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Pahrump Valley Winery Liquor License Revoked.

Following a hearing that lasted several hours today in the Board of County Commissioner’s ?Chambers, The Pahrump Valley Winery has had it’s liquor license revoked. The dispute between the county and the owner, Cathy Trout is either a misunderstanding or disagreement. Trout insists several things during the hearings, that she either has a permanant liquor license, had filled out the application as requested, or had a transferable liquor license, etc. The Pahrump Valley Winery was sold in 2019 to Trout and a person named Hobbs, who was said to be her partner. Although in today’s hearing former winery owner Bill Loken was called to give a history of the sale in which he explained that the purchasers identity seemed to change as the sale of the property moved forward. He said he sold the successful winery in Pahrump for 7.5 million dollars and wanted it to go to a buyer that was experienced in wine making. The agreement stipulated that the current staff be kept on board and his wife Gretchen Loken who won hundreds of national awards for wine making be a consultant for one year. That deal fell through. The liquor license has since been operating under Gretchen Loken’s name though she has not been on the property since April of last year. The board allowed the license to be extended several times until the paperwork was filled out and the fees paid correctly. Today, the impasse continued and The Pahrump Valley Winery, no longer has a liquor license. It’s unclear whether they can reapply. More on tomorrow’s broadcast including video of the highlights.