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Petition To Recall Governor Sisolak

CARSON CITY — A conservative group angered by gun control legislation and other progressive measures approved in Nevada last year has filed a petition with the state in an effort to boot Gov. Steve Sisolak out of office.


Fight for Nevada, which was formed last year and is based in Elko, filed the notice of intent for the recall with the Nevada secretary of state’s office in Carson City Friday morning. The group’s president, Angela Blass, said she’s worried that Sisolak is “basically going to destroy Nevada like California,” echoing a common attack used by Sisolak’s opponents during the 2018 campaign cycle.


Blass, 42, pointed to a gun control bill passed last year that banned bump stocks and enacted stricter gun storage provisions and a “red flag” provision enabling authorities to seize guns from those deemed a threat to themselves or others that Sisolak signed into law. She said she was also concerned over a disputed tax extension bill that Republicans argued should have required a two-thirds vote.




Anyone looking to find a petition to sign to recall Governor Sisolak should check the website FREQUENTLY as it gets updated often. If you don't see it right now, check back in an hour, or tomorrow. Or, call one of the phone numbers listed on the website and let them know you want to sign, but there isn't anywhere you can, just now. SOMEONE will make sure you get your signature on the appropriate line!


PHONE NUMBERS AGAIN ARE: 775-340-9620 OR 775-309-7865


Go to:


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