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Anemometric Peak Data From Recent Winds

Strong winds impacted much of the region yesterday afternoon and overnight. Listed below are the peak wind speeds observed in the past 24 hours. (Areas of interest are bolded.) Several power outages and sporadic wind damage was reported as well. Tune in to KPVM TV Channel 25.1 News at 5pm for additional information.



PAHRUMP                      50 MPH                   


NW MERCURY                    78 MPH                 

TONOPAH AIRPORT          76 MPH                     

N MERCURY                        74 MPH                 

N AMARGOSA VALLEY       71 MPH                 

N MERCURY     67 MPH                 

SW MERCURY     62 MPH                 

N MERCURY      60 MPH                 

NE BEATTY     60 MPH                 

W MERCURY      59 MPH                 

NW MERCURY    59 MPH                 

DESERT ROCK AIRPORT          59 MPH                     

N MERCURY     58 MPH                 

NE AMARGOSA VALLEY  58 MPH                 

N AMARGOSA VALLEY  S 57 MPH                 

N MERCURY     56 MPH                 

N MERCURY     56 MPH                 

N MERCURY     55 MPH                 

NW MERCURY    55 MPH                 

ASH MEADOWS                  55 MPH                     

NW MERCURY    54 MPH                 

N AMARGOSA VALLEY   54 MPH                  

N MERCURY     53 MPH                 

N MERCURY     52 MPH                 

N MERCURY     51 MPH                 

NE BEATTY     51 MPH                 

NE BEATTY         49 MPH                 

DEATH VALLEY JCT 9 NE        49 MPH       



INDIAN SPRINGS               72 MPH                      

RED ROCK                     67 MPH                      

HOOVER DAM           61 MPH                  

LAS VEGAS - SOUTHERN HIGHLAN 56 MPH                      

WAMP SPRINGS                 56 MPH                      

HOOVER DAM           55 MPH                  

NE APEX            54 MPH                  

LAS VEGAS - SUMMERLIN WEST   53 MPH                      

HENDERSON AIRPORT            53 MPH                      

NORTH LAS VEGAS AIRPORT      53 MPH                      

KYLE CANYON                  51 MPH                      

MT. POTOSI 4 NNW             51 MPH                      

NE JEAN             50 MPH                  

LAS VEGAS - MCCARRAN AIRPORT 49 MPH                      

LAS VEGAS NELLIS             49 MPH                      

MOUNTAIN SPRINGS     49 MPH                  

BOULDER CITY AIRPORT         48 MPH                                            



S GOLDFIELD      50 MPH                  

SE DYER (DRI)            40 MPH                  



ELGIN 11 WSW                 68 MPH                      

W ALAMO (DRI)           51 MPH                  

W RACHEL (DRI)           49 MPH                  

CALIENTE 21 SE               48 MPH                      

SW ALAMO (DRI)           42 MPH                  



Observations are collected from a variety of sources with varying equipment and exposures. We thank all volunteer weather observers for their dedication. Not all data listed are considered official.