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Pahrump Valley Fire & Rescue Receives Second Generous Donation

We usually see Chief Scott Lewis at the Board of County Commissioners meeting delivering the Emergency Management Report. He briefs the Board on COVID Cases, Immunization Pods and testing. At the April 20th meeting, Scott was able to deliver some happy news about a gift that Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue received. Jinx, the community also thanks you for your gift to Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue and we are looking forward to the details on how the department will apply your donation.



Medical Minute from Spring Mountain Medical

In today's Medical Minute from Spring Mountain Medical, we learn about the importance of vitamin D in our diets. Family Nurse Practitioner Markeeta Araujo tells us more.



Health: How Climate Change May Affect Future Pandemics

Today is Earth Day -- a time to think about the environment. And global warming and climate change are often top of mind. The gradual warming of earth's atmosphere affects extreme weather like droughts and hurricanes. You may not realize it, but these types of natural disasters can play a role in disease spread and pandemics.



Save A Pet - Layla

For today's Save A Pet, we visit the cat room at Desert Haven Animal Society. That's where we meet Layla



Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial with Josh Osborne

If you're using an old computer, chances are it's not as fast as it used to be. But why is that? In today's Great Computer Deals Quick Tutorial, Josh Osborne offers some insight.



Driver Says Woman Runs Stop Sign, Causes Three-Vehicle Crash

The Nye County Sheriff's Office is investigating a three-vehicle crash that happened Wednesday morning at the intersection of Center Street and Second Street. A man driving a blue Crown Victoria sedan, which was involved in the crash, describes what happened. That driver told News 25 he was headed to the hospital so that doctors could diagnose his chest pain. No other injuries are reported.



Nye Commissioners Approve COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

County Manager Tim Sutton presented the Nye County Mitigation and Enforcement Plan to the Commissioners at the April 20th meeting. The plan was reviewed and approved by both School Superintendent Dr. Warren Shillingburg and CEO of Desert View Hospital Susan Davila.



Pahrump Valley Little League Seeks New Venue for Games

Pahrump Valley Little League is scrambling to make alternate arrangements for dozens of upcoming games. The Pahrump Balloon Festival is taking over Ian Deutch Memorial Park this year. And that's leaving the league -- and more than 250 players -- without a place to play. Broedling says they're waiting to hear back from the county about the league's request for a special meeting. Meantime, County Manager Tim Sutton issued a statement, saying, 'though we try hard to accommodate all requests for field allocations, we simply do not have sufficient space for all of our clubs and organizations. Because of this, smaller events routinely get bumped for larger ones and all applicants are aware of this unfortunate reality.' Sutton goes on to say, 'We are working hard to try to accommodate the little league at other locations before their scheduled event.'



Mobile Home Burns in Beatty

A mobile home belonging to a gun enthusiast keeps the Beatty Fire Department at a distance.



Fireworks Ignite Wildfire

Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue helped to extinguish a wildfire near the China Ranch Date Farm last Weekend. It is believed the fire was started by fireworks.




Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Safe for Pregnant Women?

Newly released data shows the COVID-19 vaccine is safe for pregnant women and can also provide protection for their baby-- which doctors say is good news for those who may have been hesitant before.



Save-A-Pet: Harry is Looking for a New Home

It's Monday. Time to meet another great pet just waiting to be adopted from one of our local shelters. For today's Save A Pet, Darbie O'Donnell joins us from Desert Haven Animal Society, where she introduces us to Harry.



Busy 24 Hours for Nye County First Responders

It's been a busy 24 hours for first responders in Nye County. There have been three separate crashes on US 95... and a minor accident this morning in Pahrump.