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Today's Top Stories Archives for 2023-03

03/17/2023 Health - How Positive Thinking can Improve your Luck

Is it possible to tap into the luck of the irish? With the right mindset, Psychologist Susan Albers with Cleveland Clinic says, you can drum up some good fortune. Doctor Albers adds studies show having a positive attitude can help reduce your levels of the stress hormone cortisol and makes you happier and healthier overall.



03/16/2023 The RPC Says No To Apartment Complex


If you rent an apartment does that mean you are low-income? Do rentals bring more crime and drugs to the area? Pahrump has a need for rental homes. So why do property owners who are attempting to build rental units on their land get denied? This item was again discussed Wednesday night at the Regional Planning Commission Meeting.


03/16/2023 Health - How Hearing Loss is Linked to Cognitive Decline


A large scale study has found that wearing hearing aids may be helpful in preventing cognitive decline and dementia. In fact, the results showed participants who used them had a 19 percent decrease in their risks for long term cognitive decline. The FDA also recently authorized the sale of over-the-counter hearing aids, making the devices more affordable and accessible.



03/13/2023 County Commissioners Discuss Lithium Mining


Country Commissioners ask for a seat at the table when it comes to projects in neighboring counties that could affect us here in Nye. Recently they discussed lithium mining in Esmeralda.



03/13/2023 Health - Transitioning out of Winter Funk as we Spring Forward

Daylight Saving Time has arrived and that can be a tough adjustment for some. Research has shown that one hour change can disrupt a person's sleep and even cause car accidents due to fatigue. However, on the positive side, that extra sunshine can help with mental health. Doctor Potter says if you find yourself having trouble transitioning out of that winter funk and are feeling depressed or lacking energy, you should speak with a mental health professional.



03/10/2023 Health - Memory Problems Linked to Slower Rate of Decline in Alzheimer's

New Research from Cleveland Clinic has found that initial memory problems are linked with a slower rate of decline in Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia. Doctor Jagan Pillai who is a neurologist with Cleveland Clinic and a lead author on the study, explains more about the findings. Doctor Pillai says having this information available can better help physicians diagnose patients and prepare them for the future. It can also be useful for researchers when it comes to testing different medications to treat Alzheimer's disease.



03/09/2023 Buy in Nye Home Loans Available Now


There are low interest home loans available now for those who would like to apply for the first time home buyers program. Diane Arvizio gave an update on the “Buy in Nye” program.



03/09/2023 Dementia Friendly Pahrump Reaches Out to the Community

Dementia Friendly Pahrump held a public meeting at the VEA Conference Center on Wednesday with a goal of sharing information. We caught up with Clinical Manager of Nathan Adelson Hospice here in Pahrump Cheryl Johnston to find out more. For more information about Dementia Friendly Pahrump call 775-682-9444



03/09/2023 Health - How Ultra processed Foods Impact Colorectal Cancer Risk

Processed foods are convenient for a fast meal. But research continues to show how they can negatively impact our health. Recently, a study revealed ultra-processed foods might increase colorectal cancer risk for some people. She suggests trying simple diet changes first, like choosing a baked potato instead of fries and replacing sugary yogurts with greek yogurt and fruit.



03/07/2023 Memorials Continue for Care Flight Reno Crash Victims


Five souls were lost in a Care Flight plane crash on February 24 in the Nevada desert. This included the crew and patient on board. The Pilatus PC-12 plane which is described as a single-engine fixed-wing turboprop aircraft is managed by Washoe’s Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority The flight was in route to Salt Lake City when it reportedly broke apart mid-flight outside Reno. The aircraft descended at a high rate of speed before crashing near Iron Mountain in Stagecoach, Nevada.



03/07/2023 Vic's is Open in Las Vegas for Food, Cocktails Jazz and More


Vic’s in Las Vegas’s Symphony Park has now opened its’ doors. They serve food, cocktails, and lots of Jazz. KCLV Channel 2 along with Las Vegas Mayer Carolyn Goodman, were on site during the grand opening. Former Nevada State Senator Sue Lowden and her husband are the proud owners of this new venue.



03/07/2023 Health - Where Young Onset Colorectal Cancer Deaths are Most Common

March is colorectal cancer awareness month, and Research from Cleveland Clinic shows young onset colorectal cancer deaths seem to be more prevalent in certain parts of the country. According to the CDC, colorectal cancer is the fourth most common cancer in men and women in the United States. Screenings for colorectal cancer should start at 45 years old. Those who are at an increased risk may need to be screened sooner, but should consult with their doctor first.



03/06/2023 Man Arrested after K-9 Detects Drugs in Vehicle


It’s the first drug bust for the new narcotics K-9 Noe. NCSO Deputy Cody Murphy took his new partner out for a spin last week. Noe was able to detect a few grams of mushrooms during a traffic stop in front of the Pahrump Nugget.



03/06/2023 Las Vegas Motor Speedway Weekend Recap


Our own Michael Donohue celebrated 75 years of NASCAR at Las Vegas Motor Speedway over the weekend. Let’s see how the Busch Racing Team did on the track after leaving their Toyota’s behind.


03/06/2023 Nye County says they want a Voice into Powerline Proposition

The Director of Natural Resources for Nye County Lorinda Wichman, told Commissioners recently she wants to ensure that we have a seat at the table when it comes to the possibility of power lines running through the air force base here in Nye County. The Utah Company TransCanyon listed our area as an alternate route.



03/02/2023 Health - Tips for Eating Healthy at Fish Fries

Many restaurants and churches are getting ready to host Fish Fries again, now that lent is officially underway. And while fried fish sure is delicious, it's important not to eat too much of it. Beth Czerwony, Registered Dietitian for Cleveland Clinic, explains why. So what's a good fish to eat as a beginner? She recommends something on the mild side, like tilapia, cod or walleye. They're the least likely to have that classic fishy flavor.



03/01/2023 Health - Young Father Raising Awareness after Colorectal Cancer Scare

An Ohio Man is raising awareness about the importance of not ignoring symptoms after doctors discovered more than a hundred polyps is his colon. As Brittany Harris reports, he was lucky to have found them when he did. Otherwise his story could've turned out much differently. Currently, screenings are recommended for individuals 45 and older. However, Doctor Liska says if you have certain medical condition, such as irritable bowel syndrome, a family history of colorectal cancer or advanced polyps, you should get checked out sooner.