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(UPDATED) Volunteers Needed to Help Cleanup Pahrump This Weekend

UPDATED 02/09/2020:


(from Deanna) I would like to thank all that volunteered and donated to the quarterly Neighborhood Cleanup.


We brought two large trailers of trash to the dump and dozens of shopping carts were returned to their owners.


Thank you to KPVM-TV, Ace Country Radio, Quality Signs, Dust Bunnies Cleaning, JMC Roofing?, Home Depot, Walmart, Ronda Van Winkle and Vernon Van Winkle, Janet Errett, Darbie O'Donnell and Josh Westerman, Frank Carbone, Lisa and the boys, Ben and his amazing daughter Kira, and Reva Braun.


It’s been over four years and we still have so much work to do. As always we hope to inspire other groups to branch off on your own. If you need help getting started, we are here for you! We can even help disabled clean up their properties. Unfortunately there is enough trash for everyone. We hope to teach people to be more responsible with how they dispose of garbage.


PV Disposal is free and located right here in town!


See you in a couple months, again.


Keep up on our Neighborhood Cleanup Facebook page to find out about our upcoming scheduled cleanups. Let’s take care of our town, county, and beyond.


“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I am not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us, and the world will live as one.”
- John Lennon