them serve their clients. However, the homeless population continues to grow and they are scheduling their annual count soon. A grant from Home Depot helped with a remodel of their offices too.



Great Computer Deals - How do I Protect my Computer?

We all know how helpful computers can be. That's why it's so important to protect them. Today, our go-to tech guru, Josh Osborne, from Great Computer Deals in Pahrump, is here with some tips for protecting your computer from viruses and malware.



Community Development One Stop Shop

Nye County has now streamlined the process for community development with what they call a “One Stop Shop”. Here is Planning Director Brett Waggoneer.



CASA Crabfest Tickets are Almost Sold Out!

Crabfest tickets are selling out fast! Now is the time to get yours and to sign up to be a Court Appointed Special Advocate. Being a CASA doesn’t require much time but gives back so much to a child who is in need. Kathie McKenna is here to tell you all about it.



Ask Angi - Budgeting 101

The new year is a great time to start thinking about budgeting for your home projects. Angie Hicks, Chief Customer Officer and Home Expert at Angi, is here to teach us how to budget for home projects and renovations.



Health - Improving your Gut Health in the New Year

If getting healthy was your New Year's Resolution, it's important to make sure you're also paying special attention to your Gut Health. Registered Dietitian Julia Zumpano with Cleveland Clinic explains why. Zumpano says stress can also impact Gut Health. So finding ways to destress is beneficial. The same goes for exercising more, which can aid in digestion.



Gen Mobile Job Fair Hiring Event

If you are looking for a new job, Ed Kelly from Nye Communities Coalition tells us about an upcoming event for job seekers.



Dave Stevens's Citizen and Tax Payer is Honored

Gone but not forgotten a heartfelt remembrance today at the Nye County Animal Shelter. County Commissioners and shelter staff honor a resident who was a huge advocate for the animals, Dave Stevens.



Pahrump Valley Winery Owner Losses Battle in Bankruptcy Court

The name “Pahrump Valley Winery” is no longer, at least that what the word is for now. The winery and restaurant is going through “rebirth” which includes a new owner. The new name has yet to be revealed. Locals are anxious to hear what plans the owner has in store in the near future.



Health - How to Increase Your Vitamin D Intake this Winter

Sunny days are in short supply with winter here, and that means many people aren't getting enough Vitamin D. So how can this impact our health? Czerwony adds your doctor may check your Vitamin D levels regularly if you have certain risk factors for a deficiency.



All People's Luncheon Honors Dr. Martin Luther King's Memory

The annual All People’s luncheon was held today at the Pahrump Community Church for the Pahrump Martin Luther King Foundation. Dore’ Foskey tells us about the event and the scholarship program that it supports.



Affordable Housing in Las Vegas

The average home price in Las Vegas fluctuates but it is higher than many in our city workforce can afford. This pertains to the current rental market in Las Vegas as well. We talk to the Director of Neighborhood Services for the city of Las Vegas and ask, "Where is there affordable housing in Las Vegas?" The city and surrounding jurisdictions are dealing with a real shortage in what they call Workforce Housing. Hear what kind of incentives Las Vegas officials are offering developers to create more of this badly needed housing and find out why there is a negative stigma often attached to affordable housing when it comes before the Las Vegas Planning Commission. We take a closer look at the current Las Vegas Housing Market.



Health - Alzheimer's Drug Receives Accelerated FDA Approval

According to the CDC, an estimated 6.5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's Disease, which does not have a cure. However, researchers are hopeful about a new medication that could possibly help slow its progression in certain individuals. Documented side effects for the medication included edema, which is accumulation of fluid in brain tissue and micro-hemorrhages. The FDA recently authorized accelerated approval of the medication. But, it will be a while before it's widely available and covered by insurers. And again, only certain individuals would be eligible for it.



Martin Luther King Luncheon Invites All to Join

Monday is Martin Luther King Day. The fundraising luncheon is being held in his honor to support their scholarship fund. This event is being held Monday, January 16, 2023 at 11am to 3pm at the Pahrump Community Church.



One Person Injured in a Two Vehicle Crash

Traffic was blocked in all directions in a west side neighborhood due to a two vehicle collision. One injured person was transported to Desert View Hospital.



Nevada Legal Services Offers Free Legal Help to those who Qualify

Yrene and Morgan from Nevada Legal Services say that more people are now attending free legal advice sessions with participating attorneys. The schedule is set for the year. Residents who meet the criteria can use the free service.



A New Approach is Used to Provide Medical Services to the Homeless

More than half a million people experience homelessness in the United States on any given night. Most of the time homeless individuals have only sporadic or no access to medical services. We show you a new approach used at the City of Las Vegas Courtyard Homeless Resource Center that's been an effective way to deliver medical services to those in need.



Man Arrested for Home Invasion

Police are dispatched to a home invasion involving a man who allegedly entered the house through a window.



Sign Up Now Foster Parent Online Courses

If you are curious about becoming a foster parent, courses are happening soon. Shelby Riley from the Division of Child and Family Services gives us all the details.



Practical Tips for Diet and Health in 2023

If you participate in New Year resolutions, experts say setting realistic goals is the key to success. One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is losing weight and increasing exercise. Wellness coaches will tell you the quickest way to fall off the resolution wagon is to set unhealthy diet goals. Planning a sensible diet and staying away from dangerous exercise for beginners are two tips to succeeding in your resolutions and goals. Find out a safe weight loss per week from your doctor or trainer and stick to that. The weight may come off slowly but it is safe and tends to stay off longer.



Health - Clinical Trial Proves Beneficial for Woman with Brain Tumor

A Clinical Trial to treat Glioblastoma which is an aggressive type of brain tumor, is underway at Cleveland Clinic. As Brittany Harris explains, researchers hope the medication will help keep the tumor from coming back and for one mother, that's exactly what it's doing. The clinical trial is ongoing and continues to accept new participants.



Sheriff McGill and Undersheriff Becht Talk Plans for the Department

News 25 caught up with newly elected Sheriff Joe McGill and Undersheriff Bill Becht who give an update of how things are going after just a week in office. They tell us about staffing, the academy, patrol vehicles, and staff moral in Part 2 of 3 with the new sheriff in town.



Commercial Solar Banned from Building in Area Neighborhoods

The Board of County Commissioners have decided to put a stop to commercial sized solar facilities attempting to build in residential neighborhoods, Planning Director Brett Waggoneer brought the item before the board.



Commercial Solar Banned from Building in Area Neighborhoods

The Board of County Commissioners have decided to put a stop to commercial sized solar facilities attempting to build in residential neighborhoods, Planning Director Brett Waggoneer brought the item before the board.



A Peek Inside the Las Vegas Firefighting Academy

The fire academy in Las Vegas trains firefighters to be prepared for all types of situations. The City of Las Vegas has produced this video to tell us about this elite training program.



Judge Wanker Hosts a Premiere Party for "The Hammer"

5th Judicial District Court Judge Kim Wanker held a special premiere for the Lifetime Movie based Wanker’s charismatic personality and experiences about the judge that travels across the county to administer justice. The movie starring and produced by Reba McEntire and produced by Pahrump Pictures, tells a fictional story about a new judge who attempts to solve a murder here in Nye County.



Health - Preventing Carbon Monoxide Exposure in your Home

As you heat your homes this winter, it's important to make sure you're taking the right precautions to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. According to the CDC, roughly 50-Thousand people in the U.S. go to the emergency room every year for it. Doctor Waters says if you suspect you are experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning, you should go to the hospital to get checked out. You can also have your local fire department come out to see if there is a carbon monoxide leak in your home.



Health - Genetic Cause Links COVID 19 and MIS-C in Children

New Research has found a possible genetic cause for why some children who've had Covid-19 infection also develop "Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome" often referred to as "Mis-C". For those unfamiliar, "Mis-C" is a rare but potentially life-threatening condition which can impact different parts of the body. Like the heart, lungs and brain. Symptoms of "Mis-C" in children vary. However, they mainly include a persistent fever, rash, red eyes, fatigue, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea. Concerned parents should contact their pediatricians.



Fundraising Underway for Homeless Fire Victim

A female veteran has lost everything she owns and two of her beloved pets. We caught up with Debbie Gordon outside a broken down RV she and her remaining two dogs are living in with no water or electricity.



Health - Why Parents Shouldn't Delay Childhood Immunizations

With the new year underway, now is a good time for parents to check with their pediatrician about childhood immunizations. According to Doctor Kimberly Giuliano with Cleveland Clinic Children's, there has been a noticeable decline with some vaccines, and the pandemic is partially to blame. Dr. Giuliano also notes that an unvaccinated child could also risk getting others sick, like an infant who hasn't been able to get all of their vaccines or someone who is immunocompromised.



Hard Objects Located in Powder Baby Formula

A Pahrump mom wants to warn people about some baby formula she recently purchased at our local Walmart. She says her baby does not have long lasting effects from ingesting the product. Her 10 month old did have mild symptoms. She says it’s a good idea for other parents to check out the powder before giving it to your child.



Percy the Dog is Looking for Love in all the Right Places

Local animal rescue Pets Are Worth Saving, has a very special dog that is full of energy and ready for adoption. Percy had a home for a long time but, was returned to the rescue and is now in need of a forever home.



Economic Development Strategy is Presented to County Officials

A presentation was made before the Nye County Commissioners by the Economic Development Administration to help guide economic growth for communities within the county. The grants required 5 year development strategy was not received well by at least one commissioner.



Legal Expenses Approved for Animal Hoarding Case

Additional funds have been approved to pay for an attorney to whom represented Nye County concerning the Est Alfa Kennels and owner Vasili Platunov dog hoarding case. These funds were utilized during the bankruptcy hearing that Platunov filed to attempt to retain the 300 dogs he once owned as property. The court ultimately ruled against Platunov and the dogs were relinquished to Nye County.



Health - Benefits of Participating in Dry January

The New Year has arrived and as people make their New Year's Resolutions, you may hear some talking about participating in "Dry January". For those unfamiliar, it means not drinking any alcohol for the entire month. Alan Berki with Cleveland Clinic says there are many health benefits. According to Dietary Guidelines for Americans, on days when alcohol is consumed, men should have no more than two drinks and a woman only have one.



Consumer Electronics Show 2023

CES, the world's most influential tech event is fully back in Las Vegas on January 5th thru 8th.



New Traffic Laws for 2023

The City of Las Vegas has put together a video regarding new traffic laws in our new year.



Health - Important Health Screenings for Adults

With 2023 officially here, many people are kicking off their New Year's Resolutions. Doctor Marianne Sumego with Cleveland Clinic says it's the perfect time to make sure you're prioritizing your health. Doctor Sumego adds that your healthcare provider can help you set different health goals and work with you to reach them.



Inauguration Ceremony for 31st Governor Held at State Capital

The Governor of the State of Nevada Joe Lombardo joined other officials at the Carson Community Center Tuesday for the swearing-in ceremony. After state officials took their oath of office, Governor Lombardo spoke again about his campaign promises and called for unity among Nevadans regardless of political affiliation.



Cleveland Educator Honored and Remembered

A lifetime dedicated to education and his beliefs. Richard Clark left his mark on Cleveland and many have benefited from his devotion to the city and its residents. His recent passing leaves a gap difficult to fill. Kim Martinez reports.



Health - What People Should Know about Cardiac Arrest

After Buffalo Bills Player Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest during Monday Night's game against the Bengals, many fans are left with a lot of questions, like what exactly is cardiac arrest? Doctor Emery also notes that it's too early to talk about Hamlin's long-term prognosis. He says there are a lot of factors to consider. But right now, the goal will be keeping him stabilized.



Special Election Called to Decide Diesel Fuel Tax

The Board of County Commissioners has decided to hold a special election regarding the diesel fuel tax that is proposed to fix roads here in Nye County. The tax would only affect diesel trucks that do the most damage to the highways. Several public meetings have been held over the past year regarding the proposed 5 cent tax that has never been imposed on diesel vehicles.



Health - Why Blood Donations are Needed Year Round

January is national blood donor month and if you have never donated blood before, it's worth considering. As Doctor Thomas Waters with Cleveland Clinic explains, hospitals are always looking to increase their supply. To find a blood drive near you, you can call your local hospital or visit the red cross website.