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Nevada Silver Tappers Featured in Mike Rowe Facebook Series

In February, Pahrump gathered together for something very special. Nobody really knew how special though because it was a big secret! Mike Rowe was in town so everybody knew it had to be something good....or perhaps a Dirty Job. Mike brought along a film crew and a Vegas icon...Charro! Mike's visit was all about Returning the Favor. A new show on Facebook that does just what the title says! That day in February was all about honoring and thanking a Pahrump icon, BJ Hetrick-Irwin. No one was more surprised than BJ. She thought that she and the Silver Tappers were part of a little documentary. But it was bigger than that. After many months of waiting the show premiered on Facebook today and the Silver Tappers had a watch party to celebrate. Here is how it all went down from our cameras! Returning the Favor can be found on Facebook. The show did a great job of showcasing a group that is very dear to the community of Pahrump, The Nevada Silver Tappers. We hope you will watch.