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01/04/2019 | Court Report | Eunette Gentry


Mitchell Robinson has now been Sentenced to “96 to 240 months [in] prison”.  Robinson is the then 21 year-old Pahrump man who pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of “Child Abuse Substantial Bodily Harm” in District Court – after initially facing the charge of “Murder” – following his arrest, on September 9, 2017, under suspicion of “causing the death of his six month old child”.  During the defendant’s “Sentencing Hearing”, on December 17, 2018:  Robinson’s attorney, Daniel “Martinez notes parties’ stipulated [a] recommended Sentence of 8 to 20 years; and, asks the court to follow his recommendation for the maximum sentence.”  After case parties “note credit for time served of 465 days”, Robinson’s sentence was handed down.  Notably, Robinson, was arrested first – after detectives” say during their “interview” with the father, “he admitted to shaking his baby several times on the day the infant stopped breathing.”  Then, the child’s then 22 year-old mother, Amanda Ellyn Ramsey, was arrested on October 25, 2017, for “Child Abuse” charges connected to the death of her “6-month-old” child.  “The Nye County DA’s office obtained a warrant…for Ramsey[’s] arrest – after…detectives discovered additional evidence indicating that Ramsey had been aware of several prior occasions when Robinson has physically abused their child.  [Police say] the evidence further showed that Ramsey…failed to not only protect the child, but had also been [a] part of several [abusive] acts prior to the child’s death.”  Back on October 25, 2018, Ramsey received an “8 to 20 year” “suspended” sentence, that was reduced “to probation”.


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