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Today's Top Stories Archives for 2022-05

The Pahrump Arts Council is holding a summer theatre camp

The Pahrump Arts Council is having a very special theater camp happening soon. There are limited scholarships available at this time for those who can’t afford to attend and opportunities for residents to sponsor a child.



Memorial Day Service DAV

Several Memorial Day events were held here in town. The Disabled American Veterans held one at The Veterans Memorial inside the Chief Tecopa Cemetery to honor and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.



Risk for Lead Poisoning Increases in Summer Months

Did you know risk for lead poisoning rises in the summertime? When the weather warms, windows are opened and home improvement projects are started, which can kick up dust. Dr. Rupa Thakur, from Cleveland Clinic Children's, says it's important to be mindful of lead exposure in your child's play area.



One person is in custody following a police pursuit

Traffic on Pahrump’s south side was shut down this afternoon while police were led on a high speed pursuit through area neighborhoods and streets. In the end, deputies were able to arrest one person who is facing several charges.



Tom Heck Interview

In continuing to bring you a more in depth look into candidates running for office, we have Tom Heck who is vying for the seat of Governor for the State of Nevada.



Brush Fire - Linda St and Basin Ave in Pahrump

Emergency crews responded to a reported brush fire last night that appears to have started from an electrical source. That fire rekindled this afternoon on a property located at Basin Avenue and Linda Street.



Save A Pet - Cat Named Mush

Today Rory shows us a beautiful cat named Mush who is up for adoption from Desert Haven.



GCD If you have a smartphone do you even need a computer?

Today, our smartphones can do just about anything. But they're not always the best option. Josh Osborne, from Great Computer Deals in Pahrump, says there are still some things better done with a desktop or laptop computer with a full keyboard.



Vehicle Fire off Blagg Road in Pahrump

One person is in critical condition following a vehicle fire last night off Blagg Road. Fire Chief Scott Lewis updates us on the high intensity blaze and the person who was witnessed running “on fire” from the scene.



Monarch Butterfly Event

It’s the first of its kind. An event that looks into the Monarch Butterfly’s rise and fall and the fans who watch this creature very closely.



Talking to your Child about Tragedy in the News




Tails of Nye County

Dozens of cats were the victims of an awful hoarding situation. Now the DA’s office is looking into charges for the culprit.



Murder Suspect Jeremy O'Brien faces Charges in Justice Court

Murder Suspect Jeremy O'Brien faces Charges today in Nye County Justice Court. O'Brien is accused of killing another person with his car at the Pahrump Nugget on May 19th. O'Brien could face a Life Sentence if convicted of Murder.



Tips for Improving your Gut Health

“Gut health is really important. I think people for many years didn’t really pay attention to it, but now we’re seeing the gut as perhaps the second brain. And it’s so important because the studies that we have in the past ten years really do indicate that our gut health plays a huge role in our overall health.”



Sports with Doug Ferber

It's time for your Tuesday sports wrap-up. Here's Doug Ferber



NCSO Releases Video, Audio Recordings Of Call To Nye Commissioner Leo Blundo's Home

On March 28, Nye County Sheriff's Office deputies were called to the home of Nye County Commissioner Leo Blundo, when he called 911 to report a domestic dispute in progress. At the time, Blundo reported that more than 75-thousand dollars had been stolen. The sheriff's office has now released more than two hours of video and audio recorded by body-worn cameras during that call. Most of what you're about to hear is Blundo's wife, Melissa, providing deputies her account of what happened. The sheriff's office redacted the recordings by blurring the video. The extended video also has Commissioner Blundo discussing how his wife allegedly was trying to return a package. He says that somehow a package of what turned out to be 84 grams of cocaine was delivered to his business Carmelo’s Bistro with stamps all over it and no return address. Although he never accuses his wife of the incident he says that it is suspicious and asks that police do a better job of investigating the missing gun and money in this case.



College Of Southern Nevada Celebrates Class Of 2022

The College of Southern Nevada congratulates the Class of 2022 as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. A record number of students received their diplomas during Monday's ceremony.



Health: Sunscreen Application Tips

One in five Americans will develop skin cancer -- and sunburns increase your risk. That's why it's important to protect your skin from the sun. Sunscreen is a good place to start. But according to Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Melissa Piliang, many people don't use enough.



Save A Pet - Molly

It's time once again to meet a great pet available from one of our local shelters. For today's Save A Pet, Darbie is in the yard at Desert Haven Animal Society, where she's hanging out with Molly.



Pedestrian Struck, Killed In Pahrump Nugget Parking Lot

Police are investigating a fatal auto versus pedestrian crash Thursday in the Pahrump Nugget parking lot. The male victim died at Desert View Hospital. Police were able to track down the suspect at his home on East Street.



Snafu Leads To Some Nye County Voters Receiving Two Ballots

Nye County Clerk Sandra Merlino says some voters may be receiving two ballots in the mail. But she warns that trying to vote twice could land you in jail. She explained the situation during this week's county commissioner's meeting.



GCD's Josh Osborne Offers Tips For Safely Using Your Phone On The Road

If you need to access the functionality of your smartphone on the road, there are ways to do so safely. Today, Josh Osborne, from Great Computer Deals in Pahrump, explains how you can link your smartphone with your vehicle to enjoy hands-free convenience.



Health: Stranger Helps Spot Woman's Skin Cancer

A skin cancer survivor is sharing her story after a chance encounter with a stranger at the park saved her life. Brittany Harris has the remarkable story. Melissa now goes in for routine skin checks every three months. She has also tried to track down the dermatologist to thank her, but hasn't had any luck so far.



Sports with Doug Ferber

It's time for your Thursday sports wrap-up. Here's Doug Ferber.



DEA Public Service Announcement Warns Of Dangers Of Fentanyl

In an effort to save lives, DEA is proud to join “Song for Charlie” and many of our valued public health, non-profit, and law enforcement partners in recognizing the first ever National Fentanyl Awareness Day. This day is an effort to educate individuals around the dangerous threat that fentanyl poses to the safety, health, and national security of the American people. To mark National Fentanyl Awareness Day, DEA released a video announcement from DEA Administrator Anne Milgram stressing the dangers of fentanyl and the need for urgent action.



Pahrump Rotary Constitution Essay Contest Winners Announced

The Rotary Club of Pahrump Valley wants to get kids excited about history -- specifically the US Constitution. The Rotary Club presented nearly 350 constitution pocket guides to students at Rosemary Clarke Middle School earlier this year. Then, students were asked to write an essay, explaining what the US Constitution means to them.



Save A Pet - B.C.

If you're thinking about adopting a pet, we hope you'll consider visiting one of our local animal shelters. For today's Save A Pet, Darbie O'Donnell-Westerman is back in the yard at Desert Haven Animal Society, where she introduces us to B.C.



Health: Quality Of Diets For Older Adults Has Declined, Study Says

A recent study shows the quality of diets for older adults who are 65 and older declined between 2001 and 2018. So what's causing this concerning trend? Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Ronan Factora says there are a number of issues that could be playing a role.



Pahrump American Legion Prepares For Weekend Fundraiser

The American Legion Post 22, in Pahrump, is ready to serve up a special fundraiser this weekend. Post member Bruce Schoenberger says the organization, which helps local veterans, hopes to raise two thousand dollars with its Rib Extravaganza.



Pahrump Fire Under Investigation, Red Cross Helping Family

Pahrump fire investigators are trying to pinpoint the cause of a residential fire that gutted a portion of a multi-unit structure on Bourbon Street. Pahrump Valley Fire Captain Steve Moody says the fire caused considerable damage, but no one was hurt.



Health: How To Start A Skincare Routine

It seems like there are new skincare products constantly being advertised on TV and online. But how do you know which ones to buy? We asked dermatologist Kiyanna Williams from Cleveland Clinic.



Memorial Day Events Scheduled For Pahrump

Memorial Day is two weeks from today. And, there will be several special events that day in Pahrump to mark the solemn occasion. U.S. Air Force veteran Doctor Tom Waters gives us a preview of what's happening.



Health: Advice For Dealing With Baby Formula Shortage

Parents across the country are growing concerned about the baby formula shortage -- which is showing no signs of improving anytime soon. So what can they do to help ensure their little ones get the food they need?



Save A Pet - Snow

It's time to meet another pet available for adoption from one of our local shelters. Today, we're back inside the cat room at Desert Haven Animal Society, where Darbie introduces us to Snow.



DCFS Seeks Foster Parents For Children In Rural Communities

Foster care provides a family life experience for children removed from their own homes due to abuse or neglect. Roughly four hundred children in rural Nevada are in foster care -- and every day, that number grows. Unfortunately, there are limited number of foster homes in rural communities, like Pahrump. And that's where you can help. Shelby Riley, who works for the Nevada Division of Child and Family Services, explains what it takes to become a foster parent.



Limited Number Of Tickets Available For Pahrump Rotary Cash Extravaganza

The largest fundraiser of the year for the Pahrump Valley Rotary Club is still several months away. But if you want to attend, you'll need to get your tickets sooner than later. Rotarian Doctor Tom Waters explains while there are fewer tickets available this year, that actually improves your odds of winning the big cash prize.



Ask Angi: Garage Storage Made Easy

If your garage seems more like a black hole than a useful storage space, it’s time to make some changes. In today’s Ask Angi segment, Mallory Micetich gives us her favorite tips for designing a well-organized garage.



Health: Importance Of Routine Checkups For Women

It's National Women's Health Week -- which is a good time to remind women about making their health a priority, and scheduling those routine checkups they might've put off during the pandemic.



Save A Pet - Oscar

It's time to meet another pet available for adoption from one of our local shelters. Today, Darbie joins us from the cat room at Desert Haven Animal Society, where she introduces us to Oscar.



Pahrump Pursuit Ends With Arrest Of Three People

A police pursuit Monday in Pahrump ends with three people under arrest. But police say one suspect, who claims to be a sovereign citizen, resisted efforts to take him into custody.



Pahrump Crash Injures Bicycle Rider

A weekend crash at the intersection of Basin Avenue and Linda Street in Pahrump sends a bicycle rider to Desert View Hospital.



Pahrump Brush Fire Spreads Quickly, Fanned By Strong Winds Sunday

Strong winds fanned what started as a small brush fire Sunday afternoon in Pahrump, quickly spreading flames to the former Charleston Pizza, at Charleston Park and David Street. Pahrump Valley Fire Chief Scott Lewis explains what happened. Chief Lewis says a burn moratorium starts next week. That means absolutely no burning of anything outside. In other words, no burn barrels, no controlled burning, no type of fire whatsoever outdoors.



VA Rolls Out Veterans Benefits Banking Program

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is announcing a new program to help veterans manage their money. It's called the Veterans Benefits Banking Program. Charles Tapp the Second is the Chief Financial Officer for the Veterans Benefits Administration, which is part of the Department of Veterans Affairs. He says the program is designed to help veterans in receiving their VA compensation faster, safer and with fewer fees. And a big part of that is direct deposit.



Ask Angi: How To Pay Your Pros

When you’re hiring pros to help with home projects, it’s important to think about how much everything will cost – and how you will pay them. In today’s Ask Angi segment, Bailey Carson discusses the different ways to pay your pros and how to decide what’s right for you and your project.



Health: Some COVID-19 Long-Haulers Experiencing Sleep Issues

Many people who've recovered from COVID-19 are still dealing with long-term complications from the virus. Their symptoms are wide ranging, but one of the more common issues reported involves difficulties with sleep.



Save A Pet - Nolla

If you're thinking about adding a pet to your family, we hope you'll consider adoption. For today's Save A Pet, we're back at Desert Haven Animal Society, where we meet Nolla.



Desert View Hospital Offers Unique Career Pathway To Hospital-Based Nursing

Today is National Nurses Day. Which means it's the perfect time to tell you about a new program available through Desert View Hospital in Pahrump. It's called 'Earn While You Learn,' and it's giving people an opportunity to pursue a career in nursing, while still earning a living. DVH Chief Nursing Officer Bonnie Stolzman explains how it works and how to sign up.



Amargosa Valley Students, Families Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a yearly celebration held on May 5 which commemorates the anniversary of Mexico's victory over the Second French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. This year, Amargosa Valley Schools held their own Cinco de Mayo celebration, complete with folklore dancing and readings performed by pre-K through 5th grade students. Ava Proulx and Alma Williams organized the family-friendly event, which drew a large and enthusiastic crowd to the Amargosa Valley Community Center.



Ask Angi: Creating A Relaxing Home Environment

Take a look around your home and notice how it makes you feel. If you don’t feel calm and relaxed, it might be time to make a few changes. In today’s Ask Angi segment, Mallory Micetich gives us her top tips for cultivating a relaxing space.



Health: Give Gift Of Time For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is Sunday. And if you haven't gotten your mom anything yet, you may want to consider giving her the gift of time. According to a survey from Parade Media and Cleveland Clinic, about four out of ten parents say they'd like to take mental and emotional health breaks -- but haven't been able to find the time.



Save A Pet - Holly

It's Friday. You know what that means. Time to meet another pet available for adoption from one of our local shelters. For today's Save A Pet, Darbie O'Donnell-Westerman introduces us to Holly.



Pahrump: Fire Destroys Portion Of Homeless Campsite

Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue is investigating the cause of a fire at a homeless campsite in Pahrump. Fire Chief Scott Lewis says the black smoke drew a lot of attention, but the fire itself was contained to a small area.



Fire Destroys Two Structures At Home In North Pahrump

A windswept fire in north Pahrump early Thursday morning burned two structures to the ground and heavily damaged a third. Pahrump Valley Fire Chief Scott Lewis says initial reports were vague on the location of that fire.



NDOT Tagging Illegally-Placed Political Signs

If you drive anywhere, it's obvious an election is just around the corner. Political signs are everywhere -- including places they shouldn't be.



Now Is The Time To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer

With summer temperatures right around the corner, you'll want to be prepared. And that includes getting your air conditioner ready for the scorching heat. That's where Pahrump Valley Air Conditioning comes in. Kenneth Patton says now is the time to act.



Pahrump Development Project Started In 2005 Moving Forward With Construction of 231 Homes

You don't need numbers to prove what's obvious. There's a lot of building activity in the Pahrump Valley. One big project, that's been in the works for years, includes the construction of more than 200 homes on the south end of town. And developers are paying for a new roundabout to be built on State Route 160 to help handle an increase in traffic in that area.



Culpepper & Merriweather Great Combined Circus Entertains Pahrump Crowds

The Culpepper and Merriweather Great Combined Circus came to town. Then it left. But not before performing two entertaining shows under the big top Tuesday evening in Pahrump. The circus performs two shows Wednesday evening in Beatty, then moves on for two shows in Tonopah.




Health: Bionic Arm Advances Provide More Natural Function, Study Shows

If you're a Star Wars fan, you'll remember the scene with Luke Skywalker and his bionic hand. Well, researchers at Cleveland Clinic have made this fantasy a reality for amputees. New research shows a prosthetic arm that's rewired to communicate with an amputee's brain can restore more natural function and feeling.



Save A Pet - Ralph

There are dozens of animals in our local shelters in need of a loving home. For today's Save A Pet, Darbie O'Donnell-Westerman joins us from Desert Haven Animal Society, where she introduces us to Ralph.



Pahrump: Investigators Search For Cause Of House Fire

Investigators are looking for the cause of a Tuesday morning fire that caused significant damage to a Pahrump home. A firefighter was hurt while working to extinguish the flames.



Health: Survey Shows Why Mindful Moments Matter

A new survey from Cleveland Clinic has some interesting findings about how Americans view mental health. For example, it found a majority believe mental health is just as important as physical health. However, over one-third still rate their own mental health as just average or low. Brittany Harris breaks down the results. Doctor Prewitt says if you notice your mental health doesn't seem to be improving with time, don't be afraid to consult with a professional for help.



Sports with Doug Ferber

There's a lot of sporting news to talk about in Southern Nevada. And here to do the talking is Doug Ferber.



Health: Importance Of Skin Cancer Prevention

Today is 'Melanoma Monday.' For those unfamiliar, melanoma is considered the most invasive form of skin cancer and has the highest risk for death. It's also another reason why skin cancer checks are so important.




Winners Of Pahrump Karaoke Contest Announced

The winners of this year’s karaoke competition have been announced. News 25 stopped by the Pourhouse Restaurant here in Pahrump to watch the much anticipated showdown.


Job Seekers, Employers Connect At NyECC Job Fair

If you're looking for a new job -- or a new career -- mark your calendar. A great opportunity is just around the corner. NyE Communities Coalition is holding another job fair in Pahrump. NyECC's Ed Kelly says it's a great opportunity for employers and job seekers.



Rotary Club Of Pahrump Valley Collecting Books For Local School Children

If you have some books you'd like to get rid of, the Rotary Club of Pahrump Valley will be happy to take them off your hands. The local club is holding a book drive this weekend, seeking to collect new and gently used books, which they'll then re-distribute to elementary schools in the Nye County School District. Rotary President Eddie Williams says the effort is part of the club's larger initiative to get kids to read. For more information about the book drive you can call Williams at 210-573-6161.



Save A Pet - Jinx

It's time to once again meet a local shelter pet. For today's Save A Pet, Darbie introduces us to an adorable kitten named Jinx.