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New Company Hopes To Acquire FrontSight Firearms Training Institute In Bankruptcy

FrontSight Firearms Training Institute filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May. Now, pending approval of the courts, another company is ready to step in and bring a new type of firearms training facility to the desert south of Pahrump. Bill Wilson is a former Navy SEAL and CEO of a company called PrairieFire. His goal, to revolutionize the way people train to shoot.


Wilson says he envisions a place for all outdoor enthusiasts to train, experience and compete at the former FrontSight facility, which would reopen under a new name – PrairieFire Center. For more information about PrairieFire, and their plans for Pahrump, you can check out their website, Wilson says there’s no timeline for when the bankruptcy court will decide FrontSight’s future. But he hopes a decision comes before the end of the year.