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Class Action Lawsuit Against FrontSight Continues

As we told you last night, a company called PrairieFire wants to acquire the FrontSight Firearms Training Institute south of Pahrump. FrontSight filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May. PrairieFire wants to reopen the facility under a new name, and with a new mission. FrontSight had around two-hundred thousand members, some who paid thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars for lifetime memberships. Right now, it appears they’ll lose those memberships and all the privileges that went with them. And that’s not sitting well with former Front Sight members, like Frank Van Landingham. Meantime, Las Vegas attorney Keith Greer is working with former members as he prepares to file a class-action lawsuit against FrontSight founder Doctor Ignatius Piazza.


If you’re a Front Sight member who is interested in joining the class-action lawsuit against Doctor Ignatius Piazza, you can contact attorney Keith Greer. That number is 800-366-8529. You can also learn more on Facebook, where Frank Van Landingham has created a group focused on helping FrontSight members. Just search for FrontSight Lawsuit.