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NHP and CHP announce Joint Enforcement Campaign for Wednesday Before Thanksgiving

NHP and CHP announce Joint Enforcement Campaign for Wednesday Before Thanksgiving, The most highly traveled day of the year.


On Wednesday, November 27th, Nevada Highway Patrol will be joining forces with the California Highway Patrol targeting the highly traveled Interstate 15 corridor between California and Las Vegas. It is estimated that on average 45,000 vehicles enter Nevada on the IR15 corridor from Los Angeles, California on a daily basis, which equates to an average in excess of 16 million vehicles entering every year. AAA is estimating that this Thanksgiving 55 million motorists will hit the roads to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, that number is up from last years data. This could bring well over 300,000 visitors to the Las Vegas Valley. The goal of both agencies is the safety of our motoring public especially during the busy holiday week.


This stretch of interstate 15 was once considered one of the most deadly stretches of highway in the country. With the collaborative efforts of our two agencies we have managed to reduce the number of fatal crashes in this area through enforcement and education.

The two agencies will focus their efforts on speed infractions, the move over law and distracted driving violations. Commuters will be warned with the DMS electronic freeway signs which will flash the message “Move Over or Slow Down for Stopped Emergency Vehicles” as well as “Entering NHP Zero Tolerance Zone” as a reminder to be safe.


The morning briefing with NHP and CHP will be held on November 27th at 9am at the Primm Valley Resort. Media is not required to attend the briefing but if you would like to send a crew to cover the briefing feel free. Follow Ring Rd to the rear of the casino, you will see all the police vehicles. There’s a large set of stairs that go into the casino where banquet room is. Media is NOT required to be at the 9:00 am briefing to schedule a ride along. Contact NHP PIO’s to schedule ride alongs and soundbites. Ride alongs will not be available after 3:00 pm.


The California Highway Patrol will focus their efforts on the California side of Interstate 15 and will include the use of their fix winged aircraft that measures speed from the air.


Weather will play a major role for travel tomorrow. Motorists should leave early or ahead of schedule and plan for traffic and delays. While rain is forecast for Nevada, snow and rain is forecast for high desert portions of California. Motorist should check current road conditions and forecasts before traveling. For this joint operation it’s even more imperative that NHP/CHP maintain a high visible presence on the freeways to keeps vehicle speeds down while traveling to and from our two states. It’s important to note that motorists can receive a speeding citation while going the speed limit if weather conditions have made the safe operation of motor vehicle hazardous at the posted speed limit speed.


The goal of this joint enforcement effort is to ensure that both states have zero fatalities on our roadways this Thanksgiving Holiday and to make sure there are no empty seats at the Thanksgiving day table.