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01/29/2019 | Court Report | Eunette Gentry

By Eunette Gentry


Shawndarro Marcel Thomas – the Pahrump man facing “Attempted Murder”, “Battery” and other related charges connected to a shooting in Pahrump back in July 2017, that left a man injured – “admits” to his actions, and is now clean, according to the court, after initially testing “positive for marijuana” during his “Status Check” back in December (on 12/14/18).  Thomas is even on court record admitting that “he would test [positive] for marijuana” during another prior court proceeding – which was a “Calendar Call and drug testing” back in November (on 11/2/18).  During Thomas’ latest court date, an “Arraignment / Change of Plea” Hearing:  The “court review[ed] the case history and…notes[; and,] states the defendant has been [drug] testing for the last month.  [Then, the court notes that Thomas] has been negative and is clean [on the day of court].  [A plea of] No Contest [was then] submitted to the court[; and, the] court outlines the negotiations.  [Thomas] waive[d] the formal reading of the information [and the] court canvasses the defendant, outlines the No Contest Plea for the record, and the maximum possible sentence.  [Thomas] acknowledges, pleads No Contest, and waives his Constitutional Rights to trial.  The State sets forth the elements on the record.  [Then, Thomas] addresses the court and admits [to] the allegations.  [Then, Thomas] denies any request for Continuance.  [The] court finds [the defendant’s] No Contest Plea to be given freely and accepts said plea.  Defense waives the 14 Day Rule regarding the PSI Report, but asks to receive [that report] three to four days prior to [Thomas’] Sentencing Hearing.  [Lastly, the] court recites [Thomas’] O.R. Release terms[; and, the] court set Sentencing for April 12, 2019”.  As a final matter, Thomas Defense Attorney, Brent Percival, “requests for [Thomas’ drug testing] to end… [That’s when the] court admonishes [Thomas regarding] his past positive test results.  [The] State concurs with Defense that the drugs did not appear to have been an issue with the charges [against Thomas] and is not opposed to ending the random [drug tests.  However, the] court [decides to] continue the random [drug testing;] but, will reduce the frequency.  Thomas will now be formally sentenced for:  “Attempt[ed] Murder with use of a Deadly Weapon; Battery with a Weapon Causing Substantial Bodily Harm; [three counts of] Assault with a Deadly Weapon; and, Robbery”.



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