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Today's Top Stories Archives for 2022-10

Fatal Rollover Crash Claims the Life of one Man

A pregnant female located her deceased husband after their vehicle rolled over in Northern Nevada over the weekend. Chief Lewis speaks to our camera about the fatal rollover.



Squatters Allegedly Start Trailer Fire

Squatters may have started a trailer fire that extended to their vehicle behind Lakeside RV resort. Here is the full story from our Fire Chief, Scott Lewis.



Nye County Gets Ready To Transfer 300 Dogs Over To The ASPCA

After the groundbreaking ruling Wednesday night concerning the dogs that were owned by Vasili Platunov being held on properties in Amargosa and Pahrump in horrific condition. Nye County is getting ready to turn over custody to the ASPCA since they now have custody of the animals who have been deemed their property following the hearing. Captain Harry Means with the Sheriff’s Office and Tasha Crabtree with the Animal Shelter spoke to our camera.



Health - Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Pumpkins, black cats, spider webs and witches can only mean one thing, it's almost Halloween! To help keep little ghosts and goblins safe while trick-or-treating, Doctor Purva Grover with Cleveland Clinic Children's says kids need to see clearly through their costume.



Nye County Wins Custody of 300 Dogs

Judge Robert Lane is deciding the custody of almost 300 mostly Caucasian shepherds confiscated from what has been deemed horrific living conditions in Amargosa and Pahrump by Nye County Sheriff’s Office Deputies and Animal Control Officers. The complaints over these animals have been going on for many years. The smell, the abuse, the dead dogs being reported by neighbors and even a postal carrier. In fact, even one of the officers said that the care taker Oksana Higgins was attempting to cover up missing feet from the animals as they inspected the animals on the property by kicking dirt onto the foot area of the animal.



Rural Broadband Presentation Made In Front Of Commission Board

The State of Nevada wants to ensure every resident can connect to fast, reliable internet service. To get there, the Nevada Governor’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology or OSIT is reaching out to local governments. OSIT Director Brian Mitchell says federal grant dollars are available to help pay for needed broadband improvements. But first, local governments must take the lead by defining priority areas, selecting service providers and submitting applications to OSIT.



Health - Why Second Booster Shot Needed for Older Adults

It appears some older adults have yet to get their second Covid-19 Booster, which is of concern to health officials. So what's causing the delay? We asked Doctor Ardeshir Hashmi with Cleveland Clinic.



Horse Racing Proposed for Pahrump

The Town of Pahrump continues to attract the attention of developers. A number of commercial and industrial projects are in the works. And Nye County Director of Planning Brett Waggoner outlined some of those projects during a presentation to Nye County Commissioners. Also at that meeting, President of the Nevada Standardbred Association and Pahrump resident Tim Bohannon, told commissioners his group is still working on a plan to bring a world-class horse racing facility to Pahrump.



PDOP Celebrates 13 Years of Pumpkin Days

The Pahrump Disability Outreach Program held their Pumpkin Days over the weekend. Saturday’s windstorm’s wreaked havoc on the event though many locals are used to the dust storms. Here is David Boruchowitz to tell you all about it.



Cute Tots Compete for the Crown

The Cinderella Girls Pageant was held Saturday morning here in Pahrump. Our own Deanna O’Donnell had the honor of being asked to judge the competition along with the very talented Teri Rogers who used to be the director of the Ms. Senior Nye County Pageant and is now part of the Ms. Senior Golden Year USA. We caught up with the Director Scott Sampson following the festivities.



Nye County Moving 'Forward' With Paper Ballots

The Nevada Supreme Court has ruled that Nye County can hand count their voting ballots this election cycle. Interim Nye County Clerk Mark Kampf says that he will also be using a voting machine as a backup to verify the count. Early voting is happening now thru November 4th with the General Election on November 8th. The American Civil Liberties Union filed an emergency petition with the Nevada Supreme Court in regard to the hand-counting process, voter verification method, and doing away with voting machines. There is one machine available at the polls for whoever would like to use it, no questions asked. We caught up with Kampf today at the Bob Ruud Community Center.



Pet Licensing Fees Zeroed Out

A big change for pet owners in Nye County, and it will save you money. Nye County Commissioners last week voted to amend some fees associated with adoptions from the county animal shelter. Commission Chair Frank Carbone made a motion to zero out all licensing fees for dogs and cats, meaning there will no longer be a charge for those licenses. The other four commissioners agreed with his proposal.



Pet Licensing Fees Zeroed Out

A big change for pet owners in Nye County, and it will save you money. Nye County Commissioners last week voted to amend some fees associated with adoptions from the county animal shelter. Commission Chair Frank Carbone made a motion to zero out all licensing fees for dogs and cats, meaning there will no longer be a charge for those licenses. The other four commissioners agreed with his proposal.



Health - Keeping Your Home Safe From Lead Poisoning

National lead poisoning prevention week is underway. And doctors with Cleveland Clinic Children's are doing their part to raise awareness in an effort to help prevent childhood exposure.




New Electioneering Rules Put in Place by Nye County Commissioners

With early voting starting tomorrow, Pahrump Town Manager Tim Sutton and Nye County Commissioners are making some policy changes that will affect election-related activities outside the Bob Ruud Community Center. At Tuesday’s county commission meeting, the board approved changes to the town’s property use policy. Those changes include the addition of a time frame when campaigning activities are permitted, implementing a random drawing system for campaigning spaces and removing a prohibition on signs. There were plenty of ideas for how to handle election-related activities on town property. But in the end, commissioners approved the amended property use policy, with one small change.



Health - How To Build Up Your Immune System For Winter

With the Cold, Covid and the Flu going around these days, it's important to make sure you're taking all the right precautions to stay safe. And that includes building up your immune system to help fight off germs.



Your Student News Report

Here is Rory Rowsell with the latest news concerning our student population.



Questions Arise About an Amargosa Solar Project

The Sunshine Valley Solar Project, in Amargosa Valley, has been in operation for nearly three years. As part of the development agreement between Sunshine Valley Solar and Nye County, the owner is required to provide an update on its operations every two years. At Tuesday’s Board of County Commissioners meeting, Senior Asset Manager for EDP Renewables Doug Ziegler explained how the company is meeting those requirements. During that discussion, Nye County Director of Planning Brett Waggoner, expressed concern about the company’s requirement to employ local workers.



County Clerk Gets Ready For Paper Ballot Voting

As the Nevada Supreme Court deliberates Friday if Nye County will halt it’s hand count of paper ballots for the 2022 General Election, Interim Nye County Clerk Mark Kampf is gearing up for early voting beginning this Saturday. Residents are already dropping off their ballots in the clerk’s office and mail in ballots being received. We caught up with Kampf today, to get an update on the process being watched on a national level.



Beautiful Abandoned Chow is Looking for a New Home

This dog is beautiful, it’s hard to believe he was found abandoned in Shoshone hiding under a vehicle next to the highway. Pat Leming introduces us to a chow named, Red.



Health - What to Include in Skin Care Routine for Anti Aging

With so many skin care products promising to turn back the clock on aging, finding the right one can be overwhelming. But a good product to start with may already be in your medicine cabinet, Sunscreen.




Video Details Released Of Officer's Shooting

Officer Truong Thai returned fire though he was shot once by a suspect and later died as a result of his injury. Monday Las Vegas Metro held a press conference to explain what happened during this call for service and how the department lost a beloved officer who gave his life to serve and protect.


Well Known Senior Citizen's Estate Robbed of Funds

The Nye County District Attorney’s Office continues to build its case against five people who’ve now been charged with defrauding an elderly Pahrump man who died nearly two years ago. Authorities say the defendants stole a significant amount of money and stole the victim’s identity to purchase goods and services. Brad Francis tells us more about the defendants and the charges they’re facing.



Health - Importance of Discussing Gun Safety with Kids

According to the CDC, guns are the leading cause of death for children in the United States, which is why Doctor Purva Grover with Cleveland Clinic Children's is raising awareness about the issue.



Three Murder Suspects Released With No Bail Due to DA Office Error

Three suspects who have been charged with open murder of a 19 day old infant are now released without bail. The District Attorney’s Office are holding their heads down today after learning that someone did not release discovery of new evidence in a timely manner to the defense which has now caused the preliminary hearing to be rescheduled until next year. Public Defender Nathan Gent said the trio was free for 9 months prior to their arrest and they were not a threat to society at that time. The investigation and forensic testing was lengthy and had to be conducted independently by the state because defendant Erica Eisenloffel is the Nye County Undersheriff’s daughter.



Michael Tsunis Has Big Plans to Expand His Brand in Pahrump

Vince Neil’s Tatuado Wild Side is now WST Sports Bar, Michael Tsunis also owns Rhinestones, and has purchased Nevada Treasure’s RV Resort, which will be called “The Venue”. During a recent customer appreciation event, we caught up with Tsunis, his new manager, and his chef to find out what's in store.



Health - Soccer Player Back on Field after COVID 19 Complications

A young woman's dream of playing soccer at the collegiate level was almost put on hold after suffering from Covid-19 complications. As Brittany Harris reports, doctors were able to figure out what was wrong and now she's back in the game.



Ask Angi - Choosing The Right Pro

If you’re planning on starting a new home project, whether it’s painting a bedroom or installing new countertops, you need to have the right pro in your corner. In today’s Ask Angi segment, Bailey Carson shares her top tips for finding the right pro.



Trash Catches Fire Inside Dump Truck

Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue Crews quickly extinguished a fire this morning near the center of town. The dump truck driver dumped his load quickly after learning it was showing signs of fire.



Growing Discord Happening At The Community Library Board Meetings

The Pahrump Community Library Board meetings are getting more heated. Some thinks the problems are political. The board which is mainly conservative has some audience members from a group called “The Prickly Pears”. One of the more out spoken was mistakenly identified as from that group. The Prickly Pears, told News 25 that is incorrect. Never the less, members of the public don’t feel their voices are being heard and they are making it known to the board. Recently, the Pahrump Community Library board awarded a contract to a local conservative contractor to retrofit the building and grounds with new LED lighting. But some concerned citizens and library supporters question the way that contract was handled and the cost for the work being done. News 25 spoke with a board member, the contractor and a concerned library supporter after a library meeting Monday. After the meeting police were called to keep the situation under control.



Las Vegas Officer Killed Responding to a Domestic Disturbance Call

Las Vegas Metro Officer Truong Thai from South Central Area Command was killed in the line of duty following a deadly shooting with an armed man Thursday morning. Officer Thai was a dedicated, 23-year veteran of this department. He held various roles over his time here including as a firearms instructor. He was passionate about training new officers. He was 49 years old and a father of one daughter.



Free Line Dancing Lessons

Teri Rogers invites everyone down to Rhinestones to join them for a great time dancing and learning some new moves.



A Rally is Held For Cops for Joe McGill

A rally was held Monday night at the intersection of highway 372 and 160 for Nye County Sheriff Candidate Joe McGill who is campaigning against incumbent Sheriff Sharon Wehrly. News 25 caught up with Sgt. Cory Fowles and Lt. Adam Tippetts who promoted the rally and say that it's time for a change within the department. They were joined by other officers, and Volunteer Swat Team Member Brian Cooper who served on the force for years and supports Joe McGill. Cooper was shot in March of 2020 and says he would like to come back to work but would like things to change.



NCSO Officers Speak Out About Criminal Investigation

Two officers with the Nye County Sheriff’s Office spoke to our camera during a rally Monday night regarding charges that were submitted recently by NCSO for computer crimes.



Health - Updated Sleep Guidelines to Help Reduce SIDS

October is SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, awareness month. Earlier this year, the American Academy of Pediatrics updated its sleep guidelines for infants, which emphasize the need for babies to sleep on their backs. Specifically on a flat, non-inclined surface without any kind of soft bedding.



Cute Puppies Available Now for Adoption

Today Pat Leming is with a really cute and cuddly doggie named Elm who is one of three terriers who were dropped off at her rescue recently and are available for adoption at Never Forgotten Animal Society.



Motorcyclist and Burro Killed in Crash on Blagg Road

One person is deceased and a burro killed on the roadway. Witnesses on scene said that the rider of a motorcycle may have been passing a vehicle when he struck a burro on Blagg Road last night.



A New Make-Over Is In The Works For Area Skaters At Our Local Park

The Town of Pahrump is about to make some big changes to Justin Leavitt Memorial Skate Park inside Ian Deutch Memorial Park. State grant money is footing half the cost of the improvements, which include new lighting and a resurfaced skating area. Brad Francis has the details. A side note, The town mistakenly filled out the paperwork calling the project the Ian Deutch Memorial Skate Park. They have been notified and paperwork will follow with the correction, we are told.



Las Vegas Metro Officers Give First Hand Accounts Of Devastations Of Fentanyl Poisoning

Our officers are on the front lines in the battle against illegal fentanyl use. Since last Friday, Las Vegas Metro says they have responded to six overdose deaths, at least four are connected to fentanyl use. Last month, officers rushed in and saved three people on the brink of death due to fentanyl. Hear from Metro officers in their own words about what they saw and how they did not hesitate to save lives.



Road Rage Incident Results in One Arrest

A road rage incident in Pahrump escalates into a call to 911 for a fight at a local convenience store. Now, the alleged actions of one driver lands him in jail, where he now faces two charges. Brad Francis has more.



Health - COVID Long Hauler Shares Struggles with Mental Health

October 10th is World Mental Health Day. Mental Health has become a big issue during the pandemic, impacting people in many different ways, including those with long-hauler symptoms. Brittany Harris spoke with a woman about how her life was turned upside down by the virus and what she is doing now to cope.



Board of Commissioners Approves County Manager Tim Sutton's Revised Agreement

Nye County Commissioners have approved a revised county manager employment agreement with Tim Sutton. The amendments, first proposed by commissioners Frank Carbone and Bruce Jabbour, include changing the procedure for the annual performance evaluation modifying the ‘at will’ provisions and adding ‘for cause’ provisions, and the removal and addition of certain benefits. During a presentation to commissioners, Sutton summarized the most significant changes.



Health - Staying Safe While Enjoying Fall Bonfires

With Fall officially here, many people are enjoying the cooler nights outside by cozying up next to a Bonfire. But there are some tips to remember to keep everyone safe around the fire, especially kids.



How to Protect Yourself and Loved Ones From Fentanyl Poisoning

The Fentanyl crisis is taking lives, breaking hearts and devastating families. We spoke to Lieutenant Harry Williams from the Nye County Sheriff's Office to find out more about this drug and how to identify it, get help and more.



TPO Violation at the Jumping Jack Inn

Police received a call for service to the Jumping Jack Inn in Round Mountain. A woman was reportedly violating a temporary protection order to stay away from her own mother. David Preston explains.



Young Loving Husky Female Longs for a Family

Pat Leming from Never Forgotten Animal Society introduces us to a beautiful dog named Dakota who is searching for the perfect home to call her own.



Your Student News Report

It's almost Homecoming time! Rory tells us about some changes happening at this year's dance.



Police Chase Ends with Apprehension

A traffic stop for speeding triggers a three-mile pursuit that ends with the driver under arrest for DUI and a second felony offense. Brad Francis tells us what happened.



Free Kids Workshop Have Started Back-Up After Covid-19

Home Depot is sponsoring Free Kids Workshop once again on the First Saturday of each month, from 9am to 12pm. Home Depot's model for the workshop program is, Future Builders of America. Each month is a new theme. On Saturday, it was Fire Safety month.



Health - Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Respiratory viruses can really knock you down. That's why it's always better to prevent them, rather than treat them. That goes for a cold, the Flu and certainly Covid-19. Cleveland Clinic's Doctor Susan Rehm says vaccines are your best defense against viral illness this time of year.



Lawsuit Filed Against Nye County Following Suicide

A local couple is suing the Nye County Sheriff’s Office. They are claiming that their son took his life during a standoff because Captain David Boruchowitz allegedly taunted their son to do it during the call for service over a year ago. Boruchowitz says they have the entire body cam and phone call audio and video files and that is just not true. Ricky and Mary Nelson say their son Jordan was heavily intoxicated, shot into the home where his ex and his son were at before a standoff with police.